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AFRICAN FOLKTALES ONSTAGE!, 1 & 2, plays for pre-teens
206 + 208 pp., paperbacks, Cape Town, 2015. R370
A two-volume anthology of twenty-four plays based on retellings of traditional African folktales.
SA SHORTS, quickies for a microwave generation, a UJ Arts & Culture collection
111 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2012. R305
A collection of six ten-minute plays:
"Losing the Plot" by Anthony Akerman
"The Opening" by Rob K Baum
"Metaphorically Speaking" by Zanandi Botes
"DancetheDance" by Tristan Jacobs
"Kill Me, Please" by Rhea MacCallum
"The Wave" by Renos Nicos Spanoudes and Alby Michaels.

Four of these plays were presented by University of Johannesburg Arts & Culture student casts at the Student Theatre Festival, under the auspices of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2012.
92 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2012. R150
Preface by Anthony Akerman.
Afterword by Gary Baines.

Anthony Akerman wrote this play in exile in Amsterdam in the early 1980s, and it opened with a South African cast in The Hague in 1983. Although it was banned in South Africa, a shortened version of the play was performed at the 1986 Grahamstown Festival.

"Since its first staging in the early 80s, Akerman's play has lost none of its explosive power. Chillingly brutal and grimly humorous all at once, it detonates in the present like a long-dormant mine." Ivan Vladislavic

Anthony Akerman was born in Durban in 1949. He went into self-imposed exile in 1973, lived in Amsterdam for seventeen years, working as a playwright and director. He returned to South Africa in 1992.
Berold (R.) & Wessels (P.) eds. TYHINI, 2014
360pp., paperback, Grahamstown, 2014. R230
Work by full time and part time students in the 2014 MA in Creative Writing at Rhodes University.
Bolaane (M.) et al eds. BOTSWANA WOMEN WRITE,
541pp., map, paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2019. R585
An anthology of extracts from novels, short stories, poetry, drama, memoirs, journalism and interviews by and about Batswana women. Includes well-known writers such as Bessie Head, Unity Dow, Lauri Kubuitsile and Tjawangwa Dema, as well as women being published for the first time.

Mary Lederer is a Bessie Head scholar and author of Novels of Botswana in English, 1930-2006 and In Conversation with Bessie Head.
Leloba Molema is a senior lecturer in English and African literature at the University of Botswana.
Connie Rapoo is an associate professor of visual and performing arts at the University of Botswana. She is co-editor of New Perspectives in Diasporic Experience.
805pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2019. R350
First published in the UK in 2019.

An anthology of writing by over 200 women of African descent. The selection includes autobiography, memoir, oral history, letters, diaries, short stories, novels, poetry, drama, politics, journalism, essays and speeches, from pre-1900 to the 1990s. South African contributors include Diana Ferrus, Makhosazana Xaba, Gabeba Baderoon, Yvonne Vera, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, Sisonke Msimang and Zukiswa Wanner.
Buwalda (D.) HINTERLAND,
92 pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R285
A play about a fictitious meeting between Cecil John Rhodes and Sol Plaatje, set during the siege of Mafeking.

Includes an edited extract of an interview with the author conducted by Gabrielle Leflaive.

Duncan Buwalda was born in Johannesburg. His first play, "Dream, Brother", won the 2011 Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award for Drama. "Hinterland" won three awards at the PANSA/NLDTF Festival of New Writing in 2012. He lives in Cape Town.
Coetzee (J.M.) TWO SCREENPLAYS, edited by Hermann Wittenberg
209 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R305
Introduction by the editor.

Cinematic adaptations of the novels, "Waiting for the Barbarians" and "In the Heart of the Country". These film scripts remain unproduced.
76pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R235
"If it sounds dark, it is undeniably so. But it's also extremely funny: young playwright and director Ameera Conrad has a bright future ahead of her. Her writing is whip-smart, and her vision is brought to life with cracking energy by her equally youthful cast. The production takes satirical aim at practically everyone in South Africa, from the accent-shifting faux-revolutionaries to hand-wringing white people, but perhaps its sharpest barbs are reserved for the vapidity of Twitter activists." Rebecca Davis, Daily Maverick

Ameera Conrad is also co-curator, co-writer and performer in "The Fall", which won a Scotsman Fringe First Award for Writing at the Edinburgh Festival, The Stage's Ensemble Award for Acting, and was shortlisted for the Amnesty International Award for Human Rights in 2017.
Conrad (A.) et al THE FALL,
86pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R265
Collaboratively written by the original cast in response to the 2015 and 2016 South African #RhodesMustFall and subsequent student protests, "The Fall" documents the experiences of seven activists within the movement.

“With all the images of violence in the media, it can be easy to lose sight of what sustains the journey that began with Rhodes. The Fall takes back the narrative and invites the audience to look beyond the headlines and to see the real human stories. It is a powerfully acted play, a profoundly complex and moving portrait of students’ struggle to free themselves from the burden of the historical legacy they have inherited.” Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

“The Fall epitomises the pivotal role that the arts can play in building a society and recording history in the making...There is indeed a new world to be won in South Africa and these young actors are at the forefront of the battle.” Tracey Saunders, Cape Times

“…an insightful must for anyone who wants to understand just what the students are thinking and why things have things have turned violent.” Theresa Smith, Cape Argus
99 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2011. R300
"Abnormal Loads" was co-produced by Think Theatre, The National Arts Festival, The Catalina UnLtd and the Playhouse Company. The production was commissioned as part of Neil Coppen's Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Theatre, 2011. It was first performed at the Rhodes Theatre, Grahamstown, in June 2011.

"In 'Abnormal Loads' director and playwright Neil Coppen warned of the consequences of regurgitating the past, which allows it to permeate and overshadow the present, thus pre-empting a situation in which it could be replayed. Coppen made his point through a tragi-comedy centred on a young coloured man brought up in a white family who boast of their colonial history - he eventually finds himself trapped in it and becomes subject to its consequences, though it is not of his own making. Coppen didn't simply juxtapose the past and present, he allowed history to run parallel to the present, eventually allowing the two to intersect, at its climax, in such a way that they become indistinguishable from each other. " Sunday Independent

"Coppen's accomplished dramatic comedy, 'Abnormal Loads', is a must-see. An amagamation of ghost story, love drama, historical epic and dark comedy, the events present and past unfold seamlessly." The Mail & Guardian

Neil Coppen works as an actor, writer, director and designer in Durban. His plays include "Suicidal Pigeons", "Two...", "The Beginning and the End" (co-written and performed with Clare Mortimer), "Tin Bucket Drum" and "Tree Boy".
113pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R360
"Neil Coppen's latest theatre-drama, 'Newfoundland (Buiteland)', had showcased the provocative and healing power of theatre. It is difficult to imagine a theatre production in which elements of Western ideology, African traditionalism, immigration, sexuality and identity not only co-exist, but feed into one another so successfuly. In a South Africa that often seems divided, 'Newfoundland' illuminates a way towards a shared identity." INK, US Woordfees, 2018

"'Newfoundland' contains all the elements and facets which originated in the amphitheatre of the classic Greeks such as ritual, confrontations and the exertions of fate, yet allowing the human being freedom of choice. Add to these rich-soil millennia of knowledge, development and technology and the result is sublime theatre - a life-changing production." The Theatre Times

Neil Coppen works as a playwright and theatre-maker in Durban. His plays include "Abnormal Loads", "Tin Bucket Drum", "Tree Boy" and "Izipopolo". He was awarded the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Drama in 2011 and the ISPA Fellowship Award to New York in 2012 and 2015. He is one of the founding members of Empatheatre, a social justice theatre project.
47pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R150
A play set in a drought-affected village ruled by the Censor, an official who imposes a rule of silence on the inhabitants. Only the Little Drummer Girl can bring the town back to life, but at enormous personal cost.

Foreword by Ismail Mahomed. Includes a conversation between Dylan McGarry and Neil Coppen.

"So cohesive in artistic vision is this piece that it is decidedly difficult to parse out responsibility for its success." The New York Theatre Review

Playwright, director and designer Neil Coppen's plays include "Abnormal Loads", "Tree Boy", "Animal Farm" and NewFoundLand". He won the Standard Bank Young Artists Award for Drama in 2011. He lives between Durban and Johannesburg.
Daniels (C.) ONWEER, (Gathering Storm), in collaboration with Abigail Mei, winner of the Baxter Zabalaza Theatre Festival, 2018
63pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R200
A play about sexual abuse.

"Uncomfortable subjects often prove a rich vein to tap for drama, and Carlo Daniel's Onweer is a case in point. This riveting two-hander probes the theme of incestuous sexual abuse and its brutality, but despite the harrowing intimacy central to the work, there is nothing offensive in its presentation: no nudity, and the violence is suggested rather than enacted with physical realism. Everything is stylised, leaving the audience's imagination to supply what is requisite for reflection on this topic. Although scripted in Afrikaans, Onweer is readily accessible to everyone, because physical language speaks a universal idiom, while the simplicity of the plot obviates dependence on dialogue to understand the essence." Beverley Brommert, Cape Argus

Carlo Daniels is a Cape Town-based physical theatre-trained actor, singer and theatre maker. He was born and raised in Mitchell's Plein and trained at the Magnet Theatre.
Davids (C.) & Abrahams (J.) BULLETS OVER BISHOP LAVIS,
92 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2011. R120
A play set in Cape Town about two men, both of whom were involved in the struggle for democracy, who re-connect years later. This play premiered at the KKNK in 2011.

Christo Davids has been an actor since he was eleven years old, has written and directed several plays, and has won numerous awards including a Naledi Theatre Award, and a Kanna Award. This is his first published play. He is Artistic Director of Cape Heart Theatre Company and one on the company directors of Jester Productions, together with Jody Abrahams.
Actor, playwright, choreographer, film producer and director Jody Abrahams, collaborated with Davids in writing this play, and has directed it.
Davids (N.) WHAT REMAINS, a play in one act, with notes on the choreography by Jay Pather
47pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R165
A fusion of text, dance and movement that tells a story about the unexpected uncovering of a slave burial ground in Cape Town. Loosely based on the events at Prestwich Place in Sea Point where in 2003 construction activities uncovered human bones. What Remains won five Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards in 2018, including Best New South African Play (Nadia Davids) and Best Director (Jay Pather).

"What Remains is destined to become a South African classic. Nadia Davids’s transformative play digs up bones and reaches for the sacred. It dramatises the timeless dance between memory and ‘progress’ in a way that is also a fierce critique of the present moment. Like the best drama, it is universal because Davids roots it so precisely in the experience of her time – post-apartheid South Africa – and place: her beloved Cape Town. – Mark Gevisser, author of Lost and Found in Johannesburg: A memoir

"What Remains excavates a tragic history, mining beauty, no less than poetry, from a slave burial ground. This heart-breaking dance on the page, cries out to be performed. With Pather’s choreographic notes, it promises to be a triumph." Zoë Wicomb, Emeritus Professor at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Nadia Davids is the author of the award-winning plays At Her Feet and Cissie and the novel An Imperfect Blessing. She is Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town.
Jay Pather is Director of the Institute for Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town and Associate Professor in UCT's Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies.
de Wet (R.) BLOU UUR,
51 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2009. R65
Introduction by Temple Hauptfleisch.

"As daar ooit iets soos 'n perfekte Afrikaanse drama in teks en opvoering sou kon wees, staan 'Blou uur' voor in die ry." Kobus Burger in Die Burger

A new play by award-winning playwright Reza de Wet, author of "Diepe Grond", "Mis", "Mirakel" and "Drif".

Text in Afrikaans.
Dikotla (P.M.) Skierlik,
49 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R145
A play based on the true story of a man who survives a white racist's attack on his settlement in 2008 but loses his wife and child. This play was the winner of the 2013 Baxter Zabalaza Festival.

In English.

"I left the Baxter with an immense respect for Phillip Dikotla for the skill with which he pulled off the retelling of a story that left raw wounds in the South African psyche...Yes, the story is searingly painful, but Dikotla does it an immense justice by bringing it back to life in this breathtakingly good performance." Marilu Snyders, What's On in Cape Town

Actor, playwright and stand-up comedian Phillip Dikotla was born in 1990 in the township of Mankweng in Limpopo Province. His first play, "Sekwatlapa", won a Naledi Award in 2010. He has also been awarded the Arts & Culture Trust ImpACT Award for his theatre work.
52pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R165
A play about children from very different backgrounds who befriend each other over a garden wall, become estranged, and meet again in each other's confused minds ten years later.

Joanna Evans won the 2014 Imbewu SCrIBE competition with her script "Four Small Gods"; was awarded the Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award for excellence for her production of "The Year of the Bicycle" at the 2013 National Arts Festival; the Most Promising Student Director Award at the 2012 National Arts Festival; the 2012 Mavis Taylor Memorial Award for Theatre Making; and the Audience Choice Award for Best International Show for her production "Patchwork" at the 2015 Iran International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth. She is based in Cape Town.
62pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R200
A play set in a small fishing village near Kisumu in Kenya.

Playwright and director Lara Foot is CEO and Artistic Director of the Baxter Theatre Centre in Cape Town. Her plays include "Tshepang", "Karoo Moose", "Solomon and Marion" and "The Inconvenience of Wings".
Fourie (P.) POST MORTEM,
80pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2016. R150
The final play in Pieter Fourie's four-part series. The first three plays are: "Die Koggelaar", "Donderdag se Mense" and "Ek, Anna van Wyk".

Playwright Pieter Fourie has won the Hertzog Prize (2003) and a Fleur du Cap award (2006). In 2011 he was awarded an honrouary doctorate by the University of the Free State and in 2016 he received a kykNET Fiësta for his contribution to Afrikaans literature.
Fugard (A.) THE SHADOW OF THE HUMMINGBIRD, prelude by Paula Fourie, with extracts from Athol Fugard's unpublished notebooks, the final verson
60pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R185
A play about "the loss of innocence and the need to maintain a sense of wonder at the fleeting beauty of the world." from the back cover

This play premiered at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, USA, in 2014. An expanded version was subsequently staged in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Bloemfontein. This publication reflects the South African production, and is regarded by the authors as the final and definitive one.

70 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2008. R165
A play about a South African Indian family living under apartheid by Durban-born actor and playwright Rajesh Gopie.

Foreword by Nadine Gordimer.

"Rajesh Gopie is the most multi-talented young artist whose work I have come across in more than a decade of deep interest in the theatre." Nadine Gordimer
104 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R310
Playwright and director Khayelihle Dom Gumede's adaptation for the stage of the Can Themba short story about love across the colour line, set in Sophiatown in 1957.
52pp., paperback, London, 2017. R260
Preface by former political prisoner Sonny Venkatrathnam. Foreword by South African actor, director, playwright John Kani. Introduction by John Battersby.

The 'Robben Island Shakeseapeare' is a copy of the Alexander edition of the Complete Works that belonged to political prisoner Sonny Venkatrathnam and was secretly circulated, annotated and signed by 34 prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, in the 1970s.

In 2008 and 2010 playwright and scholar Matthew Hahn conducted interviews with eight former political prisoners: Sonny Venkatrathnam, Theo Cholo, Saths Cooper, Eddie Daniels, Michael Dingake, Ahmed Kathrada, Kwedi Mkalipi and Andrew Mlangeni. In this verbatim play he combines these men's first-hand accounts with Shakespeare's words.

Matthew Hahn is a lecturer at St Mary's University in London, as well as a theatre director and theatre for development facilitator.
Hanekom (N.) IN GLAS, 'n drama geskryf om in 'n intieme ruimte as teater in die rondte opgevoer to word
69pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2018. R180
A play about a couple struggling to conceive a child.

"Met 'In Glas' neem Hanekom die versugting na 'n kind tot by die ondenkbare en toets elke grens...As teatre in die rondte laat dit jou toe in die intieme binnekamer van 'n verhouding en laat jou plek-plek voel dat jy onbehoorlik en onvanpas deel is van 'n uiters private affêre." Marina Griebenow, theatre critic

"Teatergenie, noem resensente haar. Dramaturg, vervaardiger, aktrise. Sy het Afrikaanse teater in die holte van haar hand, die 'ongelooflik talentvolle' Nicola Hanekom." Hanli Retief, journalist and author of "Bylveld"

"In Glas" won 5 KykNET Fiëstas and a Kanna award. Nicola Hanekom has also been awarded 11 Kanna awards and 4 Fiëstas for her trilogy, "Betésda", "Lot" en "Babbel", and Beeld's Aardvark prize and the Eugéne Marais Prize for her play "Hol en Trippie", published as "Die Pad Byster". She is also the author of "Land van Skedels".
85pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2015. R150
An Afrikaans play about the Anglo-Boer War and the experiences of women in the concentration camps.

This play won the 2014 Fiesta awards for best production, best new Afrikaans performance, best theatre concept and best direction. Nicola Hanekom was also awarded Beeld's Aardvark Prize for ground-breaking work. In 2015 she won the Eugene Marais Prize for her play, "Die Pad Byster".
Hannie (L.) TIP-EX,
46pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R150
A play which focuses on "corrective rape". This play won Best Production and Best Script at the 2016 Baxter Zabalaza Theatre Festival.

Lauren Hannie was born in Mafikeng in the North West Province, South Africa
Higginson (C.) THREE PLAYS, Dream of the Dog, The Girl in the Yellow Dress, The Imagined Land
205pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2016. R250
Originally published in the UK in 2016.

Foreword by Jeremy Herrin. Introduction by Michael titlestad, University of the Witwatersrand.

Playwright and novelist Craig Higginson was born in Zimbabwe in 1971 and grew up in Johannesburg. He has lived in London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Paris, and currently lives in Johannesburg. He has won the Sony Gold Award for Best Radio Drama in the UK, the UJ Award for South African Literature in English for his novel, "The Landscape Painter", and a Naledi Award for Best South African Play, for "The Imagined Land".
Horwitz (A.) COLLECTED PLAYS, 2009-2017
233pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2017. R140
This collection includes "The Pump Room", "Comrade Babble", "Boykie & Girlie", "Jerico", and "Book Marks".

Alan Kolski Horwitz grew up in Cape Town. Between 1974 and 1985 he lived in the Middle East, Europe and North America, returning to South Africa in 1985 when he worked in the trade unions as an organiser and educator. He has also published four antologies of poems and is one of the editors of the literary journal, "Botsotso".
93 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2011. R220
In her new play, commissioned by the Artscape New Writing Programme, Juliet Jenkin imagines an encounter between historical novelist Mary Renault and her hero, Alexander the Great.
Jephta (A.) KRISTAL VLAKTE, 'n drama
88pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R180
Amy Jeptha has reworked Bertholt Brecht's "Mutter Courage und inhre Kinder".

Foreword by Tertius Kapp.

Amy Jephta is a South African playwright, screenwriter and theatre director based in Cape Town. Her other works include "Kristalvlakte", "Other People's Lives", "Sonskyn Beperk" and "While You Weren't Looking".
Kalmer (H.) THE BRAM FISCHER WALTZ, foreword by George Bizos
67pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R150
This one person play, with the protagonist as narrator, tells Advocate Braam Fischer’s story.The play won The Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award at the 2013 the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and was awarded the Adelaide Tambo Award for Human Rights in the Arts in 2014.

Introduction by Harry Kalmer. Afterword by Yvonne Malan, entitled ‘The Power of Moral Courage’
Kani (A.) & Ramabulana (N.) HAYANI, directed & facilitated by Warren Nebe
76pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R245
Atandwa Kani and Nat Ramabulana tell their personal stories. 'Hayani' means 'home' in Tshivenda.

"Hayani is a workshopped piece built around Kani's and Ramabulana's autobiographical experiences of childhood, family and the transition to adulthood over years when South Africa was giving birth to democracy. It's a play about growth and change in two senses - the personal and the political. In South Africa, as we know, the two spheres are often inextricably linked, and so it is here, too." Rebecca Davis, Times Live

"Hayani is a poignant, humorous and touching look at what identity means in South Africa." City Press

Atandwa Kani was born in Port ELizabeth. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008 with an Honours degree in theatre performance. He won the Best Performance by a Breakthrough Artists in the 2012 Naledi Theatre Awards and the Kama Award for Best Actor at the 2017 Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunsfees (KKNK). He played the young Mandela in the film Mandela: long walk to freedom and received the 2018 award for Best Actor at the Houston Black Film Festival. He lives in New York and is completing his Master's Degree in Performance at NYU TISCH Grad Acting.
Nat Ramabulana was born in 1983. He has received the Richard Haines Prize, a 2010 SAFTA Award for Best Ensemble and a 2011 Naledi Award for Best Supporting Actor. Nat Ramabulana and Atandwa Kani are co-authors of the play ID Pending.
Kani (J.) MISSING, introduction by Njabulo S Ndebele
52pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R135
The story of a senior ANC cadre living in exile in Sweden who is left out of negotiations.

Introduction by Njabulo Ndebele, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and the author of the novel "Fools and Other Stories" and the collection of essays, "Rediscovery of the Ordinary".

"John Kani's 'Missing' is a powerful post-apartheid paradox....Through this powerful play we are enabled to confront our own stories of personal commitment and political pragmatism, as in that moment when Robert Khalipa says 'We fought for Freedom and we got Democracy.'" Melanie Burke, Common Purpose South Africa

South African actor, director and playwright John Kani co-wrote "Siswe Banzi is Dead" and "The Island" with Athol Fugard and Winston Ntshona, in the 1970s. He also wrote "Nothing but the Truth" in 2002.
60 pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2002) 2007. R95
A story of "two brothers, of sibling rivalry, of exile, of memory and reconciliation, of the contradictions of liberation and the perplexities of freedom"

Introduction by Zakes Mda.

John Kani is an actor, managing trustee of the Market Theatre in Johannesburg and chairman of the National Arts Council of South Africa.
Kapp (T.) LIEWER,
88pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R180
An Afrikaans play about 4 people from different walks of life thrown together by circumstance.

Playwright Tertius Kapp was awarded the Hertzog Prize in 2015 for his plays "Rooiland" and "Oorsee".
Kapp (T.) OORSEE,
91 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R175
An Afrikaans play about a group of people on board a ship headed for an uncertain destination. This play was first staged at the Clover Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees in 2013.

Tertius Kapp is a South African poet, playwright, actor, director and producer. His play, "Rooiland", won the Aardklop-Smeltkroes Prize in 2011.
Kavanagh (R.) et al SELECTED PLAYS, volume one, the theatre of Workshop '71
236pp., illus., paperback, Harare, 2016. R210
Includes the plays "Crossroads [or the life of Lefty Mann]", "uHlanga - the reed" and "Survival", created and performed in the 1970s by the South African theatre organisation "Workshop '71".

South African author and academic Robert Kavanagh has lived in Zimbabwe since 1984. His previous publications include "Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa", "Making People's Theatre" and "Zimbabwe, challenging the stereotypes".
Kavanagh (R.) et al SELECTED PLAYS, volume two, the political theatre of Zambuko/ Izibuko
286pp., illus., paperback, Harare, 2017. R210
Includes the plays "Katshaa! The Sound of the AK", "Samora Continua", "Mandela, the spirit of no surrender", "Simuka Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Arise" and "Chris Hani, revolutionary fighter", created and performed in the 1980s and 1990s by the Zimbabwean theatre group Zambuko/ Izibuko.

South African author and academic Robert Kavanagh has lived in Zimbabwe since 1984. His previous publications include "Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa", "Making People's Theatre" and "Zimbabwe, challenging the stereotypes".
Krummeck (P.) iVIRGIN BOY,
94pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R285
A play about a 17-year-old boy kept in police holding cells overnight.

First published in the collection "S.A. Gay Plays 2" (2013). Thr play was first staged in 2005, this play was winner in the Drama category in the NLDTF/PANSA Festival of Contemporary Theatre Readings.

Actor, playwright, director, writer, and activist Peter Krummeck (1947-2013) is best known for his one-man play "Bonhoeffer". His theatre career in Cape Town spanned more than four decades and included a lectureship at the Drama Department at the University of Cape Town in 1974-6. A pioneer in the use of drama as a tool for reconciliation, he founded the company Compass Productions and the African Community Theatre Service (ACTS). Under Archbishop Desmond Tutu's mentorship he also worked as a lay-minister in the Anglican Church from the mid-1980s.
Langa (B.) & Mokgonyana (M.) TSWALO,
46pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R150
"'We are in the beginning', Billy Langa announces as he swoops to centre-stage; the beginning of the universe and the beginning of this particular human being, irrevocably entwined. 'Life is but a burp of the big bang', after all. Armed with a truly impressive vocal dexterity and mesmerising choreography, Langa powers through his own evocative poetry in "Tswalo', directed by Mahlatsi Mokgonyana, telling the story of Creation; the story of one specific creation - and throwing the beauty of birth up in stark contrast to the barrenness of a dying world." Maria Vos, theatre critic
Little (B.) LITTLE POOF!, homonologues
52pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R165
A collection of queer-themed monologues by Bruce Little, who has performed these LGBTI-themed comedy-cabaret shows around South Africa.

"Bruce J Little pokes fun at all the stereotypes - the hairdresser queen, the straight oke explaining why he is straight, the fag hag, etc - but he also takes a look at the more serious issues of isolation and rejection faced by especially young gay people, without the play becoming too 'heavy'" Réney Warrington, Arts Alive
57 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R170
A play about female human trafficking and the drug trade. This play was winner of the 2012 Baxter Zabalaza Theatre Festival.

Writer and director Bulelani Mabutyana was born in 1987 in the village of Ehlobo in the Transkei. He moved to Cape Town at the age of eleven. He founded the Khayelitsha-based UKAO (Uthando lweKamvalethu Arts Organisation) theatre company in 2007. His other plays include "Is'khuni sbuya nomkhwezeli" and "Uzenzile akakhalelwa" .
Malan (R.) THREE RADIO PLAYS, school boys, rent boys & klevva boys: Band of Brothers/ The British Maharajah and The German Rentboy/ Clayton Crawford PhD
136pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R350
Robin Malan was artistic director of CAPAB's theatre-in-education company and artisttic director of Pact Playwork theatre-in-education company. He has published numerous compilations of plays for schools. His own plays include "The Boy Who Walked into the World" and "Lord Hamlet". As Junkets Publisher he has published over forty new southern African plays.
Malan (R.) comp. S.A.GAY PLAYS 1, the Artscape Dublin Festival plays
298 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2011. R290
This volume includes the five Artscape New Writing Programme plays that toured to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival from 2006 to 2010.

The plays are:
"Happy Endings are Extra" by Ashraf Johaardien
"The Boy Who Fell from the Roof" by Juliet Jenkin
"Dalliances" by Pieter Jacobs
"Careful" by Fiona Coyne
"Myth of Andrew & Jo" by Gideon van Eeden
Malan (R.), Wilson (D.) & Fick (D.) comps. "NOW I AM ALONE" 2, SA Monologues F & M 16+
125 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R245
A collection of thirty monologues from South African plays, fifteen for male performers and fifteen for female performers, suitable for use by young adults sixteen years and older. Includes details of the source play and notes on the character and context of the monologue. Playwrights include Brett Bailey, Malika Ndlovu, Reza de Wet, Sue Pam-Grant, Lauren Bates, Mike van Graan, Ashraf Johaardien, Robin Malan, Sibusiso Mamba, Paul Slabolepszy, and Omphile Molusi.
McCarthy (A.) & Tilbury (C.) UHM..., created by The Papercut Collective
64pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R200
This play about a young woman born Xhosa but raised 'English' was devised and created by the six members of The Papercut Collective: Callum Tilbury, Kathleen Stephens, Jason Jacobs, Sive Gubangxa, Alex McCarthy and Koleka Putuma.
105 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2012. R140
In this play, set in a Johannesburg public park in 2006, South African writer, painter and music composer Zakes Mda explores the situation of women and children in a patriarchal society.

Includes "Of Voices and Visions", an introduction by Sarah Roberts, and an interview with Mda by Pat Tucker.

"'Our Lady of Benoni' teems with anecdote and incident, pulses with desire and frustration, juxtaposes disparate cultural norms, and plays exuberantly with fantasies and truths that cluster around the subject of virginity." Sarah Roberts, Skye Chair of Dramatic Arts, University of the Witwatersrand

Zakes Mda is also the author of the novels "Black Diamond", "Ways of Dying" (M-Net Book Prize), and "Heart of Redness" (Commonwealth Writers Prize), the plays, "We Shall Sing for the Fatherland" and "The Hill" (Amstel Playwright of the Year Award), and a memoir, "Sometimes There is a Void".
Meyer (D.) JAGVELD, en ander draaiboeke
455pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R295
A collection of four of Deon Meyer's film scripts: "Jakkaldans", "Die Laaste Tango", "Die Ballade van Robbie de Wee" and "Jagveld".

Deon Meyer is the author of the novels "Spoor", "13 Uur", "7 Dae", "Kobra", "Ikarus" and "Infanta".
56pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R110
A play about a young boy living in a kingdom where all the inhabitants' cows are sick and dying, who takes his family's last cow and leaves for the land of King Marufu, not knowing what lies ahead.

Menzi Mkhwane was born in 1989. While studying drama at the Durban University of Technology he won numerous awards and during his final year was chosen to perform in Jolanda van der Spoel's production of "Oliver Twist", which toured Holland. His first professional play, "Pockets of Knowledge", was nominated for Best New South African script at the Durban Mercury Theatre Awards in 2012. His second solo piece, "Looking into the Abyss", won the Audience Award in the Musho! Theatre Festival.
Mofokeng (SM) SENKATANA, translated from Sesotho by JM Lenoke
88pp., paperback, First English Language Edition, Cape Town, 2018. R160
"This book forms part of a series of eight texts and a larger translation endeavour undertaken by the Centre for Multilingualism and Diversities Research (CMDR) at the University of the Western Cape."

This play was originally published in Sesotho in 1952.

"How can people in pursuit of social justice save themselves from their own evils? In this play, which he published in 1952, four years after the system of apartheid was established, Sophoni Machabe Mofoken throws this vital question at contemporary South Africans from his grave. Decades after South Africans created a visionary constitutional democracy on the hot ashes of apartheid, Mofokeng's question will haunt them with the brilliant prescience of a twenty-nine year old seer, a gifted dramatist. In Senkatana, Mofokeng grounds the search for an answer to this potentially redeeming question in a popular legend, exploring its capacity to peer deeply into the human condition." Professor Njabulo Ndebele, former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Cape Town and author of Fools and Other Stories
Molusi (O.) CADRE,
65 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R95
A play about the struggles of an apartheid-era activist, based on Omphile Molusi's uncle's life.

Writer, director and actor Omphile Molusi was born in 1981 in Bodibe in North West Province. His other plays include "Itsoseng", which won the Scotsman Fringe Award 2008, "For the Right Reasons" and "Ijo!". He was the first recipient of the Brett Goldin Bursary in 2007 and won the André DeShields Award for the Best Performance (in "Itsoseng") at the Black Alliance Awards 2010 in Chicago. He currently teaches at The Market Theatre Laboratory.
244pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R220
A collection of three plays:
"Hallelujah!" by Xoli Norman
"Inter-racial" by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom and Aubrey Sekhabi
"Book of Rebellations" by Monageng 'Vice' Motshabi and Kgafela Oa Magogodi.

Foreword by Warona Seane.
Mthombeni (M.) et al ULWEMBU, Empatheatre and The Big Brotherhood, with the Urban Futures Centre
67pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R175
Foreword by Monique Marks.

A play set in KwaMashu township outside Durban, about the effects of drug abuse and addiction.

Empatheatre, co-founded by Mpume Mthombeni, Neil Coppen and Dylan McGarry, is a theatre company that uses an emerging trans-disciplinary theatre methodology that brings together various forums - documentary, verbatim, research and applied theatre models.
The Big Brotherhood is a theatre and production company based in KwaMashu, Durban, that creates productions about crime and jail life, which are performed in schools and theatres in KwaZulu-Natal.
My Home Theatre Productions NDENDILE, (I am married)
49pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R110
This play was jointly devised and created by the actors of My Home Theatre Productions. The original idea was conceived by Sinoxolo Cezula, who also directed the play. The script was written by Bongani Pontsana.

This play, which explores homosexuality in African culture, won several awards at the 2015 Zabalaza Theatre Festival.

The company, My Home Theatre Productions, founded in 2014 in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, works with community artists to tell people true stories about themselves and their lives.
Newton (L.) KAROO MOOSE, [play]
63pp., illus., paperback, London, 2009. R335
A play about a young girl who has a life-changing encounter with an escaped moose. Set in a remote and impoverished village in the Karoo, South Africa.

"a contemporary story which has the poignancy and punch to become one of our theatre classics" Pretoria News

Lara Foot Newton was born and grew up in Pretoria. In 2005 she relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town to take up the position of Resident Director and Dramaturg at the Baxter Theatre. In 2010 she was appointed CEO and Director of the theatre. She was Resident Director of The Market Theatre from 1996 to 1998 and Associate Artistic Director from 1998 to 2000. In 2004, she won the Rolex International Theatre award and worked in London with director Sir Peter Hall for a year. She has won many awards, including the Fleur du Cap Award for Outstanding Young Director (1992), National Vita Award (shared with Athol Fugard) for Best Director (1994), Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Award (1995) and Fleur du Cap Award for Best New South African Play for "Tshepang" (2003) and Naledi Awards for Best New Play and Best New Production for "Karoo Moose" (2007).

Newton (L.) TSHEPANG, the third restament
56pp., paperback, Reprint, London, ((2005) 2011. R295
A play inspired by the rape in 2001 of a nine month-old baby, Tshepang.

Lara Foot Newton was born and grew up in Pretoria. In 2005 she relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town to take up the position of Resident Director and Dramaturg at the Baxter Theatre. In 2010 she was appointed CEO and Director of the theatre. She was Resident Director of The Market Theatre from 1996 to 1998 and Associate Artistic Director from 1998 to 2000. In 2004, she won the Rolex International Theatre award and worked in London with director Sir Peter Hall for a year. She has won many awards, including the Fleur du Cap Award for Outstanding Young Director (1992), National Vita Award (shared with Athol Fugard) for Best Director (1994), Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Award (1995) and Fleur du Cap Award for Best New South African Play for "Tshepang" (2003) and Naledi Awards for Best New Play and Best New Production for "Karoo Moose" (2007).
Nkala (J.K.) COCKROACH, a trilogy of plays, The Bicycle Thief, Faith in Love, The Crossing
90 pp., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (2011) 2014. R120
Actor, playwright and comedian Jonathan Khumbulani Nkala arrived in South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2002. As an illegal immigrant he lived on the streets, worked as a gardener, handyman and vendor, and later sold wire and beadwork in Cape Town. In 2006 he met Bo Petersen and together they created these three plays.

"The Crossing" and "The Bicycle Thief" were originally published in 2009.
Noko (P.) FRUIT,
40pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R130
A play about a young girl who uses an indigenous game to tell her story of growing up in Diepkloof, Soweto.

This playscript won the 2015 Baxter Zabalaza Theatre Festival.

Playwright, director and actor Paul Noko was born in 1982 in Diepkloof.
Nzuza (T.) & Tsimakwane (K.) BOY NTULIKAZI,
56pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R180
A play about a patient in an awaiting-trial observation case. Winner of the 2017 Baxter Zabalaza Theatre Festival.
134pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2017. R180
Two Afrikaans plays about family, relationships, memories and forgiveness.

Actor and playwright Wessel Pretorius is also the author of "Ont-", "Waterpas" (2014 KKNK Kanna for Best Comedy), "Slaaf" and "Frats". "Ont'" was translated into English as "Undone", and won the Standard Bank Golden Ovation Award.
Pretorius (W.) DIE ONTELBARE 48, stories uit Wakkerfontien
54pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2019. R180
A one-man play set in a small rural village in the Lowveld. Forty-eight villagers gather in the school hall to watch The Sound of Music. In their midst is a killer with a cunning plan.

"Dit is duidelik dat ons hier 'n baie sterk nuwe stem in die Afrikaanse dramawêreld het." Marisa Keuris, Literator

"Daar is baie humor in die teks, maar dis geen grappige werk nie. Die stuk is warm, menslik en slim. Maar uiteeindelik eerde onstellend en snaaks." Naomi Meyer, LitNet

Wessel Pretorius won the 2015 Afrikaans Onbeperk Prize for a young voice. He has received four Fiesta Awards and the Word Trophy for Best Drama Production for his solo piece Ont. Translated into English by Hennie van Greunen as Undone, the play toured the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Afrovibes in the Netherlands, the Wiener Festwochen in Vienna, and the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown where it received the Standard Bank Ovation Gold. His other plays include Waterpas (KKNK Kanna for best comedy), Die dag is Bros (ATKV-Woordveertjie for Best Drama) and Sê My Naam Soos 'n Starbucks-knaap.
Rademeyer (P.) ASHES,
57pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R180
A play about a young gay man, inspired by three brutal attacks on gay men in the Western and Northern Cape in 2014.

Philip Rademeyer was born in Johannesburg and lives in Cape Town. He c-founded the Cape Towm-based theatre collective, Rust Co-Operartive, with Penelope Youngleson in 2012. He is also the author of the play "The View", which won the Oscar Wilde Award for Best New Writing and Doric Wilson Intercultural Dialogue Award at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in 2013, and "Siembamba", which won a Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award at the 2014 National Arts Festival. "Ashes" won a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the 2015 National Arts Festival.
Rademeyer (P.) THE VIEW,
60 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R190
A play set in a future when earth is ruined and all homosexual people have been shipped off into space.

"What 'The View" gets right, to devastating effect, is in how the ultimate effect of prejudice is isolation, not only for the victims but for the perpetrators too. It is the story of the total destruction of our social existence" David Fick, Broadway World

Playwright and director Philip Rademeyer co-founded the Cape Town-based theatre collective, Rust Co-Operative, with Penelope Youngleson in 2012. He won the Oscar Wilde Award for Best New Writing for "The View" at the 2013 Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, where the play also won the Doric Wilson Intercultural Dialogue Award.
Rademeyer (P.) & Youngleson (P.) SIEMBAMBA,
58pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R190
A play that explores the relationship between a black domestic worker and the white child she raised in South Africa in the 1980s.

Text in English.

Writer, director and designer Philip Rademeyer is co-founder of the theatre-collective, Rust Co-Operative. His other plays include "The View" and "The Graveyard".
Penelope Youngleson is a theatre maker, writer, designer and educator and was a co-founder of Rust Co-Operative. She has written, co-writen, directed and designed seven plays for Rust Co-Operative, including "Expectant", and "Sillage".
62pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R180
A play that draws loosely on the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone to explore the inevitability of a young girl's journey into the unknown and the bonds that connect mothers and daughters to each other.

"In Reznek's vision, time turns daughter into mother and goddess into crone, each a new country, distant to each other then near again. The characters dream each other before they exist, imprison each other in their longing, escape each other and ache again to be close...a master work of drama." Gabeba Baderoon

Actress, director and teacher Jennie Reznek is a founder member of Magnet Theatre in Cape Town, where she runs most of the youth development and performance programme together with co-artistic directors Mark Fleishman and Mandla Mbothwe. She is the creator of the physical theatre pieces The show's not over til the fat lady sings and Every year every day I am walking.
Reznek (J.), Fleishman (M.), Yisa (F.) & Marek (F.) comps. THE MAGNET THEATRE "MIGRATION" PLAYS,
184 pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2012. R215
Magnet Theatre is a South African physical theatre company that has been operating for the past twenty-five years. In these four plays, "Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking", "ingcwaba lendoda lise cankwe ndlela", "Die Vreemdeling" and "Inxeba Lomphilisi", Magnet Theatre uses performance to explore the theme of migration.
Rusi (A.) ISYSTEM,
77 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R120
A play about two policemen who find themselves on the wrong side of a murder investigation.

Anele Rusi was born in King Williams Town in 1983. He lives in Cape Town.
Sindaphi (L.) KUDU,
64pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R210
A play set in 2030 about the Khoi/Coloured descendants of the community once ruled by the Khoi chief Ndoda, who come to reclaim the land taken from them by the amaXhosa.
Slabolepsky (P.) SUDDENLY THE STORM,
96pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2017. R175
Foreword by Bobby Heaney.

A play about a white working-class couple and a long-buried secret that is finally exposed.

Paul Slabolepsky has written more than 31 plays as well as radio, television and film scripts. His plays include "Saturday Night at the Palace", "Mooi Street Moves", "Pale Natives", Heel Against the Head" and "Making Like America".
Small (A.) MARIA, moeder van God, 'n passiespel
71pp., paperback, Cape Town , 2015. R145
An passion play by Adam Small about Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Afrikaans.

South African playwright and poet Adam Small was born in Wellington in the Western Cape on 21 December 1936. He was awarded the Hertzog Prize in 2012. His latest anthology of poetry, "Klawerjas", was published in 2013.
Smith (K.) MOB FEEL, adapted from Can Themba's short story "Mob Passion"
36pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R106
This play about prejudice and 'mob justice' received the awards for Best Writer and Best Director at the 2012 National Arts Festival Student Theatre Programme and the award for Best Fringe Production at the 2013 Musho! International Theatre Festival.

Kline Smith was born in Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal. He runs the Stories for Change theatre project with homeless youths in Pietermaritzburg.
Steyn (M.) BOS,
78pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2019. R175
An Afrikaans play about a group of teenagers on a survival camp in the bush under the supervision of a paramilitary instructor.

The play was performed at the KKNK in 2012, directed by Marthinus Basson and Stian Bam.

Playwright Malan Steyn (b.1974)is the author of Johnny is nie dood nie. He is a part-time lecturer in the Department of Drama at the University of Stellenbosch.
64 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R160
A play about the Geduld family who bury their grandmother under stones in the Karoo, as is the custom amongst the "karretjiemense". Her death marks the end of a way of life. This is Athol Fugard's first play in Afrikaans, based on Riana Steyn's research.

The "Karretjiemense" (Donkey Cart People), are direct descendants of the San, the earliest inhabitants of the Karoo interior. Itinerant sheep-shearers, this marginalised community roam the Karoo in their donkey carts in search of work, sleeping over on the roadside in make-shift overnight shelters.

This play premiered in the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town in 2012.
Taylor (J.) UBU AND THE TRUTH COMMISSION, from the production by William Kentridge and The Handspring Puppet Company
73 pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (1998) 2007. R255
Includes the full playscript and a writer's note by Jane Taylor, a director's note by William Kentridge and a puppeteers' note by Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler as well as a selection of photographs of the production, drawings for animation and archival images.

120pp., paperback, (Johannesburg), 2019. R230
Two plays by Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala.

Khongolose Khommanding Khomissars was first performed at the Market Theatre Laboratory in 2017. The Daddies of Sugar is a series of monologues from the sketch Secret Ballot. Secret Ballot was first performed at the Joburg Theatre in 2014. It has also been staged at The State Theatre, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, 969 Wits Downstairs and The Artscape.

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg-based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts.
84 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R260
A play that explores generational differences set in Guguletu, a township outside Cape Town.

Sinethemba Twani founded the Gumba Squared community theatre group in 2009, and since then has worked with various community arts projects. This play was given a full-production season as part of the Spring Drama Season at the Artscape Arena, Cape Town, in 2011.
102pp., paperback, Darling, 2015. R165
A new play by satirist Pieter-Dirk Uys.

"The setting of this play is Ubuntu, the home of His Excellency Comrade Dr MZ Nkonsi, a South African statesman...The time is the future in democratic South Africa" pg. 7
Uys (P-D.) MACBEKI, a farce to be reckoned with
88 pp., paperback, Darling, 2009. R88
In his new comedy satirist Pieter Dirk-Uys has taken his inspiration from William Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth", replacing the Macbeths with MacBeki and Lady Manta. Other characters include MacZum and MacTrev.

"'MacBeki' uses Shakepearean references, urban legends, rumour and poetic licence in a sweeping Machiavellian ('MacBekivellian' to Uys) narrative about the lust for power and the ruin it brings to the protagonist." Percy Zvomuya, Mail & Guardian"
Uys (P-D.) STUKKE TEATER, "Selle Ou Storie", "Karnaval", "Die Van Aardes van Grootoor", "Panorama", "Die Vleiroos"
413pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R350
A collection of five stage plays by satirist Pieter Dirk-Uys, first produced in 1974, 1987 and 1992.
103 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2012. R135
A play about the tensions between Jew, Muslim and Christian in contemporary South Africa by Mike van Graan. This play was first staged at the Market Theatre in 2009, directed by Greg Homann and won the 2010 Naledi Award for the best South African play produced.

"This work is so relevant to the society in which and for which it was created that it is likely to have a life way beyond this production. It should be compulsory viewing (or at least reading) for every young South African, and, it will make an excellent set work for contemporary social studies." Moira de Swardt, Artslink

Mike van Graan was born in 1959 in Cape Town, where he lives. From 1988-1991 he was the Theatre Coordinator of the Community Arts Project (CAP) and, subsequently, its Director. He has also held the positions of General Secretary of the National Arts Coalition, Director of the Bartel Arts Trust (BAT) in Durban, and Special Adviser on arts and culture to the Minister of Arts, Science and Technology. In 1996 he launched Article 27 Arts and Culture Consultants. His other plays include "The Dogs Must be Crazy", "Bafana Republic" and "Elusive Spring".

"One of the few practicing contemporary South African playwrights able to construct morally complex and dramatically layered scripts dealing with highly controversial socio-political topics." Brent Meersman, Mail & Guardian
van Graan (M.) IAGO'S LAST DANCE, a trilogy of plays
126pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R245
These three short plays - "Heartbreak Medea", "Iago's Last Dance" and "Valiant Spartacus" - all explore the theme of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Mike van Graan was born in 1949 in Cape Town. He has served in leadership capacities in various non-government organisations. After South Africa's first democratic elections he was appointed as a special advisor on arts and culture to the new Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology. He writes a weekly arts column for the Mail & Guardian.
van Graan (M.) RAINBOW SCARS,
81 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2013. R250
A play that explores identity and inter-racial relationships in contemporary South Africa. This play was first performed at Artscape Theatre in Cape Town in 2013.

Mike van Graan was born in 1959 in Cape Town, where he lives. From 1988-1991 he was the Theatre Coordinator of the Community Arts Project (CAP) and, subsequently, its Director. He has also held the positions of General Secretary of the National Arts Coalition, Director of the Bartel Arts Trust (BAT) in Durban, and Special Adviser on arts and culture to the Minister of Arts, Science and Technology. In 1996 he launched Article 27 Arts and Culture Consultants. His other plays include "The Dogs Must be Crazy", "Bafana Republic", "Elusive Spring" and "Brothers in Blood".

"One of the few practicing contemporary South African playwrights able to construct morally complex and dramatically layered scripts dealing with highly controversial socio-political topics." Brent Meersman, Mail & Guardian
wa Noni (T. M.) SAINTHOOD,
76pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R245
A play about teenage boys struggling with issues around identity, sexuality, race and academics at a private all-boys school in South Africa.

"I rate Sainthood one of my top picks of 2018 - a powerful and acutely observed piece of new writing, coupled with superlative staging, infused with physically charged performances." Robyn Cohen, theatre critic, Weekend Argus

Sainthood is playwright and director Tiisetso Mashifane wa Noni's debut play. It was awarded a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the 2018 National Arts Festival.
Zakwe (S.) et al BOTSOTSO 20, the dramas of life
232pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R140
This anthology of new South African plays includes:
Isithunzi by Sipho Zakwe
Sleeping Dogs by Simphiwe Vikilahle
The Good Candidate by Hans Pienaar
Shoes and Coups by Palesa Mazamisa
Book Marks by Allan Horwitz
The Couch by Sjaka Septembir
Iziyalo Zikamama by Botsotso Ensemble
Finding Me by Moeketsi Kgotle