New Arrivals 16th to 22nd of May 2018

286pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R375
A collection of papers that were first presented at a 2016 Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Studies conference.

Contributions include:
"Business Ethics: toxic, toothless or a golden thread?" by Reuel Khoza
"The Ethical Foundations of the South African Nation" by Yvonne Mokgoro
"Governance, Politics and Law Enforcement: building social compacts between the bureaucracy and society for effective service delivery" by Sipho Pityana
"The South African School System as an Enabling Environment for Developing Ethical Citizens" by Shireen Motala and Ria Vosloo
"Trade Unions: worker voice, social distance and business unionism" by Edward Webster
"State Formation and State Capture" by Joel Netshitenzhe
The Ethics of Decoloniality and the Decoloniality of Ethics" by Elelwani Ramugondo.
Arnold (M.) ed. NO FEARS EXPRESSED, quotes from Steven Biko
153pp., paperback, New Edition, Johannesburg, (1987) 2017. R175
Includes a new introduction to this edition by Millard Arnold.

This collection of quotes by Steve Biko have been sourced from "I Write What I Like" and "The Testimony of Steve Biko", edited by Millard Arnold.
Baxter (M.) BITTER ALOES, stories from the Eastern Cape
167pp., illus., psperback, No Place, 2018. R280
Foreword by Dan Wylie.

Marion Baxter worked at the Institute for the Study of English in Africa (ISEA) at Rhodes University. She died in 2002.
Botma (G.) POLEMIEKE, bekgevegte in Afrikaans
186pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R240
Gabriël Botma discusses people and subjects that have caused controversy amongst Afrikaners, such as Beyers Naudé, Oscar Pistorius, Koos Kombuis, Bram Fischer, Max du Preez, Steve Hofmeyr, Fokofpolisiekar, farm attacks and murders, quotas in sport, and the Great Trek.

Gabriël Botma teaches journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. He is also the author of "Brothers in Armchairs: cultural struggles at Die Burger".
Brodie (N.) KNUCKLEBONE, a novel
274pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R260
A crime thriller set in Johannesburg about a disillusioned former police officer and a former colleague who's investigation of a house break-in leads them to an animal poaching and trafficking syndicate.

"A cracking novel. Brilliant original writing. The pace is insane - in a good way." Sarah Lotz, author of "The White Road", "Day Four" and "The Three".
Busani-Dube (D.) ZULU WEDDING,
357pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2018. R300
A novel about a young black woman who's been promised to the Zulu king in marriage to repay an ancestral debt. In love with her American fiancée, she decides to try and convince the king that he doesn't want to marry her.

Dudu Busani-Dube was commissioned by film director Lineo Sekeleoane to write this book adaptation of her feature film, "The Zulu Wedding".

Dudu Busani-Dube, author of the popular Hlomu trilogy, works as a journalist. She was born and raised in Kwa- Mashu in KwaZulu-Natal and moved to Johannesburg in the early 2000s.
Cock (J.) WRITING THE ANCESTRAL RIVER, a biography of the Kowie
193pp., map, b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R350
"Jacklyn Cock has penned a love letter that is as hopeful as it is elegiac. Drawing on family connections to the Kowie River that go back to the 1820 settlers, Cock asks big questions about the relationship between nature and culture, between humans and other forms of life, and about the place of rivers in human history. It is only by rethinking our relationship to nature that we can save ourselves." Jacob Dlamini, Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University

"Jacklyn Cock has made the story of a small and fairly insignificant river into a metonym of the biological glories of South Africa and the ecological devastation they have endured, and continue to endure. The result is at once lyrical and trenchant. As a history rooted in the landscape of South Africa, it has few peers, and no superiors." Robert Ross, Professor Emeritus of African Studies, Leiden University

Jacklyn Cock is Professor Emeritus in the Sociology Department at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her other books include "Maids and Madams: a study of the politics of exploitation" and "The War Against Ourselves, nature, power and justice".
de Villiers (D.) & Schoeman (C.) MY LEWENSREIS, Springbok, politikus, diplomaat
264pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R300
David Jacobus de Villiers was born on 10 July 1940 in Burgersdorp, Cape Province. He was an ordained Minister in the Dutch Reformed Church, a Springbok rugby captain, South African ambassador in London, and a South African cabinet minister under P.W. Botha, F.W. de Klerk, and Nelson Mandela. Now retired, he lives in Stellenbosch.
Fourie (F.) ed. THE SOUTH AFRICAN INFORMAL SECTOR, creating jobs, reducing poverty
490pp., maps, paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R290
A collection of essays that address the need for well-designed policies to enable and support the informal sector as an integral part of the South African economy.

Includes contributions by Caroline Skinner, Ben Cousins, Andries du Toit, Murray Leibbrandt, Nwabisa Makaluza, Leif Petersen, and Michael Rogan.

"A prerequisite for good policy-making for this part of the economy is good analysis...This volume embodies analytical excellence. I look forward to its impact on policy-making in South Africa and the world." Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University
Going (T.) BRUTAL LEGACY, a memoir
210pp., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R225
Former TV and radio news anchor Tracy Going writes about the two-and-a-half-year legal ordeal she endured when, in 1997, she laid a charge of assault against former film industry cameraman Richard Latham, her partner at the time.

"Searing, heart-breaking, triumphant: 'Brutal Legacy' is for anyone who's been punched in the face by someone they loved and then stood up again. It's for every mother, sister, brother and for the children who have watched. In her beautiful book, Tracy Going reminds us that strength is hard won and courage lies with us all in glorious abundance once we find it. Every South African should read it." Sisonke Msimang, author of "Always Another Country"

"Utterly gripping and superbly written, Going's story is one of survival and ultimately triumph over a past which threatens to destroy her from the start." Sara-Jayne King, author of "Killing Caroline"
Hackney (S.) TSK-TSK, the story of a child at large
215pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R240
Suzan Hackney was adopted in the late 1960s, fought with her adoptive mother, and spent most of her teenage years in a place of safety as a ward of the state.

"A beautiful memoir, written with a creative flair many fiction writers would envy - a gripping account of a childhood gone horribly wrong." Marita van der Vyver, author of "Forget-Me-Not Blues" and "The Hidden Life of Hanna Hoekom".

"Suzan Hackney grabs you by the throat and drags you into a world of runaways, reformatories and violence so casually described that you almost forget to be shocked. Meeting her might just change you forever." Miranda Sherry, author of "Bone Meal for Roses" and "Black Dog Summer"

Suzan Hackney lives in the southern Drakensberg, where she manages a resort.
Hammerton (K.) SECRET KEEPER,
63pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R160
Kerry Hammerton's third poetry collection. She is also the author of "These are the Lies I Told You" and "The Weather Report".
Khumalo (S.) YOU HAVE TO BE GAY TO KNOW GOD, strong language, multiple triggers
287pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R270
Social and political commentator Siya Khumalo writes about being LGBTQI+ in South Africa today.

"A rollicking, unorthodox, provocative, often explicit text about sex, culture, language and South Africanness." Judge Edwin Cameron, from his foreword

"The late, unlamented Zuma era brought bales of misery, but it also birthed a generation of writers of coruscating brilliance. Siya Khumalo is one of them. Walk through South Africa with him, and you'll find yourself in a place that finally, blindingly makes sense, even if you'd rather it didn't." Richard Poplak, author of "Until Julius Comes, adventures in the political jungle"

"Transgressive, provocative, authentic and uncompromising, Siya Khumalo's account of growing up as a gay man in newly democratic South Africa takes him into potentially hostile territories in search of his authentic self. This book is a heady mix of desire, raunch, politics, intellect and principle all wrapped up in Khumalo's singular and fearless voice." Marianne Thamm, Assistant Editor at Daily Maverick
Ladds (B.) THE MADIBA APPRECIATION CLUB, a chef's story
247pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R240
Brett Ladds served as the executive chef of the South African government from 1994 to 200 under President Nelson Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki. During this time he managed the Presdential Guesthouse, cooked daily for the president and his guests, and catered for state banquets. Today he owns Chefs@566 restaurant in Pretoria.

"A must-read for a sense of life behind the scenes at the Presidential Guesthouse, and a refreshingly new perspective on Nelson Mandela." Aziz Pahad, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Levine (S.) ed. AT THE FOOT OF THE VOLCANO, reflections on teaching at a South African university
154pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R195
A collection of essays by university lecturers, most of them based at the University of Cape Town, on their experiences of building relationships with students and cultivating an awareness of the structural inequality that underlies the political climate on university campuses.

Contributions include:
"Critical Pedagogy: an art hoping to 'make new people'?" by Zimitri Erasmus (Sociology)
"Thirteen Ways: teaching writing, creative and otherwise" by Hedley Twidle (English Language and Literature)
"Engaged Scholarship: bridging the gap between academia, activism and lived experience" by Shose Kessi (Psychology)
"'Looking beyond the microscope': rethinking pedagogy for health science students learning medical anthropology" by Susan Levine and Helen Macdonald (Anthropology).

Susan Levine is Associate Professor in the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics, at the University of Cape Town.
195pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R250
Autobiography of South African bass-baritone Musa Ngqungwana. He writes about his impoverished and politicised background, with two uncles imprisoned on Robben Island, and his current life in USA, singing on the world’s top opera stages. Born in 1984 in Zwide township outside Port Elizabeth, he came to singing through church choirs. He was the Grand Finals winner of the 2013 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, graduated with honours in Performance (First Class) from the University of Cape Town, and is also a graduate of the Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA) in Philadelphia.
Odendaal (A.), Reddy (K.) & Merrett (C.) DIVIDED COUNTRY, the history of South African cricket retold, volume 2, 1914-1950s
442pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R395
The second volume of a four-volume history of South African cricket that integrates the experiences of black cricketers and women cricketers and explains how racism came to be built into cricket's culture and traditions. "Cricket and Conquest, the history of South African cricket retold, volume 1, 1975-1914" is also available.

Seven overlapping national cricket boards came into existence in South Africa between 1914 and 1960, each simultaneously running their own leagues, provincial competitions and South African teams.

"Once again Andre Odendaal and the team have compiled a work of Homeric standard." Archie Henderson, The Times, Johannesburg

André Odendaal is an honorary professor in history and heritage studies at the University of the Western Cape. His other books include "Vukani Bantu, the beginnings of Black protest politics in South Africa to 1912", "The Founders" and "The Story of a South African Game".
Krish Reddy is the author of "The Other Side: a miscellany of black cricket in Natal" and one of the co-authors of "Blacks in Whites: a century of cricket in KwaZulu-Natal".
Christopher Merrett is the author of "A Culture of Censorship: secrecy and intellectual oppression in South Africa" and co-author with Bruce Murray of "Caught Behind: race and politics in Springbok cricket".
Opland (J.) XHOSA LITERATURE, spoken and printed words
377pp., illus., paperback, Publications of the Opland Collection of Xhosa Literature, Volume 6, Pietermaritzburg, 2018. R395
A collection of 14 essays on Xhosa literature.

Jeff Opland is retired, lives in Wales, and serves as Visiting Professor in the School of Languages: African Language Studies, at Rhodes University. He has located, assembled, edited and translated numerous Xhosa texts, including works by Nontsizi Mgqwetho, J.W. Wauchope, S.E.K. Mqhayi, W.W. Gqoba, D.L.P. Yali-Manisi, and John Solilo.
Pienaar (A.) DIE LANG MAN SONDER SKADUWEE, met illustrasies deur Isabelle Webb en fotos deur Gita Claasen
237pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R260
A collection of traditional Griqua stories.

Afrikaans singer, actress and radio personality Antoinette Pienaar lives in the Karoo, where she is a student of Johannes Willemse, a Griqua herbalist and healer. She is also the author of a book on the healing properties of Karoo herbs, "Kruidjie Roer My".
Scott (C.) AT THE FAULTLINE, writing white in South African literary journalism
208pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2018. R455
Explores whiteness and white identity in contemporary South Africa, and discusses attempts by literary journalists Rian Malan, Antjie Krog, Jonny Steinberg and Kevin Bloom to find new narrative forms.

Claire Scott lectures in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Slatter (H.) PILOT, PRISONER, PATRIOT, an autobiography
187pp., b/w & colour illus., map, paperback, Darling, No Date. R250
Hugh Slatter grew up in Southern Rhodesia in the 1950s, joined the Royal Rhodesian Air Force in 1962, and rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal. In 1982 he was arrested by government agents of the Central Intelligence Organization, along with 5 other officers, accused of sabotage, and tortured into signing a confession of guilt. After a lengthy trial he was declared innocent by Zimbabwe`s Chief Justice, but was immediately re-arrested. After considerable pressure was placed on the Mugabe government by USA, he was released, deported, and flown to England. US Senator Tom Eagleton helped him settle in USA.
110pp., paperback, Reprint, Pretoria, (1962) 2018. R170
Reprint of one of Adam Small's most well known collections of poetry.

New foreword for this edition by Professor Steward van Wyk.

Adam Small was born in 1936 in Wellington. He studied philosophy at the University of Cape Town, and was one of the academic founders of the University of the Western Cape (UWC). In the early 1970s he joined the Black Consciousness Movement. He made his debut as a poet in 1957 with "Verse van die liefde". His best known theatrical drama is "Kanna hy kô hystoe" (1965). In 2012 he was awarded the Hertzog Prize for his drama oeuvre. He died in 2016.
Stapleton (T.) MAQOMA, the legend of a great Xhosa warrior
368pp., paperback, Revised Edition, Cape Town, 2016. R290
First published in 1994 as "Maqoma, Xhosa resistance to colonial advance, 1798-1873". This edition includes a new foreword by Nkosi Sango Phathekile Holomisa and new preface by the author.

A biography of the nineteenth century Xhosa leader Maqoma (1798–1873), who led a guerrilla campaign against the British forces during the 'War of Mlanjeni' (1850-53). Imprisoned on Robben Island for 12 years, Maqoma was paroled in 1869. When he attempted to resettle on his land, he was re-banished to the island, where he died.

Timothy Stapleton is Professor of History at the University of Calgary, Canada.
van Lierop (L.) TOY BOY, translated from the Afrikaans by Annelize Visser
272pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R220
A novel about a young man who works as an escort to Johannesburg's rich and famous women.

Also available in Afrikaans as "Katelknaap".

Writer, presenter and film critic Leon van Nierop is best known for his radio and television series, including "Ballade vir 'n Enkeling", "Stralerjakkers" and "Ratels".
van Zyl (I.) DEATH CUP,
327pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R230
A new Detective Storm van der Merwe and Andreas Moerdyk thriller by Ina van Zyl, author of "Dead in the Water".

Also available in Afrikaans as "Gifbeker".
Vanderhaeghen (Y.) AFRIKANER IDENTITY, dysfunction and grief
237pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2018. R495
"A compelling and elegant exposition on an ethnic whiteness and its attempts to rehabilitate itself after ceding its ignominious command of an oppressive state system. Vanderhaeghen demonstrates how the deft use of poststructuralist theoretical insights can expose the power effects of the news media's meaning-making processes. Scholars of race, ethnicity and neoliberal capitalism will find this work illuminating." Christi van der Westhuizen, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Pretoria, and author of "Sitting Pretty: white Afrikaans women in postapartheid South Africa"

"Central to the book’s original contribution is the notion of “self-othering”, namely the discursive switch present in Afrikaans media that turns perpetrators into victims in an attempt to dislodge the historical burden of collective guilt and assume a new identity of marginalisation – thereby activating a discourse of minority rights and the need for cultural protection. This is a significant, authentic insight that the author goes on to support through empirical analysis of newspaper reports." Herman Wasserman, Professor of Media Studies and Director of the Centre for Film and Media Studies, University of Cape Town

"At a time when South Africans are struggling with questions of identity and belonging, Vanderhaeghen grapples with, among other things, his own prejudice, with racism, with ideological conflict, with whiteness, with what it means to be African and with what might be meant by an "Afrikaner" identity. Dilemmas of politics, representation and meaning making animate this book. A complex and subtle portrait of identity-in-the-making and the role that the media play as cultural entrepreneurs in the construction and demarcation of the boundaries and currencies of imagined communities." Louise Vincent, Professor of Political and International Studies, Rhodes University

Journalist Yves Vanderhaeghen wrote his PhD on Afrikaner 'self-othering' in the Beeld newspaper. Currently he is editor of the Witness newspaper in Pietermaritzburg.

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