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40 minutes, DVD, , 2011. R250
A documentary on the lives of black lesbians in South Africa.
307 minutes, 2 x DVDs, , 2012. R60
Late Night News with Loyisa Gola is a South African satirical news television series that airs weekly on and eNCA. Features host Lotiso Gola, David Kibuuka, Riaad Moosa and puppet Chester Missing.
RURAL LIFE, a remarkable journey through South Africa's rural and cultural landscapes
120 minutes, DVD, , No Date. R140
A selection of ten short documentary films about life in the rural areas of South Africa.

Films include:
"Wives of Miya", directed by Pumlani Veto, about women in a village in the Eastern Cape who sing and dance to earn a living
"Our Broken Dreams", directed by Palesa Shongwe, about young people from Zimbabwe hoping to find a better life in South Africa
"Strong Bones", directed by Dowelani Nenzhele, about a soccer team made up of grannies

TOWNSHIP LIFE, a vibrant and gritty portrayal of struggles and triumphs in South Africa
185 minutes, 2 DVDs, , No Date. R195
A selection of sixteen short documentary films about life in the urban townships of South Africa.

Films include:
"Ama-joker", about two street boys who make a living entertaining commuters, directed by Tamandani Kapisa
"Growing Hope", about a community vegetable garden, directed by Wiseman Mabusela
"Atrophy", about the fear of growing up, directed by Palesa Shongwe
"Getting There", about the unique hand signals used for hailing taxis, directed by Masechaba Magane
"To the One I Love", about a young man confronting his father, directed by Zolani Ndevu
"Soul Train", directed by Thabo Mokoena, about the church groups on the early morning trains from Soweto
"Horseman", directed by Oupa Maesela, about Enos Mofokate, the first black South African equestrian champion
TREVOR NOAH, That's Racist, live at the Lyric Theatre
97 minutes, DVD, , 2012. R125
South African comedian Trevor Noah's one-man show, filmed live at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg in October 2012.

Trevor Noah was born in 1984 and grew up in Soweto. In 2012 he was named Comic of the Year at the annual South African Comics Choice Awards.
TREVOR NOAH, Crazy Normal
99 minutes, DVD, , 2011. R100
South African comedian Trevor Noah's one-man show,"Goodbye for Now", filmed live at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in March 2011.

Trevor Noah was born in 1984 and grew up in Soweto. In 2012 he was named Comic of the Year at the annual South African Comics Choice Awards.
TREVOR NOAH, Daywalker 2.0
103 minutes, DVD, , 2009. R100
An upgraded re-release of South African comedian Trevor Noah's one-man show, Daywalker, filmed live at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg in 2009.

Trevor Noah was born in 1984 and grew up in Soweto. In 2012 he was named Comic of the Year at the annual South African Comics Choice Awards.
TREVOR NOAH, It's My Culture
97 minutes, DVD, , 2013. R185
South African comedian Trevor Noah's one-man show, filmed live in the Teatro at Monte Casino, Johannesburg, 2013. Includes the live recordings of Trevor Noah's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Trevor Noah was born in 1984 and grew up in Soweto. In 2012 he was named Comic of the Year at the annual South African Comics Choice Awards.
UBIZO, the calling
192 minutes, 2xDVDs, , 2007. R185
A TV mini-series about Nomathemba, a sophisticated, modern woman with a successful career as a microbiologist who receives a calling from the ancestors in her dreams to undergo 'uthwasa', the necessary process of suffering to become a 'sangoma' (traditional healer).
89 mins., DVD, , 2008. R150
A film set on Robben Island in the 1960s and 1970s, about political prisoners' fight for the right to play soccer. It records the foundation of the Makana Football Association, which adhered to FIFA regulations. The association was named after the 19th century Xhosa warrior-prophet Makana, who was imprisoned on Robben Island. Interviews with Mark Shinners, Anthony Suze, Sedick Isaacs, Lizo Sitoto and Marcus Solomon are intercut with re-enacted scenes.

“The movie captures the essence of the contribution of football to the struggle. It is an incredible experience” Danny Jordaan, CEO of the FIFA 2010 World Cup Local Organising Committee
88 minutes, DVD, , 2014. R185
A feature fim set in Cape Town, about a phone-sex line operator, a dog handler, an IT-technician and a teenager who discover their relationships are part of a conspiracy to keep them in, or out, of love.
Binge (H.) SCORCHED EARTH, Verskroeide Aarde
80 minutes, DVD, , 2000. R75
A documentary on the Anglo-Boer War that focuses on the impact Britain's scorched earth policy and the concentration camps had on the lives of ordinary people. Scholars interviewed speak in English and Afrikaans.
Desai (R.) & Mzozo (J.) dir. THE GIANT IS FALLING,
77 minutes, DVD, , 2016. R120
A documentary that examines how South Africans have responded to the African National Congress’ failure to deliver on its promises. The film suggests major political events of recent years, such as the Marikana Massacre, the trade unions' break with the ANC, the #FeesMustFall student movement, and the ANC's losses in the the 2016 local elections, signify the end of an era in South Africa, and explores what could come next.
Desai (R.) dir. EVERYTHING MUST FALL, the high cost of free education
84 minutes, DVD, , 2018. R130
A documentary on the 2015 #FeesMustFall movement, told by four student leaders at Wits University and the Vice Chancellor, Adam Habib.
Desai (R.) dir. MINERS SHOT DOWN,
86 minutes, DVD, , 2014. R120
A documentary on the Marikana Massacre. In 2012 miners at one of South Africa's biggest platinum mines owned by Lonmin mining company began a wildcat strike for better wages. On the 16th August, police used live ammunition against the miners, killing 34 and injuring many more.

"'Miners Shot Down' is the most upsetting, unsettling and important films I have worked with for a long time. Never pathetic, Rehad Desai's documentary lft me in tears." Mette Hoffman Meyer, Commissioning Editor DRTV Denmark
Desai (R.) et. al. (dir.) ALEXANDRA, MY ALEXANDRA, ordinary heroes in extraordinary times
6 x 48 minutes, DVD, , 2012. R300
A six part documentary series based on the book, "Alexandra, a history", by Philip Bonner and Noor Nieftagodien. The series features interviews with over 60 people who live or have lived in Alexandra township: the writer Wally Serote; Simon Noge and Dan Twala, whose parents worked for Herbert Papenfus, the politician who established Alex: Louisa Rivers, who joined the 1956 Women’s March on Parliament; Moses Mayekiso, who led the 1986 Six Day War in Alexandra; Paul Mashatile and Obed Bapela, who were central to the youth movement in the 1980s; ex-Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe; and Nelson Mandela, who participated in the 1943 bus boycott in Alex. The series also includes footage of Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada, Dolly Rathebe, Thandi Klaasens, Miriam Makeba, Caiphus Semenye and many other prominent South Africans from Alexandra’s past. Also includes interviews with historians Noor Nieftagodien and Achille Mbembe. Extensive use is made of archival footage.
Dornford-May (M.) dir. SON OF MAN,
91 minutes, DVD, , 2007. R455
A re-telling of the life of Christ, set in contemporary South Africa
Dornford-May (M.) dir. U-CARMEN EKHAYELITSHA, 122 minutes, DVD
122 minutes, DVD, South Africa, 2005. R455
A re-telling of Bizet's opera, Carmen, set in the township of Khayelitsha, outside Cape Town, with actors and singers from the theatre and opera company, Dimpho Di Kopane. Pauline Malefane plays Carmen. Includes interviews with director Mark Dornford-May and co-writers and translators Pauline Malefane and Andiswa Kedama. The film won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival.

In Xhosa, with English subtitles.
Geldenhuys (O.) dir. GRIETJIE VAN GARIES, how does one tell the tale of a subversive angel?
48 minutes, DVD, , 2005. R215
A documentary about singer Grandma Gretel Adams, aka Ta'Gretel of Garies, winner of the 2006 Reconciliation Award. Grandma Gretel, who lived in Garies in the Northern Cape, continued to sing and participate in "rieldanse" into her 70s. She made her first CD at the age of 76. She died in 2014.
Geldenhuys (O.) dir. HERE BE DRAGONS,
86 minutes, DVD, , 2010. R295
A documentary on the life of human rights lawyer, George Bizos, one of the lawyers who represented Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu in both the Treason and Rivonia Trials. In 1994 he was appointed to the Judicial Services Commission to recommend candidates for judicial office and reforms to the judicial system. He appeared at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission representing the families of Steve Biko, Chris Hani and the Cradock Four (Matthew Goniwe, Fort Calata, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlawuli). In 2004 he represented Morgan Tsvangirai, who was charged with high treason by the Zimbabwean government.

Odette Geldenhuys is a lawyer and former colleague of Bizos.
Geldenhuys (O.) dir. THE SHORE BREAK,
90 minutes, DVD, , 2015. R230
A documentary about the struggle over mining rights in the Amadiba area on South Africa's Wild Coast, where the Pondo people have lived for centuries. Nonhle, a young local eco-tour guide, opposes a titanium-mining proposal and the government's controversial plan to build a tolled highway and fights to protect the environment on which her people's livelihood and culture depend while Madiba, her cousin, supports both the proposal and the highway, believing development will bring jobs, schools and hospitals.

This film won Audience Choice Awards at the 2015 Encounters International Documentary Film Festival and the 2015 Durban International Film Festival and Best Feature Length Dcoumentary at the 2015 Festival du Film d'Environnement in France.
Hickson (D.) dir. BEAT THE DRUM,
101 minutes, DVD, , 2007. R140
A feature film about an orphan who leaves his village for Johannesburg in search of his uncle and the truth about the mysterious illness that is killing his people.
Hofmeyr (N.) dir. MAIN REEF ROAD,
88 minutes, DVD, , 1999. R315
Main Reef Road runs through Gauteng following the line of the gold-bearing reef and linking the mines and mining towns. Filmmaker Nicolaas Hofmeyr's drove from Springs in the east to Krugersdorp in the west, interviewing people who live and work along the route.
Jacobs (S.) dir. DISGRACE,
114 minutes, DVD, , 2009. R165
A feature film based on the novel by J.M.Coetzee.

"This chilly film gets surprisingly close to the tone of Coetzee's precise prose." Philip French, The Observer

"The visionary gravity of J.M.Coetzee's Booker-winning novel is perhaps untranslatable to the screen, but Steve Jacob's film is a very creditable try. A bold one too, in casting John Malkovich, the lizard king, as the lead." Anthony Quinn, The Independent

This film was awarded the Prize of the International Critics at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.
Jones (S.P.N.) dir. UMBILICAL CORDS,
54 minutes, DVD, , 2012. R240
A documentary, filmed over five years, in which Sarah Ping Nie Jones explores the complex relationship she has with her mother, and how this is mirrored in the way two of her women friends and their mothers do or don't relate.
109 minutes, DVD, , 2013. R375
A documentary about the Eoan Group, a cultural organisation for the coloured community of Cape Town founded in District Six in 1933 by Helen Southern-Holt. The group performed opera, ballet and drama and from the 1950s to the 1970s was very popular, but because of South African's racial policies, could not perform with white opera and ballet companies. The film includes rare archival footage of District Six and interviews with several members of Eoan.
Kaganof (A.) dir. DECOLON I SING WITS, an act of epistemic disobedience
90 minutes, DVD, , 2015. R360
A documentary about how the student-driven movement to decolonize South African universities is being undertaken at the University of the Witwatersrand. It follows a group of Economic Freedom Front (EFF) student league members and features Vice Chancellor Adam Habib and Vuyani Pambo.
Kaganof (A.) dir. FROM ASSIMILATION TO OCCUPATION, opening Stellenbosch
101 minutes, DVD, , (2015). R365
This film documents the debates and decision-making processes behind the formation of the Open Stellenbosch student collective at Stellenbosch University. The collective insists that the university publicly acknowledge the central role that it played in the conceptualisation, implementation and maintenance of apartheid and is active in the student uprising on campus.
Kaganof (A.) dir. G-STRING BLUES, the legendary Syd Kitchen
45 minutes, DVD, , 2010. R285
A documentary on Sydney Kitchen, South African guitarist, singer-songwriter and poet. Aryan Kaganof composed a piece of music called "G-String Blues" which Syd Kitchen "re-composed" and performed.

Kitchen was born in 1951 in Durban. He released nine albums, including “Africa’s Not for Sissies” and “Across”, and performed at “Splashy Fen” each year from 1990–2010. He died in 2011, shortly after this film was made.
Kaganof (A.) dir. METALEPSIS IN BLACK, a document of complicity
99 mins, DVD, , 2016. R390
A documentary about the #RhodesMust Fall and #FeesMustFall movement initiated by university students in South Africa.
Kaganof (A.) dir. SHARP SHARP!, the story of kwaito
27 minutes, DVD, , 2003. R230
An analysis in film of kwaito, a South African musical genre born in the townships in the 1990s. The music expresses the daily experiences and dreams of the first generation of black South Africans to come of age after apartheid. Includes interviews with Mandoza, Mzeke Zeke, Kabelo and Mzambiya.
Kaganof (A.) dir. SMS SUGARMAN,
79 minutes, DVD, , 2010. R159
A feature film about a pimp and three prostitutes on Christmans Eve, shot entirely on mobile phone cameras.
Kell (D.) & Nizza (C.) dir. DEAR MANDELA,
93 minutes, DVD, , 2012. R445
A film that documents the struggles of South Africa's informal settlement movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, Zulu for "Residents of the Shacks". Abahlali baseMjondolo challenged the constitutionality of the Slums Act in the Constitutional Court, and won. Features S'bu Zikode, President of Abahlali baseMjondolo, and three extraordinary young members of the movement, Mnikelo Mdabankulu,Zama Ndlovu and Mazwi Nzimande.

This film won Best South African Documentary at the Durban International Film Festival.

"Filmmakers Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza sensitively capture how everyday life in an informal settlement intersects with the threat of eradication. 'Dear Mandela' touches us with the doubts, fears, reflections and courage of members of the Abahlali shack dwellers movement in Durban in their resolve to defend a new democracy against its custodians' resort to apartheid era legislation against informal settlements. In the depth of the backlash that the Kennedy Road community endured, this documentary leaves us with questions that few have dared to ask about the new South Africa." Marie Huchzermeyer, author of "Cities with 'Slums'"
Khanyile (S.) dir. UPRIZE!,
59 minutes, DVD, , 2017. R405
A documentary that investigates the music, literature, and leaders that shaped the youth of 1976 and ignited the Soweto uprisings. Includes personal accounts from student leaders and rare archival footage.

“We have a philosophy about the representation of blackness in our work: we try and avoid, as much as possible, the depiction of black bodies lying on the ground. You can appreciate how challenging that is when telling a story in the context of apartheid, but it is possible,” producer Tshego Molete Khanyile
Kingwill (H.) dir. BURIED IN EARTHSKIN, uncovering the hidden impact of South African's nuclear energy decisions
50 minutes, DVD, , 2009. R140
A documentary on the impact of nuclear power and the search for alternatives. Helena Kingwill visits the nuclear waste dump site in Namaqualand and interviews people of the Nama-Khoi tribe who live nearby. She also visits Pelindaba, the nuclear research centre near Pretoria, and speaks to officials about waste disposal. Includes interviews with Mike Kantey from the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy, Buyelwa Sonjica, the Minister of Minerals and Energy, Tony Stott of Eskom, Derick Elbrecht from the National Union of Mineworlers, economist Patrick Bond and Dr Harald Winkler from the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town.
Markovitz (S.) prod. AFRICAN METROPOLIS, six stories from six African cities
92 mins., DVD, , 2014. R355
A compilation of six short fiction films set in six major African cities:
"Berea" (Johannesburg) dir. by Vincent Moloi (13 mins.)
"Homecoming" (Nairobi) dir. by Jim Chuchu (11 mins.)
"The Cave" (Cairo) dir. by Ahmed Ghoneimy (23 mins.)
"The Line Up" (Lagos) dir. by Polasakin Iwajomo (14 mins.)
"L'autre Femme/ The Other Woman" (Dakar) dir. by Marie Ka (13 mins.)
"To Repel Ghosts" (Abijan) dir. by Philippe Lacôte (21 mins.)
30 minutes, DVD, , No Date. R140
A documentary of the life and work of Michael Lapsley.

Michael Lapsley was born in New Zealand in 1949. An ordained priest, he arrived in South Africa in 1973 and soon began to speak out against apartheid. He was expelled from the country in 1976. He went first to Lesotho, where he joined the ANC, and then to Zimbabwe. In 1990 he was sent a letter bomb by the Civil Cooperation Bureau. He lost both hands and a eye in the blast, and was severely burnt. In 1993 he became chaplain of the Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture, which assisted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This work led to the establishment in 1998 of the Institute for the Healing of Memories (IHOM) in Cape Town. The Institute holds workshops in which victims of violence work through their trauma by telling their stories.
Muteba (J.) dir. JESUS IN HILLBROW,
28 minutes, DVD, , 2009. R100
A film about a man sent to Hillbrow to preach the gospel to prostitutes, drug dealers and illegal immigrants.
Opperman (D.) DONKERLAND, 158 jaar, 7 geslagte, 1 plaas
621 minutes, 4 x DVD, , 2015. R550
Donkerland is the third series in Deon Opperman's Afrikaner trilogy, after "Kruispad" and "Hartland". Set in Kwazulu-Natal on the farm Donkerland, it follows seven generations of the De Witt family, from 1838 to 1996. Each episode is set against the socio-political realities of the day, such the Great Trek, the Zulu Wars, the Anglo-Boer War, the Great Depression, the 1948 election, the Border War, the 1976 Soweto Uprising, and the transition to a democratic South Africa.

In Afrikaans.

Playwright Deon Opperman has written over fifty plays and has twice been awarded the Hertzog Prize. Recent television dramas include "Kruispad" and "Getroud met Rugby".
Opperman (D.) KRUISPAD,
625 minutes, 4 x DVD, , 2014. R425
"Kruispad" is the first series in Deon Opperman’s major TV trilogy about the history of the Afrikaner nation in South Africa. It focuses on how Afrikaners dealt with the 1994 transition to democracy.

In Afrikaans.

Playwright Deon Opperman has written over fifty plays and has twice been awarded the Hertzog Prize. Recent television dramas include "Kruispad" and "Getroud met Rugby".
Orderson (K.) dir. VISIBLY INVISIBLE,
60 minutes, DVD, , 2008. R230
A film about the 2008 African History Week Festival in Oslo, Norway.

The African History Week is an annual cultural festival that takes place in Norway every year. Africans from the continent and the Diaspora use music, film, dance, poetry and workshops to celebrate African history, culture and identity. Features musicians Tlokwe Sehume from South Africa and Bonga from Angola.
Penderis (I.) prod. CREDO MUTWA SPEAKS, dolphins
approx. 44 minutes, DVD, , (2011). R355
Credo Mutwa, sangoma, high sanusi and traditional historian of the Zulu nation, speaks about Africans' special relationship with the ocean and ocean creatures, especially dolphins. He also speaks about other animals sacred to African peoples.
Penderis (I.) prod. CREDO MUTWA SPEAKS, legends in stone
approx. 56 minutes, DVD, , (2011). R355
Credo Mutwa, sangoma, high sanusi and traditional historian of the Zulu nation, speaks about secret megalithic sites found all over South Africa, unknown to archaeologists.
Penderis (I.) prod. CREDO MUTWA SPEAKS, celestial knowledge
approx. 120 minutes, 2 DVDs, , (2011). R250
Credo Mutwa, sangoma, high sanusi and traditional historian of the Zulu nation, speaks about Africans' relationship with alien creatures from other planets.
Shamis (K.) dir. IMAM AND I, murder, myth and memory do not the Imam make
80 minutes, DVD, , 2011. R256
Independent filmmaker Khalid Shamis returns to South Africa from London to investigate the life of his famous grandfather, Imam Abdullah Haron. In Cape Town in the 1950s and 1960s Haron spoke out against the injustices of apartheid, was incarcerated and killed in detention in 1969. This film won the Best Film and Audience Award at the 2011 Encounters Film Festival.

The DVD also includes the 10 minute film, "The Killing of the Imam", made by Shamis in 2010, which explores Imam Haron's life and death.
Taylor (L.) & Morris (C.) dir. VIRGIN VOICES, through the eyes of Umcwasho
24 minutes, DVD, , (2009). R585
Lara Taylor and Catherine Morris spent three months in the village of Luve in Swaziland observing traditional virginity rituals and speaking to young women about the rituals, sex and HIV/AIDS. The virginity ritual "umcwasho" was reintroduced by King Mswati III to prevent the spread of HIV and mark his own daughter's coming of age.
Taylor (S.) dir. PROGRESS,
71 minutes, DVD, , (2011). R285
A documentary, filmed over the course of a year, about the Progress Rugby football club, made up mainly of factory workers and unemployed men from the Eastern Cape town of Uitenhage, who beat the University of Stellenbosch, the largest rugby club in the world and ten-time national club championship title winners, on their home ground at the 2006 tournament.

"This film will forever change the way rugby is perceived in South Africa. 'Progress' tells the story of a group of players, mostly factory workers and unemployed, whose sweat and skills went unnoticed beyond dusty township fields until they travelled to the spiritual home of South African rugby - and caused the shock of the century..." Rugby World magazine
107 minutes, DVD, , 2014. OUT OF STOCK
This documentary "locates political expression before, during and after the Egyptian Revolution - and also within recent times in Turkey and Lebanon - within a broader historical and cultural framework: that of storytelling and music" from the film's website

It looks especially at the legacy of the collection of stories known as "The 1001 Nights" or "Arabian Nights". The film won Best Documentary at the Durban International Film Festival
Wahl (F.) dir. DOC-U-MENTALLY, 6 doctors, 5 cultures, 30 hour call
82 minutes, DVD, , 2017. R390
A documentary that follows five doctors from different backgrounds as they each work a 30-hour shift at Ngwelezane Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal.

The film won the award for Best Cinematography at the 2017 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) and was also voted the Best South African Documentary at the Jozi Film Festival in 2016.
Will (C.) dir. AGAINST THE FLOW,
312 minutes, DVDs, , 2005. R225
A 13 (x 24 minutes) episode TV series documenting a 65 day road trip tracking the course of South Africa's longest river, the 2,300 km long Orange River.
Yon (D.) dir. MINING MEMORY, legacies of St Helena in the Northern Cape
56 minutes, DVD, , 2018. R280
On 21st May 1907 100 men left the island of St Helena to work on the copper mines in Concordia, Namaqualand, where the immigrants were considered neither ‘European’ or ‘Native’. In this documentary descendants of these men share stories about their ancestors, and the themes of race, heritage and the significance of ‘place’ are explored.