New Arrivals 31st to 6th of November 2017

Baxter (D.) ONE LIFE AT A TIME, a doctor's memoir of AIDS in Botswana
289pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2017. R275
In 2002 Daniel Baxter, the medical director of a communal health centre in New York City, accepted an invitation to work in Botswana, assisting with the roll-out of Africa's first HIV/AIDS treatment programme. This is his account of the 8 years he spent in Gaberone, from 2002-2008 and 2013-2015.

"Dr Baxter tells the story of Botswana's struggle with AIDS with the insight of a medical expert and the compassion of a decent human being. This book forces us to face a world of suffering, but it also brings a message of hope." Kwame Anthony Appiah.

Daniel Baxter currently practice medicine at the Ryan Community Health Centre in New York City.
Clarke (J.) OVERKILL, the race to save Africa's wildlife
195pp., map, paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R180
Journalist and writer James Clarke describes the history and extent of human impact on Africa's land and marine wildlife, the current status of Africa's wild animals, and how conservation efforts are gaining a new urgency.

James Clarke is also the author of "Save Me from the Lion's Mouth".
Dikeni (L.) HABITAT AND STRUGGLE, the case of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a study of the outcome of the interface between government, NGOs, managers of natural resources and local communities
216pp., pperback, Johannesburg, 2016. R265
"Join Leslie Dikeni in his intriguing journey into the contested state of the Kruger National Park in the early years of the democratic transition. He speaks to chefs and wardens, cleaners and government officials, ecologists and secretaries. As word of his research spreads, those whoses voices had been silenced and whose lives had been concealed in compounds and resource-starved villages seek him out, hoping that their experiences will at last be revealed. The biggest rest camp in Kruger and perhaps the most famous, is the place named Skukuza - the place from which people 'have been driven away'. What emerges from Dikeni's account is the contested nature of the Park and its history - issues that go to the heart of the post-apartheid dispensation and that remain unresolved." Karl van Holdt, Director of the Society Work and Development Institute, University of the Witwatersrand

Lesie Dikeni is a visiting research fellow at the School of Public and Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand and a research associate at the University of Pretoria. He is also the author of "South African Development Perspectives in Question" and co-edited with William Gumede "The Poverty of Ideas: the retreat of intellectuals in new democracies"
93pp., paperback, Grahamstown, 2107. R120
A collection of poems by Alan Finlay, founder of the literary magazines, "Bleksem" and "donga" (co-edited with Paul Wessels).
Gosselink (M.), Holtrop (M.) & Ross (R.) eds. GOOD HOPE, South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600
384pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus, hardback, Amsterdam, 2017. R925
Published to accompany the exhibition, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2017.

The exhibition and accompanying book use objects from the Rijksmuseum collection to explore the shared history of the Netherlands and South Africa.

Contributions include:
"The World the Dutch Invaded: pre-colonial South Africa" by Robert Ross
"The Khoekhoe and the Dutch Around 1600" by Martine Gosselink
"The Permeable Material World of the VOC and the Khoekhoe" by Carmel Schrire
"Slavery in South Africa"by Wayne Dooling and Nigel Worden
"The Early Muslim Community" by Muhammed Haron
"State, Church and the People: the Dutch Role in Apartheid" by Gerrit Schutte
"Dutch Traces in South African Art" by Daniel Horst.
Hichens (J.) (ed.) TRADE SECRETS, tales with a twist
296pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R230
The fifth in Short.Sharp.Stories Awards anthology. The 2017 judges were Liesl Jobson, Phakama Mbonambi and Tim Richman. The Best Story Award went to Mishka Hoosen for her story, "Wedding Henna".

"A memorable collection of South African writing - the strongest of the anthologies to date. " Tim Richman
Jenkins (M.) ed. TO BREATHE INTO ANOTHER VOICE, a South African anthology of jazz poetry
144pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2017. R220
A collection of poems "that explore the way poets express the influence of jazz in their lives", from Myesha Jenkins' preface

Includes poems by Makhosazana Xaba, Keorapetse Kgositsile, Gary Cummiskey and Myesha Jenkins.

"On our continent, the musicality of poetry is widely recognised. Music accompanying poetic performance is rooted in traditional practice, as is poetry integrated into musical performance. This anthology celebrates and builds on such traditions." Z. Pallo Jordan, former Minister of Arts and Culture

"You'll find everything here in 'To Breathe into another Voice': faithful and fantastical accounts of the jazz life and jazz people as well as reflections on the music as a metaphor for how we live - or, maybe more importantly, how we'd like to live. All you need to do now is to open the covers, start reading, and dance joyously about the architecture." Gwen Ansell, journalist and jazz critic
233pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R230
A novel about a friendship between a man and his new neighbour, a ten-year-old boy.

WHat an excellent sad, powerful book...amazingly stark and atmospheric, with some knockout lines and an intense, focused story." Louis Greenberg, author of "The Beggars' Signwriters" and "Dark Windows"

Johan Vlok Louw is also the author of "Eric the Brave" and "Karoo Dusk", whioch was shortlisted for the University of Johannesburg Prize for Creative Writing. He lives in Gordon's Bay.
Mamdani (M.) CITIZEN AND SUBJECT, contemporary Africa and the legacy of late colonialism, with a new preface by Mahmood Mamdani
353pp., paperback, New Edition, Johannesburg & Kampala, (1996) 2017. R385
"'Citizen and Subject' is unparalleled in its ability to re-frame the polarized and reductive debates that are still the substance of Africanist political science, just as they were 20 years ago - debates over concepts like clientelism, corruption, democratization, ethnic violence, or civil society." Adam Branch in "Africa is a Country"

Mahmood Mamdani is Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research at Makerere University and Herbert Lehman Professor of Government at Columbia University.
Mandela (N.) & Langa (M.) DARE NOT LINGER, the presidential years, with a prologue by Graça Machel
359pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., London, 2017. R325
This book draws heavily on a memoir Nelson Mandela began writing as he prepared to conclude his term as President. Using Mandela's unfinished draft, detailed notes that Mandela made and previously unseen archive material, South African author Mandla Langa has completed the book.

Mandla Langa is the author of several novels, including "The Lost Colours of the Chameleon", which won the 2009 Commonwealth Writer's Prize for Best Book in the African region.
Mashele (P.) & Qobo (M.) THE FALL OF THE ANC CONTINUES, what next?
296 pp., paperback, Second Edition, Johannesburg, (2014) 2017. R175
This second edition includes a new preface and introduction, three new chapters and updated content "that takes into account political and economic developments that have taken place since 2014."

"When we said the ANC was falling, many people in the ANC thought we were suffering from the worst form of madness. But today those who said so then secretly approach us to ask: 'How did you foresee all this?' By 'this' they mean all the internal political mess the ANC has brought to itself since we wrote the first edition of this book. Indeed , a lot of 'this' has taken place over the past three years." Prince Mashele and Mzukisi Qobo, from their new preface

"A high-octane, brutal critique of the ANC's battle to govern South Africa effectively. It shatters myths about our past and provides a timely wake-up call for the future." Mondli Makhanya, City Press

Prince Mashele is a senior research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation at the University of Pretoria. He is also the author of "The Death of our Society".
Mzukisi Qobo is Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the NRF Chair on African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at the University of Johannesburg.
Mulgrew (N.) THE FIRST LAW OF SADNESS, stories
199pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R220
Includes "Robot Run", a series of photographs by Michael Tymbios.

Nick Mulgrew was born in Durban in 1990. He currently lives in Cape Town and is director of the poetry press, uHlanga. He is the winner of the 2016 Thomas Pringle Award for his short story '1-HR FOTO', published in Oppikoppi’s annual zine, "Ons Klyntji" (2016), and his short story anthology, "Stations". He is also the author of the poetry collection, "The Myth of This Is That We're All In This Together".
Olver (C.) HOW TO STEAL A CITY, the battle for Nelson Mandela Bay, an insider account
277pp.,paperback, Johannesburg, 2017. R275
Crispian Olver joined government in 1994. In 2015 he headed up a regional task team set up by Pravin Gordhan with the aim of rooting out corruption in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro. This is his insider account of the intervention, and exposes how the metro was effectively controlled by a criminal network, closely allied to a dominant local ANC faction. Conducting the clean-up, he had to have a full-time bodyguard, never maintained a regular routine, and eventually had to flee the city for his own safety.

"This is one of the most incredible and gripping accounts of the rot and devastation of corruption in South Africa since 1994. 'How to Steal a City' reads like a work of fiction, but everything here is sadly and devastatingly true...this dissection of where we are now will leave you angry, sad and yet aching to take positive action. We will be talking about this remarkable book for decades to come." Justice Malala, author of "We Have Now Begun Our Descent"

"Tough times lie ahead. 'How to Steal a City' may be the best guide we have to how to 'de-capture' the South African state. There is information and insight here from the front line. It should become ammunition in the hands of many. We are lucky to have this book and we are lucky to have hime, Read it. Read it now. And use it." Indra de Lanerolle, University of the Witwatersrand
Pauw (J.) THE PRESIDENT'S KEEPERS, those keeping Zuma in power and out of prison
351pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R300
Jacques Pauw explores the shadow mafia state and the cabal that eliminates President Jacob Zuma's enemies and purges law-enforcement agencies.

"An amazing piece of work, stuffed with anecdote and evidence. It will light fires all through the state and the ANC." Peter Bruce, Tiso Blackstar Group Editor at Large

Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker Jacques Pauw was a founder member of the anti-apartheid Afrikaans newspaper Vrye Weekblad in the late 1980s, where he exposed the Vlakplaas police death squads. He is also the author of "In the Heart of the Whore" and "Into the Heart of Darkness".
Rampolokeng (L.) BIRD-MONK SEDING,
192pp., paperback, Grahamstown, 2017. R160
A novel about life in a rural township two decades into South Africa's democracy.

Lesego Rampolokeng is a South African writer, playwright and performance poet. He was born in 1965 in Soweto. His other books include the poetry collections "Horns for Hondo", Talking Rain", The Bavino Sermons" and "Head on Fire" and the novels "Blackheart" and "Whiteheart".

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