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378pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (2014) 2015. R240
In this dictionary words are listed alphabetically in English, with a simple clarification and translations in each of the eleven official South African languages. Also contains basic phrases and an alphabetical index for each language.
Adam (H.) & Moodley (K.) IMAGINED LIBERATION, xenophobia, citizenship and identity in South Africa, Germany and Canada
275pp., paperback, Second Edition, Stellenbosch, 2015. R375
Publsihed in the USA in 2015.

A comparative study of the problem of xenophobia.
Includes speech given in 2014 by Breyten Breytenbach at the launch of the book.

"This is an excellent comparative study of the global problem of xenophobia with post-apartheid South Africa taking centre is entirely appropriate that xenophobia is examined as a vital social indicator of the progress beyond liberation to a truly open and democratic society." John de Gruchy, University of Cape Town

"Gives a critical, insightful, anguished, and yet unjaundiced and remarkably accurate, objective and realistic assessment of SA's and the ANC's decline into massive corruption, inefficiency, police brutality, and moral bankruptcy." Pierre van den Berghe, Univerdity of Washington, Seattle

Heribert Adam is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.
Kogila Moodley is Professor Emerita in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia.
Bitzer (V.), Hamann (R.), Hall (M.) & Griffin-EL (E.) (eds.) THE BUSINESS OF SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION, new frontiers in Africa
235pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2015. R265
A collection of essays on the role of business in developing innovative responses to complex social and environmental problems in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contributions include:
"Social and Environmental Enterprises in Africa: context, convergence and characteristics" by David Littlewood and Diane Holt
"The Evolution of a Sustainability Leader: the development of strategic and boundary spanning organizational innovation capabilities in Woolworths" by Nadine Methner, Ralph Hamann and Warren Nilsson
"From Concord to Conflict: a conceptual analysis of a partnership for social innovation" by Rob Moore
"Against Inequality: towards a curriculum for social and environmental innovation" by Martin Hall.

Verena Bitzer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.
Ralph Hamann is Professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.
Martin Hall is Vice-Chancellor of the University of Salford.
Eliada Wosu Griffin-EL is a senior lecturer at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.
Coetzee (R.) A FEAST FROM NATURE, !garob=un, food culture of the first humans on planet earth
232pp., oblong 4to., b/w & colour illus., hardback, Hermanus, 2015. R575
Renate Coetzee documents what the San hunter-gatherers and the Khoi-Khoin pastoral herders ate and how they prepared what they ate.

Preface by Himla Soodyall. Foreword by Mark Solms.

First South African publication printed on stone paper, made from construction waste and/or stone, without using water or cellulose.

Renate Coetzee is also the author of "South African Culinary Tradition", "Funa, food from Africa", and "Kukumakranka - Khoi-Khoin culture, customs and creative cooking".
Joubert (E.) A LION ON THE LANDING, memories of a South African youth
401pp., paperback, First English Language Edition, Hermanus, 2014. R280
Originally published in 2005 in Afrikaans as "'n Wonderlike Geweld". Translated into English by Irene Wainwright.

An autobiography by Afrikaans writer Elsa Joubert, in which she writes about growing up in the staunch Afrikaner community of Paarl in the Western Cape.

Elsa Joubert was born in 1922. In 1963 her first novel, "Ons wag op die kaptein", was awarded the Eugène Marais prize. "Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena" (The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena) was awarded the WA Hofmeyer, CNA and Louis Luyt prizes. Her novel, "Die reise van Isobelle" (1995), was awarded the Hertzog Prize, and "Reisiger" (2011) won the University of Johannesburg Literary Prize, the Recht Malan Prize and the Louis Hiemstra Prize.
Joubert (M.) BLADSPIEËL,
110pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R175
Bladspieël is Marlise Joubert’s eighth collection of Afrikaans poetry.

Marlise Joubert was born in Limpopo and grew up in Warmbad (Bela Bela). She lives in Stellenbosch and is the webmaster of
Limpbricht (C.) ed. REHOBOTH, Namibia, past & present
504pp., b/w & colour illus., maps, paperback, Hamburg & Windhoek, 2012. R520
A collection of essays on the Baster community of Rehoboth.

Contributions include:
"Baster Territories in the Northern Cape (South Africa) and Great Namaqualand (Namibia) - acquisition of land, landownership, loss of land"; "Families and Farms - 'mixed' marriages in Rehoboth during German colonial times"; "Rehoboth's Interim Phase: politics, churches and struggle for independence, 1915-1976-1990" and "The Rehoboth Self-Government Act 56/1976 - effects and consequences to the present day" by Cornelia Limpbricht
"Rangeland Ecology in the Rehoboth Area" by Dirk Wesuls
"The Rehoboth Area - considerations for veld management strategies" by Ibo Zimmermann.
Malan (R.) MY TRAITOR'S HEART, blood and bad dreams: a South African explores the madness in his country, his tribe and himself
519pp., paperback, Reprint, London, (1990) 2015. R230
A reprint of writer and journalist Rian Malan's memoir, with a new introduction by the author.

"A tragic masterpiece and a classic of our time" Time Out

"The remorseless exercise of a reporter's anguished conscience gives us a South Africa we thought we knew all about: but we knew nothing." John Le Carré

Rian Malan was born in 1954. In the 1970s he went to work as a crime reporter on a Johannesburg daily, and encountered the poverty, injustice and violence caused by apartheid. In 1977 he fled to the USA to avoid military service. On his return in the late 1980s he wrote this book. Rian Malan is also the author of "Resident Alien", a collection of his articles and essays. He lives in Johannesburg.
Moolman (K.) A BOOK OF ROOMS,
98pp., paperback, Grahamstown, 2014. R120
A new collection of poems by Kobus Moolman. Kobus Moolman has published six previous collections of poetry and several plays. He has been awarded the Ingrid Jonker prize, the DALRO poetry prize, the South African Literary Award, the PANSA award, and the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry award. He teaches creative writing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Oliphant (A.) et al NATION FORMATION AND SOCIAL COHESION, an enquiry into the hopes and aspirations of South Africans
241pp., paperback, Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA), Johannesburg, 2014. R250
This book examines the theoretical suppositions of nation formation and social cohesion and links these theories to actual practices in four provinces in South Africa.
Onyeani (C.) ROAR OF THE AFRICAN LION, the memorable, controversial speeches and essays of Chika Onyeani
166pp., paperback, New York & Johannesburg, 2015. R175
A new collection of speeches, articles and other writings by Chika Onyeani, the author of "Capitalist Nigger: the road to success, a spider-web doctrine ".

Journalist and former diplomat Chika Onyeani is publisher and editor-in-chief of African Sun Times, the only weekly African newspaper distributed nationwide in the USA. He was born in 1943 in Nigeria and currently lives in New Jersey.
Sideris (N.) TASHAS,
299pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Johannesburg, 2015. R400
Natasha Sideris is the creator of the Tashas chain of restaurants in South Africa. In this cookbook she shares some of her favourite recipes.
Uys (I.) BUSHMEN SOLDIERS, the history of 31, 201, & 203 Battalions during the Border War 1974-90
344pp., illus., paperback, Reprint, Durban, (1993) 2015. R350
Reprint of Ian Uys' book on the contribution Bushman soldiers made in the Border War as trackers, guides, conventional soldiers, parachutists and recces.
Vahed (G.) & Bhana (S.) CROSSING SPACE AND TIME IN THE INDIAN OCEAN, early Indian traders in Natal, a biographical study
275pp., illus., maps, paperback, Pretoria, 2015. R300
This book traces the origins, migration, and settlement of over 200 of Natal's Indian traders from India, Mauritius, and East and southern Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Surendra Bhana is Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas.
Goolam Vahed is Associate Professor in the Department of History, University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Woodward (W.) A SAVING BANNISTER, poems
59pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R150
Wendy Woodward's third volume of poetry. Her first two collections are “Sèance for the Body” and “Love, Hate and Other Animals”.

Wendy Woodward teaches Southern African Literature, Animal Studies and Creative Writing in the English Department at the University of the Western Cape.

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