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Fisher (A.) photo. & text AFRICA ADORNED,
304 pp., large 4to., maps, colour illus., hardback, d.w., Reprint, London, (1984) 1989. OUT OF PRINT
Social scientist Angela Fisher's study of the jewellery worn by the men and women of Africa. She discusses how these forms of decoration speak of values and beliefs, achievements and staues, how they form part of Africa's cultural heritage. Richly illustrated with her colour photographs.
Gilks (J.) FIBREWORKS, major minors II, South African Fibreworks exhibition
74 pp., colour illus., paperback, Natal, (2005). OUT OF PRINT
Catalogue of the exhibition, 2005.
Textile art constructed using embroidery, quilting, sewing, gluing, weaving, dying, painting & beading.
The 2003 catalogue is also available @ R75
Gillespie (L.) INNOVATIVE THREADS, a decade of South African fibre art
136 pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, d/w, (Cape Town), 2006. R250
Brings together a selection of fibre and textile artworks from the 10 Innovative Threads competitions, 1996 - 2006.
Gillow (J.) AFRICAN TEXTILES, colour and creativity across a continent
240 pp., 4to., map, b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., London, 2003. R655
Includes chapters on Zulu, Ndebele and Xhosa beadwork and Malagasy raphia and silk textiles.
Hart (R.) curator & ed. WHERE IT'S AT,
88 pp., 4to., paperback, Cape Town, 2012. R239
The first in a series of books on contemporary South African design, inspired by Design Indaba magazine and guest edited by Durban designer and artist Richard Hart, this publication includes articles, profiles, conversations and 28 fold-out posters, mostly by young, emerging designers.

Design Indaba is a celebration of all creative sectors of South African design: graphic design, advertising, film, music, fashion design, industrial design, architecture, craft, visual art, new media, publishing, broadcasting and the performing arts. They organise an annual conference and expo, as well as events, education and training, and business, development and community initiatives.
Harun (H.) curator TERRITORIES OF THE HEART/ LINHAS DE SANGUE, a solo exhibition by Ann Gollifer
17 pp., colour illus., paperback, (Maputo), 2006. OUT OF PRINT
Catalogue of the exhibition, Museu Nacional de Arte, Maputo, Mozambique, 2006.

Ann Gollifer was born in 1960 in Guyana, South America. She lives and works in Gaberone, Botswana. The work in this exhibition is made up of images cut from pieces of lino and printed on wax-print cloth or paper.
Includes comments by the artist.

Text in English & Portuguese.
Hug (A.), Junge ((P.) & Konig (V.) curators THE TROPICS, views from the middle of the globe
19 pp/. 4to., colour illus., paperback, (Cape Town), (2009). OUT OF STOCK
Catalogue of the travelling exhibition shown at Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town, in 2009.

"Curators from the Goethe-Institut and Staatliche Museen zu Berlin selected artworks that reflect on the notion of "The Tropics", focusing the viewer's attention particularly on this mythical terrain...Though it was not possible to bring 'The Tropics' in its entirety to Cape Town, the selection of work contributes significantly to the discourse of the 'self' and 'other'." Peter Anders, from his introduction

Includes essays by Nadja Daehnke and Altons Hug, and work by South Africans Tracey Rose, Mandy Lee Jandrell and Guy Tillim.
Ipopeng Project BANNERS OF TWILIGHT, an exhibition of wall hangings by street children from South Africa
18 pp., 4to., colour illus., paperback, Pretoria, 1997. OUT OF PRINT
Catalogue of the exhibition of wall hangings shown at the Durban Art Gallery, the National Cultural History Museum in Pretoria and at museums in Germany, Britain, Norway, Scotland, the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.

Ipopeng, which means 'build yourself', in Northern-Sotho, is an art project co-operative based in Mamelodi township, Pretoria, which teaches art and creative skills to young artists and children.
239 pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Munich, 2011. R360
In this book fashion journalist Helen Jennings, editor of ARISE magazine, offers a brief history of African fashion, beauty and style, traces its influence on global fashion and profiles the best designers, photographers and and models from across Africa and the diaspora.

Designers include South Africans Jacques van der Watt (Black Coffee), Stiaan Louw, Albertus Swanepoel, David Tlale, Suzaan Heyns, Thula Sindi, Alice Heusser (LaLesso), Heni Este-hijzen, Malcolm Kluk and Chritiaan Gabiel Du Toit.
Klanten (R.) et al (eds.) AFRICA RISING, fashion, design and lifestyle from Africa
335pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Berlin, 2016. R995
Includes photographs by Pieter Hugo, designs by Rich Mnisi, Marianne Fassler and Jenevieve Lyons and sculpture by Mario Cianfanelli.
Kreamer (C.M.) curator INSCRIBING MEANING, writing and graphic systems in African art
255 pp., 4to., maps, b/w & colour illus., paperback, Washington, 2007. OUT OF STOCK
Published in conjunction with the exhibition, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution and Fowler Museum at UCLA, 2007.

Explores "the relationships between African art and the communicative powers of language, graphic systems and the written word". Includes work by Sue Williamson, Willem Boshoff, Berry Bickle, Berni Searle, Kim Berman and Gavin Jantjes.

Contributions include :"Word Play: text and image in contemporary African art" by Elizabeth Harney,
"Re-Writes" by Berry Bickle,
"Language Works" by Willem Boshoff,
"Inscribing Identity: the body" and "Sacred Scripts" by Mary Nooter Roberts,
"Inscribing Power/ Writing Politics" and "Circumscribing Space" by Christine Mullen Kreamer, and much more.
Leeb-du Toit (J.) ISISHWESHWE, a history of the indigenisation of blueprint in southern Africa
302pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2017. R895
"This is a wonderful book. Meticulously researched over many years, with a wealth of illustrations, it tells the fascinating story of blueprint cloth as it evolved across three continents, culminating in its remarkable assimilation into the cultural lives of southern African peoples. It is scholarly yet eminently accessible, and presents for the first time the global history of one of eastern and southern Africa's many machine-printed textile traditions, which have been overlooked in the literature for far too long. Truly a landmark publication," Christopher Spring, Curator, Africa, The British Museum and author of "African Textiles Today"

"Leed du Toit has richly contextualised the complex history and shifting cultural meanings of this textile. Along the way, she demonstrates that 'isishweshwe', or blueprint, or 'bloudruk', or 'isijalmani' - diverse names for the cloth that reflect its histories - offers a window onto southern African racial and class structures, technologies, economies and shifting conceptions of people's connections to both local and global cultures. This book has much to offer readers interested in South Africa, in global trade networks, and in the key roles of material culture in the expression of personal and cultural identities." Victoria Rovine, Associate Professor of Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and author of "African Fashion, Global Style: histories, innovations, and ideas you can wear"

Art historian Juliette Leeb-du Toit is currently a research associate at the University of Johannesburg.
Levin (A.) THE ART OF AFRICAN SHOPPING, adventure in textiles/ wood/ metal/ jewellery/ fashion/ music/ food
208 pp., map, b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2005. OUT OF PRINT
A guide to the textiles, jewellery, metalwork, music, fashion, food and recycled art of the African continent.
Mack (J.), Bouttiaux (A-M.), Sorber (F.) & van Cutsem (A.) AFRICAN COSTUMES AND TEXTILES, from the Berbers to the Zulus, the Zaira and Marcel Mis Collection
318 pp., 4to., maps, colour illus., hardback, d.w., Milan, 2008. R1900
This book presents historical and modern African costumes, textiles and accessories used for everyday wear and for special celebrations from the Zaira and Marcel Mis Collection, and explores the different techniques, influences and meanings behind them.

Includes a section on southern African beadwork with an essay, "Say It With Beads", by Anne-Marie Bouttiaux.
201pp., colour illus., paperback, London, 2015. R395
A book on contemporary African design with a focus on furniture, textiles, ceramics, basketry and lighting. Includes Madwa (South Africa, Madagascar & Swaziland), The New Basket Workshop, Master Wire and Bead Craft, and Feeling African (Zimbabwe & South Africa), Tintsaba (Swaziland), Centro de Arte Africana (Mozambique), Mutapo (Zimbabwe), and Zenzulu, Imiso Ceramics, Dokter and Misses, Haldane Martin, Heath Nash, Michou Bowls, Mud Studio, willowlamp, YSWARA, Ronél Jordaan Textiles, Shine Shine, and Skinny laMinx (South Africa).

Tapiwa Matsinde is a British-born designer, creative business consultant, blogger and writer.
Picton (J.) et. al. THE ART OF AFRICAN TEXTILES, technology, tradition and lurex
141 pp., 4to., maps, b/w & colour illus., paperback, Reprint, London, (1995) 1999. OUT OF PRINT
Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Barbican Art Gallery, London, 1995.
Examines textile design and manufacture across the continent.
Includes the essays, "Clothing and Identity in Southern Africa" by Rayda Becker and "Southern African Textiles Today:design, industry and collective enteprise," by Jackie Guille. Other essays by John Picton, Elizabeth Harney, Pauline Duponchel, David Heathcote, Pat Oyelola, Atta Kwami, Julia Hilger and Simon Peers.
53 pp., b/w & colour illus., spiral-bound cloth-covered boards, Maputo, 2004. R250
Includes the essays "Capulana in Literature, in History and in Daily Life" by Paola Rolletta, "Capulana & Kerchiefs Mozambique Style" by Maria de Lourdes Torcato, "Capulana, Tradition and Modernity" by Mêmê.

Text in Portuguese & English.
Rovine (V.) AFRICAN FASHION, GLOBAL STYLE, histories, innovations, and ideas you can wear
315pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Bloomington, 2015. R725
Victoria L. Rovine's study of how fashion is manifested in Africa and how Africa is manifested in fashion. She traces the complex networks of influence and inspiration, analysing the work of fashion designers whose work reflects African histories and cultures, and demonstrating that dress styles associated with indigenous cultures can have all the hallmarks of high fashion.

Includes a chapter on fashion design in South Africa.

"This book could be revolutionary. Victoria L. Rovine has provided a map of the African fashion terrain with sustained case studies that provide compelling evidence of the history, resourcefulness, and personal creativity behind African fashion." —Heather Marie Akou, Indiana University Bloomington

"A perceptive and thought-provoking inquiry into indigenous and international African fashion. Victoria L. Rovine demonstrates the relevance and special potential of fashion studies for providing new insights into the complex interconnections of African localities and global systems." —Suzanne Gott, University of British Columbia

"African Fashion, Global Style is a fascinating and important book, based on extensive research and written in a clear, accessible style. Victoria Rovine is one of the world’s greatest authorities on African fashion, and this is unquestionably the single best book on the subject." —Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator, The Museum at FIT

"African Fashion, Global Style delivers on its title’s promise. Victoria L. Rovine establishes that modernity is not just a Western phenomenon, and provides examples of conceptual designers and smart consumers on the world’s second largest continent, offering readers new insights and hard data. She confirms that the intriguing topic of fashion is also serious business in Africa." —Joanne B. Eicher, Editor-in-Chief, Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Victoria Rovine is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Schmahmann (B.) MAPULA, embroidery and empowerment in the Winterveld
121 pp., 4to., map, colour illus., hardback, d.w., Johannesburg, (2006). R250
Mapula (mother of rain') is an embroidery project established in 1991 in the Winterveld, Northern Province, South Africa.

"Mapula embroideries couple high levels of technical and visual artistry with topics that speak eloquently of public histories and women's personal experiences...the embroideries engage...with social and political issues that have shaped the lives of their makers."

Brenda Schmahmann is also the author of "Material Matters: appliqués of the Weya women of Zimbabwe and needlework by South African collectives" & "Through the Looking Glass: representations of self by South African women artists".
Schmahmann (B.) ed. MATERIAL MATTERS, appliqués by the Weya women of Zimbabwe and needlework by South African collectives
160 pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2000. OUT OF STOCK
Catalogue of the travelling exhibition, which opened at the Albany Museum, Grahamstown, 2000. Weya is a communal area east of Harare. Needlework was introduced at Weya by Ilse Noy in 1987 to help women in the area become self-sufficient.

Essays by Anitra Nettleton, Brenda Schmahmann, Pip Curling, Rayda Becker, David Taurayi Masunda & Jameson Maluleke.
Shaw (J.) FASHION AFRICA, a visual overview of contemporary African fashion
320pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, d.w., Second Edition, London, (2011) 2013. R750
A visual dictionary of contemporary African fashion and textiles that lists designers, design companies, and ethical manufacturers. Designers include Brother Vellies (Namibia), Craig Native (Cape Town, South Africa), Marianne Fassler (Johannesburg, South Africa), and Maxhosa (Port Elizabeth, South Africa).

This second edition includes a new introduction, "The Coming of Age of African Fashion", by Christopher Spring.
262 pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., hardback, New York etc, 2010. OUT OF STOCK
Published in conjunction with the exhibition, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, 2010.

Contributions include:
"Global City, Urban Flux: three models of globalization from and in Africa" by Naomi Beckwith
"Eclectic Dialogue: the atchitectural search for an Afro-centric Design Aesthetic" by José Mapily
"Utopian Processes, Dystopian Premonitions: African craft and design answer questions we have yet to ask" by Keith Recker
"From Masquerade to Fashion and Back" by Judith Bettelheim
"Bushpunk and the Future of Africa" by Julie Lasky.

Includes work by Ardmore Ceramic Art, Black Coffee (fashion designers Danica Lepen and Jaques van der Watt), Egg Designs (Greg and Roché Dry), Zwelethu Mthethwa, Nesta Nala, Ntombi Nala, Heath Nash, Rueben Ndwandwe, Beverley Price, Kim Schmahmann, Esther Mahlangu, Clive Sithole, Ubuhle Beads (Ntombephi Ntombela and Bev Gibson), Nontsikelelo "Lolo" Veleko, and Zenzulu (Marisa Fick-Jordaan) from South Africa, Mabeo Furniture (Peter Mabeo) from Botswana, and Gonçalo Mabunda from Mozambique.
256 pp., map, b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., London, 2012. R999
This book showcases African textiles from the British Museum, and discusses the significance of cloth in African culture.

Includes a chapter on the printed cloth of eastern and southern Africa.

Chris Spring is curator of the African galleries at the British Museum. He is also the author of "North African Textiles", "African Art in Detail" and "African Arms and Armour".
Suter (E.) photo. & Caradoc-Davies (T.) text SHARP SHARP, South Africa, street style
285 pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2012. OUT OF PRINT
A collection of photographs of fashion, hand-painted signs, advertisements, and grafitti, taken on the streets of South Africa by Ed Suter.
Tamagni (D.) photo. & comp. FASHION TRIBES, global street style
289pp., colour illus., hardback, d.w., New York, 2015. R500
Photographer Daniele Tamagni uses documentary shots and staged portraiture to capture fashion subcultures around the world: dance collectives in Johannesburg, South Africa; metal rockers in Botswana; models in Senegal; dandies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more.

Each of the seven subcultures featured are accompanied by an essay exploring the facets of the style. Contributions include "Joburg Style Battles" by Asanda Sizani, former fashion editor of ELLE South Africa, and "Afrometals, Gaberone, Botswana" by journalist Katie Breen.

Daniele Tamagni is a freelance fashion and documentary photographer based in Milan. He received the 2010 International Center of Photography Infinity Award in applied fashion photography.
Tischhauser (A.) ed. 10 X SA FASHION WEEK, voices and images from ten years of South African Fashion Week
188 pp., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2006. R200
Ten years of fashion design in South Africa, documenting the work of designers who have shown at SA Fashion Week, including Amanda Laird Cherry, Black Coffee, Clive Rundle, David West, Ephymol, Hip Hop, Marianne Fassler, Maya Prass, Stoned Cherrie, Sun Goddess, and many more.

Includes an introduction by Lucilla Booyzen and the essays "Conversations" by Dion Chang, "Beginnings by Estelle Cooper & "The Naked Truth" by Adam Levin .
Wiehager (R.) ed. BLACK COFFEE, Mercedes-Benz South Africa Award for Fashion Design 2009
55 pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cologne, 2009. R450
Monograph on Johannesburg label, Black Coffee, represented by Jacques van der Watt and Daniça Lepen, published on the occasion of the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Award for Fashion Design 2009. This monograph offers an overview of their recent collections.

Also includes the essays, "Unfolding Black Coffee" by Adam Levin, and
"Artistic South African Fashion Design: the Black Coffee label and selected South African designers on the cutting edge between art and fashion" by Christian Ganzenberg.

Black Coffee was formed by Jacques van der Watt in 1998. He was joined in 2004 by Daniça Lepen. The label has won the SA Fashion Awards twice, in 2001 and 2007.

Wiehager (R.) ed. SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION DESIGN, the nominees
95 pp., colour illus., paperback, Cologne, 2009. OUT OF STOCK
In 2009 the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Award for Art and Culture focused on South African fashion design. Eight designers were nominated: Abigail Betz, Black Coffee (represented by Jacques van der Watt and Daniça Lepen), Stiaan Louw, Themba Mngomezulu (for Darkie), Palesa Mokubung (for Mantsho), Craig Native, Maya Prass, and David Tlale. This publication, which presents the work of the eight nominees and a look at contemporary fashion design in Johannesburg and Cape Town, was published to accompany exhibitions in Berlin, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa. A catalogue devoted to the prize winner, Johannesburg label Black Coffee, is also available @ R450.
[Kries (M.) & Klein (A.) eds.] MAKING AFRICA, a continent of contemporary design
345pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Weil um Rhein, 2015. R1990
Published on the occasion of the travelling exhibiton which opened at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil um Rhein, Germany, in 2015.

"This is a book about the future of Africa and about a new, more open way of understanding design - which means it is also a book about what design can achieve in the 21st century." from the back cover

"Includes the work of over 120 "protagonists of Africa's new creative epoch", including Hannes Barnard, Ian Berry, Jody Brand, Justin Dingwall, Dokter and Misses, Egg Design, Larita Engelbrecht, Harron Gunn-Salie, Porky Hefer, Stephen Hobbs, Imiso Ceramics, Anton Kannemeyer, Michael MacGarry, Phetogo Tshepo Mahasha, Sabelo Mlangeni, Lucinda Mudge, Zanele Muholi, Marcus Neustetter, Jamal Nxedlana, Justin Plunkett, Kabelo Ramasobane, Robin Rhode, Athi-Patra Ruga, Chris Saunders, Gareth Steele, Mikhael Subotzky, Guy Tillim, Siya Ngcobo alias Umlilo, and Leanie van der Vyver from South Africa, Kudzanai Chiurai, Saki Mafundikwa and Sinjdiso Nyoni from Zimbabwe, Martin Joel from Botswana, Kiluanji Kia Henda and Isabel Martins from Angola, and Goncalo Mabunda and Mario Macilau from Mozambique