New Arrivals 5th to 11th of December 2015

Branch (A.) & Mampilly (Z.) AFRICA UPRISING, popular protest and political change
251pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2015. R280
First published in the UK in 2015.

An assessment of popular activism in contemporary Africa, situated in its historical and regional contexts.

"Increasingly interconnected and better informed than ever, Africa's peoples are more and more ready to go onto the streets in defence of their rights. Branch and Mampilly skillfully show how African politics is changing and how the collective agency of the ordinary citizen is something that will progressively shape political culture and practice across the continent. A luta continua!" Ian Taylor, University of St Andrews

"This accessible account of popular demands for an end to poverty challenges conventional narratives about democratization, economic development and a rising middle class. Recommended." Michael Bratton, Michigan State University

Adam Branch is Associate Professor of Political Science at San Diego State University.
Zachariah Mampilly is Director of the Programme in Africana Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Vassar College.
Brown (J.) THE SECRET SOCIETY, Cecil John Rhodes's plan for a new world order
386pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., Cape Town, 2015. R250
Robin Brown traces the emergence of Cecil John Rhodes's vision, the secret society he formed with the aim of establishing a new world order, and how this vision lived on under the leadership of his executor, Lord Alfred Milner.

Foreword by Jeremy Catto, former Rhodes Fellow and tutor in Modern History, Oriel College, Oxford University.
196pp., map, paperback, Johannesburg, 2015. R275
Journalist Ferial Haffajee discusses race issues in South Africa.

Ferial Haffajee is editor-in-chief at City Press and former editor of the Mail & Guardian. She is also on the boards of the International Women’s Media Foundation, the World Editors Forum, the International Press Institute and the Inter Press Service. She lives in Johannesburg.
Krummeck (P.) iVIRGIN BOY,
94pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R285
A play about a 17-year-old boy kept in police holding cells overnight.

First published in the collection "S.A. Gay Plays 2" (2013). Thr play was first staged in 2005, this play was winner in the Drama category in the NLDTF/PANSA Festival of Contemporary Theatre Readings.

Actor, playwright, director, writer, and activist Peter Krummeck (1947-2013) is best known for his one-man play "Bonhoeffer". His theatre career in Cape Town spanned more than four decades and included a lectureship at the Drama Department at the University of Cape Town in 1974-6. A pioneer in the use of drama as a tool for reconciliation, he founded the company Compass Productions and the African Community Theatre Service (ACTS). Under Archbishop Desmond Tutu's mentorship he also worked as a lay-minister in the Anglican Church from the mid-1980s.
Matisonn (J.) GOD, SPIES AND LIES, finding South Africa's future through its past
448pp., illus., map, paperback, Cape Town, 2015. R305
Political journalist and foreign correspondent John Matisonn's view of present-day South Africa, based in part on discussions he had with important role players during the struggle against apartheid, including Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Thomas Sankara, John Vorster, PW Botha, Pik Botha, and many more. The book is also a history of South African newspapers and broadcasting that highlights the contribution made by black editors and journalists. It also includes a tribute to Charles Bloomberg, the investigative reporter on the Sunday Times who was a confidant of Nelson Mandela and who first exposed the operations of the Afrikaner Broederbond.

"'God, Spies and Lies" is a work of mammoth scope and importance. And while it is scholarly, it never reads as an academic work as Matisonn's engaging journalistic style keeps this sprawling, but never messy narrative firmly on course towards where we now find ourselves, carefully linking all the dots along the way. The author is careful to keep himself out of the narrative where it does not require him to be present. This is a work about history, but also of ideas, how these are circulated and controlled. It is one of the most significant books of our time" Marianne Thamm, Daily Maverick

"'God, Spies and Lies' is, above all, a personal journey through recent history from the perspective of journalism, providing an alternative historical narrative that, while often controversial, shows up the shallowness of so many dominant narratives." Terry Bell, Groundup

John Matisonn started out on the Rand Daily Mail, was the Washington correspondent for a number of South African newspapers, head of the SABC's election coverage in 1994, and a councillor on the newly-formed Independent Broadcast Authority (IBA). He co-founded the Public Broadcasting Initiative, and from 2002 to 2004 was editorial director of the South African edition of THISDAY newspaper. In 2005 he was sent by the United Nations to chair the Electoral Media Commission in Afghanistan, and worked in the country until 2010.
Mavimbela (V.) NO LULLABY FOR MY COUNTRY, and other poems
105pp., paperback, Durban, 2015. R130
A self-published collection of poems by Vusi Mavimbela.

"In this book of poems Vusi Mavimbela looks over the shoulder at the fruits of history: some not ripe yet, some so ripe, and yet others, so ripe and vulgar, and there are those that have fallen to the ground as wasted bitter fruit..." Mongane Wally Serote

Vusi Mavimbela is currently South Africa's Ambassador to Zimbabwe.
Paul (C.) OFFERLAM, deel 1 van die Offer-tweeluik
510pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2015. R250
This Afrikaans thriller is the first book in a diptych and will be followed by "Offerande".

"Spanning, romantiek en die geheimenis van onsienlike dinge is Chanette Paul se forte. In 'Offerlam' voer sy dit verder na magsug, hebsug en heersug wat tot in die derde geslag oorgedra word." Jeanette Ferreira
Williams (M.) & Satgar (V.) eds. MARXISMS IN THE 21ST CENTURY, crisis, critique & struggle
298pp., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2013) 2015. R385
A collection of essays that explore the ideas and ideology of Marxism as an evolving tradition.

Contributions include:
"Transnationalising Gramscian Marxism" by Vishwas Satgar
"Marxism and Feminism: 'unhappy marriage' or creative partnership?" by Jacklyn Cock and Meg Luxton
"Marx and the Eco-Logic of Fossil Capitalism" by Devan Pillay
"Socialism and Southern Africa" by John Saul
"Uneven and Combined Marxism Within South Africa's Urban Social Movements" by Patrick Bond, Ashwin Desai and Trevor Ngwane
"Critical Reflections on the Crisis and Limits of ANC 'Marxism'" by Mazibuko Jara.

Michelle Williams is Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Vishwas Satgar is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand.

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