New Arrivals 31st to 6th of November 2019

THE YONI BOOK, edited by The Two Talking Yonis, Reshma Chhiba & Nontobeko Ntombela
131pp, colour illus., paperbsck, (Johannesburg), 2019. R380
The Two Talking Yonis Project is a conversation between artist Reshma Chhiba and curator Nontembeko Ntombela. The conversation began in 2010 and resulted in an exhibition at Constitution Hill (Women's Jail), Room Gallery and Projects and Kalashnikov Gallery in Johannesburg in 2013. This book was produced to accompany the exhibition.

Contributions include:
"Introduction: the yonis in conversation(s)" by Reshma Chhiba and Nontembeko Ntombela
"The Absent Yoni: conversations with..." by Reshma Chhiba
"When Silence Speaks - gender performativity in the visual art practice of Reshma Chhiba" by Sharlene Khan
"The Two Talking Yonis" by Devarakshanam (Betty) Govinden
"The Complex Gendering of 'and': Reshma Chhiba's 'The Two Talking Yonis'" by Tracy Murinik
"The Yoni's Call and Response" by Nontembeko Ntombela.

Visual artist and dancer Reshma Chhiba was born in 1983 in Johannesburg.
Curator Nontembeko Ntombela works at the Department of History of Art and Heritage Management at the Wits School of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand.
Glasser (S.) TRANCEFORMATIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS, southern African rock art and contemporary dance
192pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, DVD, Johannesburg, 2019. R360
Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher Sylvia 'Magogo' Glasser documents the creation of Tranceformations, the dance she choreographed in 1991, as well as her work as a teacher.

Includes a 30 minute DVD with a performance of Tranceformations.

Sylvia Glasser founded Moving into Dance Mophatong in 1978 in her garage as a non-racial Dance Company and training, and was Director until 2013. She pioneered and taught Afrofusion, Edudance, and Dance Anthropology. In 1992 she started the full-time MIDM Community Dance Teachers Training Course and Outreach. She mentored and empowered hundreds of young performers, choreographers, teachers and administrators from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of whom are internationally acclaimed professionals. Her awards include a Lifetime Achievement from ACT (2004); FNB Vita as “one of South Africa’s national cultural treasures, a remarkable social activist whose exceptional work, in specifically African dance, has changed lives, perceptions and the face of South African dance” (2000); a Knighthood in the Order of Oranje-Nassau by the King of the Netherlands for “her contribution to democracy during and after apartheid, especially her commitment to the training of young dancers of all races” (2015).
Goldendean PLAN B, A Gathering of Strangers (or) This is not Working
253pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, (Johannesburg), 2018. R590
"Artist Goldendean’s narrative powers itself from the same set of key methodologies that has become inseparable from themselves as a humxn being as well as their practice. Queer Love; Queer Dissidence; Radical Sharing (Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi) and the undoing of the white identity...PLAN B A GATHERING OF STRANGERS (OR) THIS IS NOT WORKING, self-described by the artist as a handbook to themselves...acts as a rationale of the artist’s dense theoretical and political expression. The text carries throughout a personal tone due to its autobiographical expression, giving its reader insight into their thought processes and action. Plan B reflects on the affects of their performance of simple acts of dissidence in a transgressive Fat Queer White Trans Body... A collaboration with BayFinK the volume addresses complex themes. These include a review of key texts relating to love, queer theory and whiteness; the performance of whiteness and documenting or archiving reactions online to their performances as Goldendean – a form of narrative." Marcia Elizabeth, writer, photographer, artist and editor for Bubblegum Club

Goldendean aka Dean Hutton is a genderqueer trans media artist provoking dialogue about the gaze, queer bodies, love and social justice. They have recently completed a Masters of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town as a Mellon Fellow with the Institute of Creative Arts. They were chief photographer at the Mail & Guardian, a Ruth First Fellow at Wits University, one of the 200 Top Young South Africans, and co-curated the #notgayasinhappy #QUEERasinfuckyou Film Festival.

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