New Arrivals 14th to 20th of November 2014

Duncan (J.) THE RISE OF THE SECUROCRATS, the case of South Africa
332 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R265
Jane Duncan examines the extent to which government decision-making in South Africa is dominated by a group of securocrats in the police, intelligence services and the military. She also evaluates the effect of journalism on the activities of this group of securocrats, and the impact of the security cluster on activism and protest action.

Jane Duncan is Professor in the Department of Journalism, Film and Television at the University of Johannesburg.
Fitzpatrick (M.) DIE STAAT VS. OSCAR, 9 uur, 4 skote, 1 raaiseldood
248 pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R200
Marida Fitzpatrick's account of the murder of Reeve Steenkamp and the most dramatic moments of Oscar Pistorius' trial.

"Aangrypend, boeiend en pynlik akkuraat. Dis Fitzpatrick op haar beste - as verhalende joernalis en bedrewe woordsmid." Riaan Cruywagen

Journalist Marida Fitzpatrick works for the Afrikaans newspaper, Beeld. She has also written two novels, "Eksklusief uit Eden" and "Iemand vir 'n Scoop".
Francis (S.) & Rico SEND IN THE CLOWNS,
136 pp., oblong 4to., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R160
The 2014 collection of "Madam & Eve" cartoon strips published in numerous South African newspapers.
Friedman (H.) DEAD COWS FOR PIRANHAS, a perilous journey inside the South African drug trade
298 pp., colour ills., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R210
Journalist Hazel Friedman investigates South Africa's connection to the transnational drug trade and concludes that many drug traffickers are used as decoys, set up to be arrested so that professional mules can get through undetected.
Hain (P.) AD & WAL, values, duty, sacrifice in apartheid South Africa
355 pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., London, 2014. R465
Peter Hain, leader of the Anti-apartheid Movement in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s, writes about his parents, Adelaine and Walter, and the role they played in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, before being forced into exile in 1966.
Jijana (T.) NOBODY'S BUSINESS, a taxi owner, a murder, and a secret, a memoir
180 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R225
In 2003, Thabo Jijana's father was killed in a fight between rival taxi associations. Ten years later, he investigates South Africa's taxi industry to try and understand why his father was murdered.
Joffe (J.) THE STATE VS. NELSON MANDELA, the trial that changed South Africa
288 pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, London, (2007) 2014. R225
Reprint of Joel Joffe's account of the 1963-1964 Rivonia Trial. Ten members of the high command of Umkhonto we Sisiwe, the armed wing of the ANC, together with the already imprisoned Nelson Mandela, were charged with conspiring to overthrow the apartheid government by violent revolution. Joel Joffe was their defence attorney.

Foreword by Nelson Mandela. New foreword by Denis Goldberg.

This book was originally published in 1995 by Mayibuye Books as "The Rivonia Story".

"Everyone interested in Nelson Mandela and South Africa's transition to democracy should read this book." Arthur Chaskalson, former Chief Justice of South Africa

`'A hard-hitting and compulsively readable account of one of the great state trials of the 20th century." Sir Sydney Kentridge, former Acting Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa
Langner (D.) & Raath (A.) eds. DIE AFRIKANERREBELLIE, 1914-1915
302 pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., Pretoria, 2014. R580
A history of the Afrikaner Rebellion of 1914-1915.

When the First World War broke out in August 1914, the British Government called upon the dominions in the British Empire to come to its assistance. At the beginning of the First World War, the South African Prime Minister, General Louis Botha declared his government’s support for the defence of the British Empire. When the Union government was asked by the British Government to send an army to conquer German-South West Africa a number of high profile Afrikaner figures such as General Koos de la Rey, General Christiaan de Wet, Major J.C. Kemp, Commandant-General C.F. Beyers and Lieutenant-Colonel Manie Maritz opposed the invasion. The leaders of the rebellion decided that de Wet and Beyers would lead the rebels in the OFS and Transvaal and Prime Minister Botha postponed the invasion of SWA to concentrate on putting down the rebellion. The rebels were defeated.

D.J.Langner is Managing Director of the Federation of Afrikaner Cultural Organisations (FAK).
A.W.G.Raath is a research associate in the Department of History at the University of the Free State.
Newling (D.) BITTER DAWN, a search for the truth about the murder of Anni Dewani
278 pp., colour illus., map, paperback, Johannesburg, 2014. R220
British freelance journalist Dan Newling investigates the murder of Anni Dewani in a township hijacking in November 2010. He also examines the police investigation, and South Africa's criminal justice system in general. Anni's husband, Shrien Dewani, is charged with arranging the murder.

Dan Newling moved to South Africa in 2010. He lives in Cape Town.
Paige (H.) A GIRL WALKS INTO A BLIND DATE, your fantasy, your rules
341 pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2014. R115
First published in the UK in 2014.

Another "choose-your-own-erotic-destiny" novel from Helena S. Paige, author of "A Girl Walks into a Bar" and "A Girl Walks into a Wedding".

Helena S.Paige is the pseudonym of three friends, Paige Nick, Helen Moffett and Sarah Lotz.
Patterson (G.) MY LION'S HEART, a life for the lions of Africa
319 pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback , Johannesburg, 2014. R265
An autobiography by environmentalist and independent wildlife researcher Gareth Patterson. The book covers his childhood in West and East Africa, the time he spent studying a threatened lion population in a reserve in Botswana, his work with George Adamson and the relocation of three of George's orphaned lions to the Tuli bushland in Botswana, as well as the part he played in exposing the canned lion industry in South Africa.
381 pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2014. R222
An Afrikaans thriller set in the Western Cape about a police hunt for a killer who is murdering teenage girls.

"Hierdie skrywer verstaan boosheid en broosheid. Ek is werklik beïndruk." Jeanette Ferreira
van Staden (P.) KRAKE,
253 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R210
An Afrikaans thriller about a freelance forensics expert investigating a case of financial mismanagement.

Peet van Staden was a journalist for forty years. For twenty-seven years he worked as a senior staffer at SABCTV News. He retired in 2012.
Walsh (T.) MAMPARA, Rhodesia Regiment moments of mayhem by a moronic, maybe militant, madman
246 pp., illus., maps, paperback, Durban, 2014. R250
Toc Walsh's account of his experiences with Depot Rhodesia Regiment and 10th Battalion Rhodesia Regiment in the 1970s.

Toc Walsh was born in Rhodesia in 1956. He moved to South Africa in 1981.
Wotshela (L.) WISEMAN NKUHLU, a life of purpose
254 pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg & Alice, 2014. R260
A biography of Wiseman Nkuhlu.

Wiseman Lumkile Nkuhlu was born in 1944 at Cala in the Eastern Cape. In 1963, his matric year, Nkuhlu was expelled from Lovedale College, arrested and imprisoned on Robben Island under the Suppression of Communism Act. After his release in 1964 he worked on the gold mines in the Orange Free State before going to the University of Fort Hare. He went on to become the first black person to qualify as a chartered accountant in South Africa. While working as an auditor he also taught at the University of Fort Hare. In 1983 he was appointed Vice-Principal of the university and in 1987 became Vice-Chancellor. In 2000 he was appointed Economic Advisor to President Thabo Mbeki, for him the highlight of his career.

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