New Arrivals 5th to 11th of December 2014

Bradlow (E.) & Westby-Nunn (T.) FREDERICK I'ONS, artist, 1807-1887
126 pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., Revised Edition, Cape Town, (1958) 2014. R355
A biography of Frederick I'Ons, covering his life in South Africa and his paintings of the Xhosa people of the Eastern Cape during the years of the Frontier Wars.

Frederick I'Ons was born in Norfolk in 1820. He left England for the Cape Colony in 1834 and lived and worked as an artist in Grahamstown. He died in 1887.
Jones (K.) text & Maqari (N.) text & illus. CAPTAIN RUGGED,
110 pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, Bologna, 2013. R835
A graphic novel set in Lagos, about Nigeria's oil boom in the 1970s.

Musician Keziah Jones was born in Lagos in 1968. Currently he lives between Lagos, Paris, London and New York.
Graphic artist Native Maqari was born in Lagos in 1980 and emigrated to the USA as a child.

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