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Britz (R.D.) illus. & Wylie (D.) texxt SLOW FIRES,
53 pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2013. R280
A collection of etchings by Roxandra Dardagan Britz, with poems by Dan Wylie.

"In this series of 24 poems and etchings, Dan Wylie and Roxandra Dardagan Britz marry gritty politics with voices of animal consciousness in a dark but compassionate meditation on our fragilities in a world predominantly predatory, toxic or indifferent. The poems and images in this book celebrate and mourn, remind us of the ephemeral and the substantial in our lives, or imagine a space in which animals speak with wisdom, sadness and humour." from the publisher's website

Artist and printmaker Roxandra Dardagan Britz was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1962. She lives and works in Grahamstown. The illustrations in ths volume are from "Debris", the first in a trilogy if exhibitions on Zimbabwe. Most of the portriats of animals here are from the series "Political Animals...Which on are you?".
Poet and academic Dan Wyle teaches English at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.
Morris (R.C.) CLIVE VAN DEN BERG, unlearning the grounds of art
79 pp., 4to., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2011. R
Published on the occasion of the exhibition, "Soundings, In Passage", Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, 2011.

Artist, curator, and designer Clive van den Berg was born in Zambia in 1956, and lives and works in Johannesburg. He completed a residency at Columbia in 2009 and spent time working in Washington and New York after being awarded the 2010 Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship.

Writer, cultural critic and scholar Rosalind Morris is a professor at Columbia University. She has written several catalogues on Clive van den Berg.

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