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212pp., illus., maps, paperback, (Cape Town), 2017. R250
In December 1965, South African journalist and author Terry Bell accepted a challenge to paddle a kayak from London to Tangier. At the time, Terry and his wife Barbara Edmunds were living as political exiles in London. In 1967, when they decided it was time to return to Africa, they decided to paddle 11 000km from Chiswick in London to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Terry and Barbara now live in Cape Town.

Includes some of the recipes Barbara prepared along the way.

"A terrific, uproarious story about the pluckiest, most ham-fisted, naïve, fun-loving and articulate couple ever to set off in a kayak." John Platter

"This is a crazy journey only true love could tolerate, in a time when everything seemed possible." Don Pinnock

Terry Bell is also the author of "Unfinished Business - South Africa, apartheid, and truth".
Cooper (D.) CHRISTIAAN BARNARD, the surgeon who dared, the man and the story of heart transplantation
543pp., b/w & colour illus., hardback, d.w., No Place, 2017. R625
A biography of Christiaan Barnard, the South African heart surgeon who, together with his medical team, performed the first successful human heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1967.

David Cooper studied medicine at Guy's Hospital Medical School. He was present at the first heart transplant in the UK in 1968, and a member of the surgical team that established heart transplantation in the UK in 1979. He took up an appointment in Chris Barnard's Department of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Cape Town, and joined Chris Barnard at Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Currently he is co-director of the xenotransplantation program at the University of Alabama.
de Wet (C.), van Heyningen (E.) eds. & van der Merwe (C.) trans. SELEKSIES UIT DIE BRIEWE VAN PRESIDENT M.T. STEYN, 1994-1910/ SELECTIONS FROM THE LETTERS OF PRESIDENT M.T. STEYN, 1994-1910,
205pp., illus., hardback, d.w., Van Riebeeck Society Second Series No. 48, Cape Town, 2017. R460
South African lawyer, politician, and statesman Martinus Theunis Steyn (1857-1916) was the sixth and last president of the independent Orange Free State from 1896 to 1902. He led the Boers against the British from 1899-1902, fiercely resisted surrender, and took part in the negotiations which led to the Union of South Africa in 1910.

Text in both Afrikaans and English.
Kavanagh (R.) EVESDROP, the tales of Adam Kok, book 1
218pp., paperback, Harare, 2015. R285
A collection of stories about the escapades of a man called Adam Kok, set mainly in Harare, Zimbabwe. They are based on a series published over the course of a year in a weekly Zimbabwean newspaper.

South African author and academic Robert Kavanagh has lived in Zimbabwe since 1984. His previous publications include "Zimbabwe, challenging the stereotypes" "Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa" and "Making People's Theatre".
Kavanagh (R.) JAN'S BOOK, a novel
665pp., paperback, Harare, 2017. R410
A novel about Jan, head girl at a private boarding school for girls in South Africa. and three boys she meets.

South African author and academic Robert Kavanagh has lived in Zimbabwe since 1984. He was sent to boarding school at the age of six. This novel is based on his experiences as a boarder. His previous publications include "Zimbabwe, challenging the stereotypes" "Theatre and Cultural Struggle in South Africa" and "Making People's Theatre".
Mungwini (P.) INDIGENOUS SHONA PHILOSOPHY, reconstructive insights
213pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2017. R350
An introduction to the philosophy of the indigenous Shona, the group credited with the founding of Great Zimbabwe State.

Pascah Mungwini is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology, University of South Africa (UNISA).
Tyson (H.) THE OTHER SIDE, behind the news 1
404pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2017. R400
Part one of Harvey Tyson's autobiography.

Harvey Tyson was born in Johannesburg on 27 September 1928. At the age of 18 he became a cadet newspaper reporter, before becoming a general and senior reporter; a political correspondent; a columnist, and a newspaper editor. In the 1960s he was an assistant editor of The Daily News in Durban, and later of The Argus in Cape Town. In 1970 he became Deputy Editor of The Star newspaper in Johannesburg, and retired officially as Editor-in-chief in 1990. He is the author of "Editors Under Fire" (1993). He died in 2018.

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