New Arrivals 24th to 30th of January 2017

Brand (D.) LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE, a comparative study
158pp., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2016. R345
Dirk Brand assesses the governance model of local government finance by comparing and contrasting the South African model with the international experience.

Dirk Brand is Extraordinary Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University, an independent consultant in the fields of international relations, constitutional law and public governance, and an admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa.
Brodie (K.) & Borko (H.) eds. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES, in South African schools and teacher education programmes
218pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R350
"The chapters in this book offer a nuanced and detailed analysis of efforts to forge productive and supportive teacher community in a range of settings. The book makes a valuable contribution to a growing body of research and offers rich insights to inform practice." Judith Warren Little, University of California, Berkeley

Contributions include:
"Working Through the 'Hardness' of Teachers' Pedagogical Habitus: pedagogical learning among teachers in a professional learning community." by Jennifer Feldman and Aslam Fataar
"Facilitating Professional Learning Communities in Mathematics" by Karin Brodie
"Building Sustainable Professional Learning Communities: relational affordances" by Raymond Smith
The Importance of Identity on a Teacher Professional Learner Community" by Million Chauraya.

Hilda Borko is a professor in the Graduate School of Education, Stanford University.
Karin Brodie is a professor and Head of School in the School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand.
Cirolia (L.) et al eds. UPGRADING INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS IN SOUTH AFRICA, a partnership-based approach
497pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R550
A collection of essays the explore various aspects of participatory and incremental upgrading of informal settlements in South Africa.

Contributions include:
"Upgrading Informal Settlements in South Africa: an introduction" by Liza Rose Cirolia, Tristan Görgens, Mirjam van Donk, Warren Smit and Scott Drimie
"Informal Settlement Upgrading: international lessons and local challenges" by Warren Smit
"The 'other half' of the backlog: (re)considering the role of backyarding in South Africa" by David Gardner snd Margot Rubin
"Creating 'urban commons': towards a sustainable informal settlement upgrading paradigm in South Africa" by Walter Fieuw and Baraka Mwau
"Navigating Hostile Territory? Where participation and design converge in the upgrade debate" by Carin Combrink and Jhono Bennett
"Between a Shack and an RDP House: managed land settlement: by Ronald Eglin and Mike Kenyon.

Liza Rose Cirolia and Warren Smit are researchers at the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town.
Mirjam van Donk is Director of Isandla Institute.
Tristan Görgens is a policy analyst in the Policy and Strategy Unit of the Department of the Premier in the Western Cape government.
Scott Drimie is a consultant on food and land issues and an associate at Isandla Institute.
Khunou (S.) MOUNTAINS OF SPIRIT, the story of the royal Bakwena ba Mogopa of the north west, South Africa
306pp., b/w & colour illus., map, paperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R320
A history of the Bakwena ba Mogopa, one of the largest traditional communities in South Africa, from its earliest beginnings as the Kwena tribe migrating from East Africa, the birth of the community as a distinct and independent lineage in the 1600s, the impact of land dispossession by the Boer settlers as they advanced from the Cape Colony, the impact of Christianity, and the attitudes and policies of colonial governments, the Union government, and apartheid.

Samuel Freddy Khunou is Associate Professor at the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Law Faculty, North West University (Mafikeng Campus).
Odendaal (A.) et al CRICKET AND CONQUEST, the history of South African cricket retold, volume I, 1795-1914
467pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R350
The first volume of a four-volume history of South African cricket that integrates the experiences of black and women cricketers and explains how racism came to be built into cricket's culture and traditions.

"Simply the finest book ever written about sport in South Africa." Tony Collins, author of "The Social History of English Rugby Union"

"André Odendaal is an honorary professor in history and heritage studies at the University of the Western Cape. His other books include "Vukani Bantu, the beginnings of Black protest politics in South Africa to 1912", "The Founders" and "The Story of a South African Game".
Krish Reddy is the author of "The Other Side: a miscellany of black cricket in Natal" and one of the co-authors of "Blacks in Whites: a century of cricket in KwaZulu-Natal".
Christopher Merrett is the author of "A Culture of Censorship: secrecy and intellectual oppression in South Africa" and co-author with Bruce Murray of "Caught Behind: race and politics in Springbok cricket".
Jonty Winch is the author of "Cricket in Southern Africa: two hundred years of achievements and records".
Pityana (B.) et al eds. BOUNDS OF POSSIBILITY, the legacy of Steve Biko & Black Consciousness
264pp., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (1991) 2016. R260
A reprint of the collection of essays by Steve Biko's colleagues and friends in which they reassess the achievements of Steve Biko and the Black Consciousness Movement, and examine his legacy. Contributions by Barney Pityana, Mamphela Ramphele, Kogila Moodley, Neville Alexander, and Lindy Wilson, amongst others.
45pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R150
A collection of Afrikaans poems, some of which are written in "Kaaps" (Cape Afrikaans).

"[Shirmoney Rhode] vlek die lewe op die Vlakte op die been oop en haal die mooi, die vuil end die seer daaruit." Diana Ferrus, author of "I've Come To Take You Home"

Performance poet Shirmoney Rhode was born in 1991 and grew up in Elsies River on the Cape Flats.
Songca (R.) et al VULNERABLE CHILDREN IN SOUTH AFRICA, legal, social development and criminological aspects
320pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2016. R480
The authors decribe the causes and effects of vulnerability in childhood and analyse the legal, social development, criminological and penology issues that affect vulnerable children who are in conflict with the law. Written specifically for those who work with vulnerable children in the South African justice system. The authors include former police officers, criminologists, penologists, lawyers, and experts in the area of children's rights.
Walsh (S.) & Soske (J.) eds. TIES THAT BIND, race and the politics of friendship in South Africa
335pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R380
"Twenty-one years after democracy questions are emerging more clearly than ever before as to the nature of South African politics and friendship. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the dispensation unfurled by the negotiated settlement are being challenged. 'Ties that Bind' emerges with the right questions at the right time." Victoria Collis-Buthelezi, University of Cape Town and visiting researcher at Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER).

Contributions include:
"With Friends like These: the politics of friendship in post-apartheid South Africa" by Sisonke Msimang
"Bound to Violence: scratching beginnings and endings with Lesego Rampolokeng" by Stacy Hart and Lesego Rampolokeng
"'Friends of the Family': maids, madams, and domestic cartographies of power in South African art" by M.Neelika Jayawardane
"Kutamba Naye: in search of anti-racist and queer solidarities" by Tsitsi Jaji
"The Problem with 'We': affiliation, political economy, and the counterhistory of nonracilialism" by Franco Barchiesi.

Filmmaker Shannon Walsh is Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film, University of British Columbia and a research associate at the University of Johannesburg's South African Research Chair in Social Change.
Jon Soske is Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Classical Studies, McGill Unversity, and a research associate at the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of the Witwatwersrand.

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