New Arrivals 31st to 6th of November 2015

Brodie (N.) THE CAPE TOWN BOOK, a guide to the city's history, people and places
328pp., b/w & colour illus., maps, paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R450
This guide to Cape Town includes chapters on the Cape of Good Hope, Group Areas and forced removals in Cape Town, Robben Island, Table Valley and the City Bowl, the harbour and docklands, the Atlantic seaboard, False Bay, the Northern suburbs and the Cape Flats.
416pp., map, illus., paperback, Reprint, Pretoria, (1955) 2015. R275
A reprint of T.V. Bulpin's history of the Transvaal from 1884 to 1900.

T.V. Bulpin (1918-1999) is the author of "The Ivory Trail", "Lost Trails in the Lowveld", "The Hunter is Death" and "Natal and the Zulu Country".
Case (M.) PAPWA, golf's lost legend
265pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R265
In 1963 Sewsunker "Papwa" Sewgolum, a former caddie, won the Dutch Open. He won the Natal Open in 1964. In 1965 he won the Natal Open a second time, beating Gary Player. He became a symbol for the sports boycott movement when photographs of him receiving the trophy outside in the rain while the white patrons sat inside the clubhouse were circulated around the world. In 1966 the government banned Sewgolum from all local tournaments. They also withdrew his passport, preventing him from playing abroad and, in effect, from making a living. Sewgolum died impoverished in 1978 from a heart attack.
335pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R215
A collection of facts and figures on Africa covering food, security, healthcare, shelter and basic amenities, employment and income, education, gender parity and access to economic activity.

Max Coleman headed the Detainees Parents Support Committee, served as an ANC MP in the National Assembly, and was appointed to serve on the South African Human Rights Commission. He is the author of "A Crime Against Humanity, analysing the repression of the apartheid state."
Hichens (J.) ed. INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, stories that move you
255pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R190
The stories in this collection were selected from submissions to the third Short.Sharp.Stories project. This anthology is produced in conjunction with the National Arts Festival. The 2015 judging panel consisted of Ken Barris, Henrietta Rose-Innes and Makhosazana Xaba. Foreword by Sindiwe Magona.
Lewin (H.) text & Kopper (L.) illus. JAFTA,
22pp., oblong 4to., illus., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (1981) 2015. R95
The first in a series of books for young children about a black boy living in an African village. Other titles in the series are "Jafta's Father", "Jafta's Mother", "The Homecoming", "The Journey", "The Town" and "The Wedding". This series of books was originally published in 1981. Hugh Lewin wrote them while in exile - he left South Africa on a "permanent departure permit" in 1971, after having served a seven-year jail sentence. The stories describe Jafta's experiences of growing up without his father, his love for his mother, and the celebration of Jafta’s father’s homecoming.

After spending twenty years in exile, first in London and then in Zimbabwe, he returned to South Africa in 1992 and became director of the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in Johannesburg. He is the author of "Bandiet Out of Jail", winner of the 2003 Olive Schreiner Prize, and "Stones against the Mirror", winner of the 2011 Sunday Times Alan Paton Award.
Lisa Kopper is a published author and an illustrator of children’s and young adults’ books.
Nyoka (M.) DELIBERATE CONCEALMENT, an insider's account of Cricket South Africa and the IPL bonus saga
299pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R250
Mtutuzeli Nyoka served as President of Cricket South Africa (CSA) from 2008 until October 2011 when, after a long battle with the CSA board, he was dismissed. He continued to call for a commission of inquiry into irregularities in CSA. In 2012 an investigation into CSA found that while serving as CEO of CSA Gerald Majola had negotiated large bonuses for himself and other CSA staff without the authority of the CSA board.

"During his tenure as president of Cricket South Africa Mtutuzeli Nyoka fought almost alone to expose corruption and improve corporate governance within the higher echelons of South African cricket...For this, the cricket community of South Africa owe him a great deal of gratitude" Dr Ali Bacher

"'Deliberate Concealment' is an extraordinary tale of corruption and the thirst for power in a sporting organisation, betraying and shattering a lifelong friendship, and of the revealed triumph of honesty and justice over maladministration and bad governance." Sir Julian R.Hunte

"This is an extraordinary story of one man's courage and determination to seek the truth and make sure it saw the light of day." Giles Clarke, President of the England and Wales Cricket Board

Mtutuzeli Nyoka is also the author of the novels "I Speak to the Silent" and "A Hill of Fools". He lives in Johannesburg where he practrices as an ear, nose and throat surgeon.
Parow (J.) & Engelbrecht (T.) JACK PAROW, die ou met die snor in die bar
240pp., b.w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R200
Autobiography by Afrikaner rapper Zander Tyler aka Jack Parow.
Potgieter (D.) GRUESOME, the crimes and criminals that shook South Africa
218pp., b/w & colour paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R220
Journalist De Wet Potgieter revisits a number of murder cases, including the Boipatong and Strijdom Square massacres and the atrocities carried out by C10, the South African police counter-insurgency unit, better known as the Vlakplaas unit.
Shaw (J.) MY MEMOIRS OF THE BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA POLICE, 1966-1981, and a colonial upbringing in Northern Rhodesia
264pp, illus., paperback, Solihull & Durban, 2015. R250
John Shaw was born in 1947 in Livingstone and grew up in various towns in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) where his father was a member of the Northern Rhodesia Police. The family moved to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1964 and in 1966 John joined the British South Africa Police. He retired in August 1981 as a superintendent. In this memoir he discusses the lifesyle of a district policeman and encounters with ZANLA fighters during the Bush War.
368pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2014. R225
The Afrikaans translation of Wilber Smith's novel, "When the Lion feeds", first published in 1964.
Steyn (R.) JAN SMUTS, unafraid of greatness
278pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R250
A re-examination of the life and thoughts of Jan Smuts. The book also draws a parallel between Smuts and President Thabo Mbeki.

"A revealing new study of one of South Africa's most celebrated, brilliant yet enigmatic figures" Tim Couzens

Journalist and writer Richard Steyn Edited the Natal Witness and was editor in chief of The Star. He was also a Nieman fellow at Harvard University.
157pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R220
A novel about a Xhosa royal family set in Alice and Port Elizabeth.

Multimedia artist Nakhane Touré is was born in Alice, grew up in Port Elizabeth and now lives in Johannesburg. His album, "Brave Confusion", won a South African Music Award for Best Alternative Album. This is his first novel.
387pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R295
An "up-to-date compilation of contact details for politicians and government officials responsible for Arts and Culture; national, provincial and local public sector Arts and Culture funding agencies, as well as private sector funding agencies; international agencies active in the Arts and Culture sector in South Africa; Arts Media; Educational Institutions specialising in Arts and Culture; Awards and Competitions; Arts Festivals, Conferences and Events [and] contact details for important agencies working in Arts Management and Cultural Policy, Craft, Creative Industries, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Heritage, Music, Theatre, Visual Art, Cultural Tourism and Civil Society." from the back cover

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