New Arrivals 26th to 2nd of October 2018

Braga (J.) & Thackeray (J.) eds. KROMDRAAI, a birthplace of "Paranthropus" in the Cradle of Humankind, a South African Heritage site
113pp., oblong 4to., colour illus., maps. hardback, Stellenbosch, 2016. R580
A selection of essays that describe the ongoing academic research at the Kromdraai fossil site in the Sterkfontein valley where, in 1936, a skull of the first adult ape-man, "Australopithecus africanus" was discovered.
Brynard (K.) HOMELAND, translated from the Afrikaans by Linde Dietrich
407pp., paperback, First English Language Edition, Johannesburg, 2018. R290
First published in 2016 as "Tuisland".

A thriller set in the Kalahari that revolves around the death of a San leader, complaints of police brutality, and an assault on a German tourist that jeopodises a multi-million rand project for the San.

Karin Brynard is also the author of the novels "Weeping Waters" and "Our Fathers".
Durand (A.) ZULU FOXTROT RELOADED, more life and death with Koevoet
289pp., illus., paperback, (2018), No Place. R320
A sequel to "Zulu Zulu Golf" and "Zulu Zulu Foxtrot", accounts of Arn Durand's time with Koevoet in the 1980s. Koevoet was a notorious unit of the South African Police involved in the Border War, tasked with defeating SWAPO PLAN soldiers. Arn Durand became a member of Koevoet at Oshakati in northern Namibia in 1981, and served for six years.

89pp., paperback, Second Edition, Harare, (1994) 2018. R185
Includes a new foreword by Lois Chingandu, Executive Director of SAFAIDS.

A novel based on the true story of a young Zimbabwean woman and her partner who contracted HIV when effective treatment was not yet available.

Vivienne Ndlovu is an Irish Zimbabwean writer who works for SAFAIDS in Harare. She is the author of the novel "For Want of a Totem".
Pienaar (G.) REGSALMANAK, 100 stories uit ons regserfenis
23pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2018. R295
Advocate and writer Gustaf Pienaar discusses a selection of court cases from South African legal history.
van den Berg (Z.) PARTS UNKNOWN,
297pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R310
A novel set German South-West Africa in 1905.

"A memorably lyrical evocation of a harsh but beloved landscape; an unforgettable exploration of our oftentimes gruesome shared history in southern Africa. A gripping novel." Shaun Johnson, author of "The Native Commissioner"

"A love letter to a brutal landscape and the tale of one man's defiance of inhumanity." Harry Kalmer, author of "A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg"

Zirk van den Berg was born in Walvis Bay, grew up in Cape Town and now lives in New Zealand. He is the author of the crime novel "'n Ander Mens", originally published in New Zealand as "Nobody Dies", and the Boer War novel "Half of One Thing".
Venter (I.) BLUE SUNDAY, translated by Karin Schimke
367pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R280
First published in Afrikaans in 2018 as "Sondag".

A thriller set in Johannesburg and Pretoria about the search for three people who have vanished.

Irma Venter is the author of the Afrikaans novels "Skoenlapper", "Skrapnel", "Sondebok" and "Skarlaken".
Venter (I.) CIRCUS, translated by Elsa Silke
317pp., paperback, First English Language Edition, Cape Town, 2018. R280
First published in Afrikaans in 2017 as "Sirkus".

A thriller set in Johannesburg in the 1980s. Young Adriana van der Hoon is blackmailed by the security police to trace the source of the money her father - an anti-apartheid activist and Dutch citizen - smuggles for the ANC.

Irma Venter is the author of the Afrikaans novels "Skoenlapper", "Skrapnel", "Sondebok" and "Skarlaken".
Walker (S.) DEALING IN DEATH, Ellen Pakkies and a community's struggle with tik
223pp., paperback, New Edition, Cape Town, (2009) 2018. R220
Includes a new foreword by Helen Zille.

In 2007 Ellen Pakkies, a working mother from Lavender Hill on the Cape Flats, strangled her son, a tik addict, to death. She was sentenced to community service. Sylvia Walker details the desperate situation faced by parents of addicted children. She also looks at the global and local drug culture and the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on those who live in poverty.

Sylvia Walker is the co-author, with David Klatzow, of "Steeped in Blood". She is currently the resident financial advisor on the Cape Talk Early Breakfast Show.
Watson (J.) & Gouws (A.) eds. NASTY WOMEN TALK BACK, feminist essays on the global women's marches
150pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2018. R195
Contributions include:
"Pussies Are Not For Grabbing!" by Joy Watson
"My Arms Are Tired of Holding This Sign" by Amanda Gouws
"I'm So Tired of Mediocre Men Running Things" by Rebecca Davis
"Oh No, You Can't Go to Heaven in a Broke Down Car" by Anastasia Slamat
"Walking Tall, Walking Together" by Jen Thorpe
"To Whom It May Concern" by Christi van der Westhuizen
"Thoughts on Rape, Race and Reconstituting Subjectivity" by Rebecca Helman
"Double Stigmas" by Layla Al-Zubaidi
"Stuck in the Margins: women in prison in Africa" by Lillian Artz.

Amanda Gouws is Professor of Political Science at Stellebosch University. She holds a South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChl) Chair in Gender Politics.
Joy Watson is currently Chair of the Board of the Women on Farms Project and is undertaking a PhD on rape and public policy formulation at Stellenbosch University.

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