New Arrivals 14th to 20th of November 2019

THE SOL PLAATJE EUROPEAN UNION POETRY ANTHOLOGY, volume IX, selected by Mongane Wally Serote, Goodenough Mashego, Pieter Odendaal, Innocentia Mhlambi, Neo Sehlala, Sponono Mahlangu, Rustum Kozain & Athol Williams
202pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R220
Poems entered for the annual Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award competition.

Foreword by Mongane Wally Serote.

The three shortlisted poems are: Ubumama by Zukiswa Muriel Adonis, Sea Boy by Beatrice Willoughby and Die Kruieman by Wesley Rood. All the poems are accompanied by English translations.
Breytenbach (B.) ROOIBORSDUIF, gedigte oor die liefde, saamgestel deur Charl-Pierre Naudé
192pp., hardback, Cape Town, 2019. R300
A collection of Breyten Breytenbach's most well-known love poems, arranged chronologically.

Poet, novelist, essayist, activist and visual artist Breyten Breytenbach is currently a Global Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at New York University. He won the 1994 Alan Paton Award for "Return to Paradise". In 1999 he was awarded the Hertzog Prize for Poetry for "Papierblom". His poetry collection, "Die Windvanger" won the 2008 Hertzog Prize and the University of Johannesburg Prize.

Poet and novelist Charl-Pierre Naudé is the author of Die nomadiese oomblik and Al die lieflike dade.
Butler (J.) CRADOCK, how segregation and apartheid came to a South African town, edited by Richard Elphick and Jeannette Hopkins
243pp., illus., maps, paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, (2017) 2019. R350
First published in the USA in 2017.

"A fine microstudy of South Africa's transition from segregation to apartheid, this detailed case study of what happened in one small town throws important light on the trajectory of the country as a whole." Chris Saunders, Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town

The late Jeffrey Butler, Professor of History Emeritus at Wesleyan University, was the author of The Liberal Party and the Jameson Raid. Butler was born and raised in Cradock.
Richard Elphick is Professor of History at Wesleyan University.
The late Jeanette Hopkins was Director of the Wesleyan University Press.
44pp., illus., maps, paperback, Carl Schlettwein Lecture 12, Basel, 2019. R120
In this lecture Mirjam de Bruijn reflects on two decades of research into the effects of rapid technological change in West and Central Africa, and how these changes influence the relations between urban and rural Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world, and hence the field of African Studies in the 21st century.

Mirjam de Bruijn is Professor of Contemporary History and Anthropology of Africa at Leiden University. She is co-editor of The Social Life of Connectivity in Africa (with Rijk van Dijk) and Side@Ways: marginality and communication in Africa (with Inge Brinkman and Francis Nyamnjoh).
Dowling (F.) OKAY, OKAY, OKAY,
350pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R320
A novel about a woman who agrees to stage-manage a university event and becomes embroiled in two vastly different worlds - "beleaguered, bureaucratised university and effervescent, show-must-go-on musical theatre." from the back cover

"Alive with wit and intelligence and beautifully written, this novel will keep people talking and arguing for a long time," Michiel Heyns, author of I Am Pandarus and Sportful Malice: a comedy of revenge

"How much do I love this author - let me count the ways. Like Jane Austen, she has a moral vision wrapped in humour. Like Middlemarch, she holds up a mirror to a provincial world that cuts down what it can't see. And like Olive Schreiner, the novelist recalled at the centre of Okay, Okay, Okay, she has the courage to speak truth to power." Lyndall Gordon, author of Outsiders, five women writers who changed the world

Finuala Dowling, first collection of poems, I Flying, won the Ingrid Jonker Prize. Her second, Doo-Wop Girls of the Universe, was a co-winner of the Sanlam Prize, and her third, Notes from the Dementia Ward, won the Olive Schreiner Prize. Her previous novels include Homemaking for the Down-at-Heart, winner of the 2012 M-Net Literary Award for English Fiction, and The Fetch, which won the Herman Charles Bosman Prize. Dowling is currently Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies at University of Cape Town.
110pp., illus., maps, paperback, Pretoria, No Date. R160
Covers Operation Swivel (Pondoland, 1960), Operation Hurdle (South West Africa/ Namibia, 1961), Operation Dikmelk (South West Africa/ Namibia, 1967) and Operation Super(Kaokoveld, 1982).

Paul Els, now retired, was an airborne soldier in the South African Defence Force.
Els (P.) WE FEAR NAUGHT BUT GOD, the story of the South African Special Forces
354pp., 4to., illus., map, paperback, Third Revised Edition, Pretoria, (2009) 2013. R380
A history of South African Defence Force Special Forces, from the establishment of the first unit in 1971 in Oudtshoorn, through the formation of five reconnaissance units (known as 'Recces'), until their disbandment as a branch of service on 31 March 1992. Special Forces carried out over 700 combat operations during the Rhodesian Bush War, the South African Border War, and the Mozambican Civil War. Post-apartheid, Special Services was re-established as Directorate of Reconnaissance Regiments under the Chief of the Army. The new South African National Defence Force was formed on 27 April 1994.

Paul Els, now retired, was an airborne soldier in the South African Defence Force.
Els (P.J.) WE CONQUER FROM ABOVE, the history of 1 Parachute Battalion, 1961-1991
329 pp., 4to., illus., paperback, (Pretoria), 2010. R380
A brief history of 1 Parachute Battalion from it's inception in 1961, based largely on the thesis, "The History of 1 Parachute Battalion 1961-1984" by Lodewicus Johannes van Wyk.

Paul Els, now retired, was an airborne soldier in the South African Defence Force.
225pp., paperback, London, 2019. R300
The fourth part of Alexandra Fuller's family memoir, in which she writes about her father's death.

"A gorgeously written tribute to a life well lived and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable loss and grief." Booklist

Ceaselessly surprises, delights and devastates." Richard E. Grant

Alexandra Fuller was born in England in 1969 and moved to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) with her family when she was two. In 1980 her family moved to Malawi and then to Zambia. She emigrated to the USA in 1994. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, won the Winifred Holbty Memorial Prize in 2002. Her second book, Scribbling the Cat: travels with an African soldier, won the 2006 Lettre Ulysses Award for the Art of Reportage. Her other books include Leaving Before the Rains Come, Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness and Quiet Until the Thaw.
Heinecken (L.) SOUTH AFRICA'S POST-APARTHEID MILITARY, lost in transition and transformation
222pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R300
Explores the challenges the South African National Defence Force has faced since 1994, how well it has adapted to a new security, political and social environment, how civilian control of the military has been implemented, and what this means for 'defence in a democracy'.

Lindy Heinecken is Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Stellenbosch. Previously she was Deputy Director of the Centre for Military Studies at the South African Military Academy. She serves on the Council of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (USA), and is President of the International Sociological Association (ISA) Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution Research Committee.
Nataniël LOOK AT ME, recollections of a childhood, translated from the original Afrikaans by Iolandi Pool
268pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R280
Also published in 2019 in Afrikaans as kyk na my.

A memoir by Afrikaans singer, writer and cook Nataniël le Roux, known simply as Nataniël. He was born in 1963 in Grahamstown. Since he launched his career in 1987 with the release of his first single, he has released 13 albums, staged more than 50 original theatre productions and published 10 books.

"What many people don't realise is that Nataniël is a superb writer. Over the years he has quietly published volumes of exceptional short stories. He writes like a bruised angel. His new book and first full-length memoir Look At Me is several things: it is an affectionate memoir of an 'unusual' child growing up in the Western Cape; it is a love letter to that child's grandmother; a hilarious portrait of small-town life; and, not to put too fine a point on it, a study of the nascence of artistic genius." Michele Magwood, Sunday Times
Pelser (W.) IN GESPREK MET WALDIMAR, sy 100 beste ontledings, inleidings en beledigings
193pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2019. R290
Waldimar Pelser has been Editor-in-Chief of the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport since 2013. In 2016 he became the presenter and anchor of the live news and actuality show kykNET Verslag In Gesprek. Here he shares his favourite investigations and interviews from the show.

"'n Skerpsinnige redakteur se priemende blik op Suid-Afrika in 'n tyd can ongekende beroering." Tim du Plessis, former editor of Rapport, Beeld and The Citizen
Smuts (D.) DEATH, DETENTION AND DISAPPEARANCE, a lawyer's battle to hold power to account in 1980s Namibia
355pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R320
Justice David Smuts was a young lawyer in Windhoek, Namibia, in the 1980s. In this memoir he discusses the cases he took on defending detainees, setting up the Legal Assistance Centre of Namibia, and the assassination of his friend, SWAPO activist Anton Lubowski.

"An engrossing read, crammed with courtroom dramas and car chases to the border and back. A story about the battle for human dignity in the 1980s - inspiring for all who still live in history's shadow." Justice Edwin Cameron

"Shows how sheer courage and commitment to the attainment of freedom propelled activists like Smuts, not without risk to their lives, to hold the regime in southern Africa to account for its unlawful actions." Sisa Namandje, Namibian lawyer

David Smuts has been a Judge of the Supreme Court of Namibia since 2015. From 2011 to 2014 he served as Judge of the High Court of Namibia, before which he was in private practice in Windhoek as senior counsel. He co-founded The Namibian newspaper in 1985 and from 1988 to 1992 was founder director of the Legal Assistance Centre of Namibia. In 1990 he was elected an Orville H. Schell Jr Fellow at the Yale Law School and as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2019.
Steyn (J.) VERSET & OPBOU, skrywers en politici as aktiviste vir Afrikaans
329pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2019. R375
"Met hierdie boek bevestig J.C. Steyn sy posisie as een van die belangrikste Afrikaanse skrywers oor taalkrisisse en taalontwikkeling, oor die belang van die eie taal as 'n tuiste vir identiteit en as weg tot volledige menslikheid. Elkeen wat vir Afrikaans omgee, behoort dit te lees." Chris van der Merwe, Emeritus Professor in Afrikaans and Dutch, University of Cape Town

Journalist, academic and writer J.C. Steyn is the author of many books, both fiction and non-fiction. These include the volume of poetry, Die grammatika van liefhê, which won him the Eugène Marais Prize for debut work and the Ingrid Jonker Prize, Tuiste in eie taal, awarded the Recht Malan Prize for non-fiction and the Louis Luyt Prize, van Wyk Louw – ’n lewensverhaal, awarded the Stals Prize for history sciences, the Recht Malan Prize for non-fiction, and the Insig prize for non-fiction, and Die honderd jaar van M.E.R, which won the Louis Hiemstra Prize for non-fiction. He has also published a history of Afrikaans, Ons Gaan 'n Taal Maak: Afrikaans sedert die Patriot-jare. In 2017 he was joint winner of the Jan H. Marais Prize for his contributions to Afrikaans.
Trotter (H.) CAPE TOWN, a place between
141pp., illus., map, paperback, Pleasanton, 2019. R215
Henry Trotter writes about his experience of Cape Town. From California, he has lived in Africa for 20 years and is currently based in Cape Town. He is the author of Sugar Girls & Seamen: a journey into the world of dockside prostitution.
120pp., paperback, (Johannesburg), 2019. R230
Two plays by Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala.

Khongolose Khommanding Khomissars was first performed at the Market Theatre Laboratory in 2017. The Daddies of Sugar is a series of monologues from the sketch Secret Ballot. Secret Ballot was first performed at the Joburg Theatre in 2014. It has also been staged at The State Theatre, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, 969 Wits Downstairs and The Artscape.

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg-based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts.
van der Hoog (T.) BREWERIES, POLITICS AND IDENTITY, the history behind Namibian beer
118pp., illus., maps, paperback, Basel, 2019. R160
Explains how "a European style beer has been transformed from an icon of white settlers into a symbol of the independent Namibian nation." from the back cover

Tycho van der Hoog is a researcher at the African Studies Centre Leiden, an interfaculty institute of Leiden University.
van Rensburg (C.) MANS EN HULLE WONDE,
180pp., paperback, Hermanus, 2019. R180
Jungian analyst Cas van Rensburg (1942-2018) discusses the male psyche. He is the author of Jou Drome - die onbewuste het al die antwoorde and Die Prinses in Elke Vrou.
Windvogel (K.) & Koopman (K-E.) comps. THEY CALLED ME QUEER,
240pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R250
A collection of essays written by Africans who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+).

Includes contributions by Shelley Barry, Haji Mohamed Dawjee, Lwando Scott, Ling Sheperd, Maneo Mohale, Chase Rhys, Wanelisa Xaba, Jamil F. Khan, Khanya Kemami, Janine Adams and Craig Lucas.

"This is a celebration, this is rage, this is love. The stories are as devastating as they are exhilarating. I see myself in so many of these pages - across the entire spectrum, and there's nothing as affirming as seeing oneself through the eyes of your siblings. I am fulfilled." Bev Ditsie, co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Organisation of the Witwatersrand

"Deeply moving, unapologetically and outrageously queer. Raw, honest and sprinkled with vulnerability." Letihogonolo Mokogoroane, policy and advocacy fellow, Sonke Gender Justice

Kim Windvogel is a poet, United Nations fellow through global LGBTQI organisation Outright International, and Director of Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment (FEMME) projects. She lives in Cape Town.
Kelly-Eve Koopman is one of the co-creators of the online platform Coloured Mentality and author of Because I Couldn't Kill You.

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