New Arrivals 12th to 18th of December 2019

420pp., paperback, First SA Edition, Darling, 2017. R265
First published in the USA in 2017.

A novel set during the Rhodesian civil war. A KGB agent leads a band of guerilla fighters into Rhodesia to shoot down a civilian aircraft. A Rhodesian Air Force pilot makes contact with the gang on the banks of the Zambezi River.


Gary Albyn was a helicopter pilot in the Rhodesian Air Force in the 1970s. He is the author of Manzovo. He now lives in California, USA>
Barnard (A.) SINDIKAAT,
278pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R195
A young adult novel about a teenage boy who uncovers a syndicate smuggling endangered sea horses to the Eastern market. When the smugglers make his life difficult his father sends him on holiday to Botswana and Zimbabwe. But the gang is in pursuit.

This novel was awarded a Silver Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2019.
Beighton (F.), Caradoc-Davies (T.) & Walters (T) WE HAVE A GAME CHANGER, a decade of Daily Maverick
301pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, No Place, 2019. R350
Published to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Daily Maverick, an independent South African daily online newspaper founded in 2009 and edited by Branko Brkic. A year-by-year account of the paper's coverage of newsworthy moments in South Africa over the last decade.
Bennett (T.) THE MUSIC BOX,
296pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R220
A young adult novel that blends fantasy and horror, about a boy who can fix anything - except his erratic mother. When her episodes grow worse, he hides out in a secret cave, together with his new gypsy friend. The arrival of a stranger leads them into a magical dimension where his family secrets are revealed.

This novel was awarded a Silver Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2019.
63pp., paperback, (Cape Town), 2019. R245
A new collection of poems by Hendrik Botha.

Anaesthetist Hendrick J. Botha received his MA degree in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town in 2013. His debut collection of poems, Atropos, was published in 2015. He lives in Pretoria.
302pp., paperback, New Edition, Cape Town, 2019. R240
A revised and updated edition of Future-proof Your Child, parenting the wired generation published in 2009.

"Current global disruption and the pace of change have everyone questioning the type of future that our children face. In their book, Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond, Nikki and Graeme provide a framework for parenting that penetrates the negative forecasts, presents possibility, and also helps parents to guide their children into being fully human and skilled to thrive in any future." Deanne King, Head of School, St Mary's School, Waverley, Johannesburg.

Nikki Bush is the author of Easy Answers to Awkward Questions and Tech-Savvy Parenting. She is a guest lecturer at Henley Business School, Wits Business School and the Gordon Institute of Business Science. In 2016 she received her CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association in the US. She lives in Johannesburg.
Futurist and strategy consultant Graeme Codrington is the author of Mind the Gap and Leading in a Changing World.
134pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R250
A novel set on the Cape Flats and written in Kaaps dialect, about a community wrestling with the social problems of drug addiction, domestic violence, poverty and homophobia.

"Innie Shadows se karakters klink soos regte mense van die Kaapse Vlakte en voer hul bestaan in die skadu van herkenbare probleme soos dwelmverslawing, huishoudelike geweld, armoede en seksmisdade. Dit is egter ook 'n verhaal oor nuwe vryhede - sensitief vertel op 'n nuwe manier, in 'n nuwe soort stem." Dr Sonja Loots, lecturer in Afrikaans, University of Cape Town

"Olivia M. Coetzee crafts a new language to bring to life stories of dispossession from those left behind in the transition to democracy. Her prose is taut, unsparing and unsentimental. It wrestles with the demons of one community overcome with the social ills of drugs, bigotry and homophobia, where lives intersect through ruthless brutality. This haunting novel will stay with the reader long after the final page is turned. A pioneering work of fiction in which the dispossessed are finally telling their own stories Dr Barbara Boswell, author of Grace, a novel and Associate Professor, Department of English Literature, University of Cape Town

Olivia M. Coetzee was born in Mariental, Namibia, and grew up in Electric City on the Cape Flats. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town.
Daly (N.) text & illus. IT'S JAMELA!, the complete collection
150pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Cape Town, 2019. R290
This edition contains all five Jamela books: Jamela's Dress (1999), Yebo, Jamela! (2001), Where's Jamela? (2005), Happy Birthday, Jamela! (2008) and A Song for Jamela (2009).

In 2009 children's book author and illustrator Niki Daly was awarded the Molteno Medal for a lifetime achievement in South African literature.
296pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R220
A youth fantasy novel about a 12-year-old girl, half-human and half-alien, who survives on the barren outskirts of a city by running with a gang - until she discovers she has been called to bond with the star-jumper nymph.

Nerine Dorman is the author of the novel Dragon Forged. Sing Down the Stars was awarded a Gold Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2019. She lives in Cape Town.
320pp., illus., maps, paperback, No Place, 2015. R240
Published on the 40th anniversary of Operation Savannah (1975–1976), the first large scale covert cross-border operation into Angola by the South African Defence Force during the Bush War .


Warrant Officer Paul J. Els took part in Operation Savannah and at the end of 1978 was transferred to South African Special Forces 5 Reconnaissance Commando. In 1984 he became Regimental Sergeant Major of the Northern Transvaal Command Signals Unit and from 1992 worked for the Army Intelligence Corps. He retired in 1996. He is the author of We Fear Naught but God, We Conquer from above and 4 SADF Operations.
Els (P.) SATURDAY'S SOLDIERS, The Hunter Group
125pp., illus., paperback, No Place, 2010. R160
The Hunter Group was South Africa's first special forces unit and counter-insurgency elite, formed in May 1968 by Commandant G. van Kerckhoven of the South African Irish Regiment.


Warrant Officer Paul J. Els took part in Operation Savannah and at the end of 1978 was transferred to South African Special Forces 5 Reconnaissance Commando. In 1984 he became Regimental Sergeant Major of the Northern Transvaal Command Signals Unit and from 1992 worked for the Army Intelligence Corps. He retired in 1996. He is the author of We Fear Naught but God, We Conquer from above and 4 SADF Operations.
150pp., illus., paperback, No Place, 2013. R160
The story of the South African Army's Mobile Battalion, established in 1957. It later became the Mobile Watch, then 1 Comp Construction Regiment, then 1 Construction Regiment before being disbanded in 1968.


Warrant Officer Paul J. Els was an instructor at Signal School in Voortrekkerhoogte. He took part in Operation Savannah and at the end of 1978 was transferred to South African Special Forces as the first long distance non-commissioned officer, radio operator and cryptographer for 5 Reconnaissance Commando. He qualified for his parachute wings. In 1984 he became Regimental Sergeant Major of the Northern Transvaal Command Signals Unit and from 1992 worked for the Army Intelligence Corps. He retired in 1996. He is the author of We Fear Naught but God, We Conquer from above and 4 SADF Operations.
Kani (A.) & Ramabulana (N.) HAYANI, directed & facilitated by Warren Nebe
76pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R245
Atandwa Kani and Nat Ramabulana tell their personal stories. 'Hayani' means 'home' in Tshivenda.

"Hayani is a workshopped piece built around Kani's and Ramabulana's autobiographical experiences of childhood, family and the transition to adulthood over years when South Africa was giving birth to democracy. It's a play about growth and change in two senses - the personal and the political. In South Africa, as we know, the two spheres are often inextricably linked, and so it is here, too." Rebecca Davis, Times Live

"Hayani is a poignant, humorous and touching look at what identity means in South Africa." City Press

Atandwa Kani was born in Port ELizabeth. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008 with an Honours degree in theatre performance. He won the Best Performance by a Breakthrough Artists in the 2012 Naledi Theatre Awards and the Kama Award for Best Actor at the 2017 Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunsfees (KKNK). He played the young Mandela in the film Mandela: long walk to freedom and received the 2018 award for Best Actor at the Houston Black Film Festival. He lives in New York and is completing his Master's Degree in Performance at NYU TISCH Grad Acting.
Nat Ramabulana was born in 1983. He has received the Richard Haines Prize, a 2010 SAFTA Award for Best Ensemble and a 2011 Naledi Award for Best Supporting Actor. Nat Ramabulana and Atandwa Kani are co-authors of the play ID Pending.
Kirsten (J.) NADRAAI,
264pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R290
A novel set in Cape Town about a successful architect who was a Parabat in the SADF during the Border War. Thirty-two years later an old army friend re-enters his life, raising questions around what happened during an attack on a Swapo base where he was seriously injured and lost his memory.

Jaco Kirsten was born in 1969 in Pretoria and grew up in Windhoek, Volksrust, Newcastle, Durban and Kimberley. He completed his national service in the SADF as a Parabat and has worked as a fireman, security guard, copywriter and journalist. He writes the “Van Alle Kante” column in Die Burger. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.
486pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2019. R560
Adrian Koopman describes the relationship between birds and traditional Zulu oral literature, praise poetry and proverbs, and Zulu bird lore.

Adrian Koopman is Emeritus Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He is the author of Zulu Names and Zulu Plant Names.
Magona (S.) text & Bouma (P.) illus. THE BEST MEAL EVER!,
28pp., 4to., colour illus., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (2006) 2019. R100
A children's book set in Guguletu, about a girl left in charge of her younger brothers and sisters. What is she to do as night falls and the children are hungry and there is no money, no food and no adult to help?

Sindiwe Mangona is also the author of two autobiographical books, To My Children's Children and Forced to Grow, two collections of short stories, Living, Loving and Lying Awake at Night and Push-Push and Other Stories, the novels Mother to Mother, Beauty's Gift and Chasing the Tails of My Father's Cattle and the collection of African folktales, Stronger Than Lion.
Maloka (E.) WHEN FOREIGN BECOMES DOMESTIC, the interplay of national interests, Pan Africanism and internationalism in South Africa's foreign policy
251pp., paperback, No Place, 2019. R325
Professor Eddy Maloka surveys South Africa’s performance over the past 25 years, examining how the country has acted in regional and global affairs, and why.

Historian Eddy Maloka is the author of The South African Communist Party: exile and after apartheid and Basotho and the Mines: a social history of labour migrancy in Lesotho and South Africa, c1890-1940. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of Governance at the University of the Witwatersrand and CEO of the African Peer Review Mechanism. He served as special advisor to South Africa’s foreign minister between 2009 and 2016.
Matisonn (J.) CYRIL'S CHOICES, lessons from 25 years of freedom in South Africa, an agenda for reform
271pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R290
Political journalist, foreign correspondent and academic John Mattisonn's review of the first 25 years of freedom in South Africa. He outlines where he feels South Africa went wrong and offers a way forward.

John Matisonn started out on the Rand Daily Mail, was the Washington correspondent for a number of South African newspapers, head of the SABC's election coverage in 1994, and a councillor on the newly-formed Independent Broadcast Authority (IBA). He co-founded the Public Broadcasting Initiative, and from 2002 to 2004 was editorial director of the South African edition of THISDAY newspaper. In 2005 he was sent by the United Nations to chair the Electoral Media Commission in Afghanistan, and worked in the country until 2010. He is the author of God, Spies and Lies: finding South Africa's future through its past.
Moffett (H.) WISE ABOUT WASTE, 150+ ways to help the planet
159pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R220
A guide to reducing the waste we generate.

Helen Moffett is the author of 101 Water Wise Ways, a collection of landscape writings, Lovely Beyond Any Singing, and the Girl Walks In erotica series (with Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick under the nom de plume Helena S. Paige). She has also published two poetry collections, Strange Fruit and Prunings.
O'Connell (S.) IMPOSSIBLE RETURN, Cape Town's forced removals, with the photographs of David Brown
159pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R275
Dr Siona O’Connell uses David Brown's photographs of the Harfield Village community pre- and during forced removals as a starting point to investigate questions around trauma, memory and freedom after apartheid. The book features Brown’s photographs alongside narrative chapters detailing the experiences of families forcibly removed from Harfield. Brown's 1972 images are counterbalanced by photographs of some of the Harfield residents taken today by Capetonian anti-apartheid photographer Zubeida Vallie.

"Timely and crucial. Shows the tragic effects of forced removals in our communities even today." Zoë Wicomb, author of You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town

"Captures the violence of our past and asks hard questions of our unsettling present. Impossible Return foregrounds human beings to give flesh to our anger, blood to our empathy and a heart to our activism." Mike van Graan, author of the plays When Swallows Cry and Brothers In Blood

Siona O'Connell was born in Walmer Estate, Cape Town. Her paternal grandparents were forcibly removed from District Six to Hanover Park on the Cape Flats. She is Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria, a Brown International Advanced Research Institute alum, a Trilateral Reconnections Project Fellow, a NEH Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Colgate University, USA, and a research associate at the Centre for Curating the Archive at the University of Cape Town.
Sculptor David Brown (1951-2016) took these photographs in Harfield Village in his final year at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.
Opland (J.) & Mtuze (P.) trans. & eds. IIMBALI ZAMANDULO, stories of the past (1838-1910)
500pp., paperback, Publications of the Opland Collection of Xhosa Literature, Volume 8, Pietermaritzburg, 2019. R390
A selection of historical testimonies produced by Xhosa-speaking residents of the Eastern Cape between 1838 and 1910 that offer fresh insight into the history of the Xhosa-speaking peoples.

Jeff Opland lives in Wales and serves as Visiting Professor in the School of Languages at Rhodes University. He is the editor and translator of Xhosa texts including works by Nontsizi Mgqwetho, I.W. Wauchope, S.E.K.Mqhayi, W.W. Gqoba, D.L.P. Yali-Manisi and John Solilo. He is the author of Xhosa Oral Poetry and Xhosa Poets and Poetry. An account of his long association with Yali-Manisi, "The Dassie and the Hunter", was published in 2005.

Peter Mtuze has written novels, short stories, essays. drama, poetry, autobiographies and language books in isiXhosa, including the novel UDingezweni. He translated Nelson Mandela's autobiography, "Long Walk to Freedom", into isiXhosa.
Pule (L.) ALONE, book 2, from hustling to healing
160pp., paperback, No Place, 2019. R225
Lebo Pule writes about her 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur in South Africa.


Lebo Pule grew up in Alexandra township, fell pregnant and married in her teens, became a millionaire at 26 and was bankrupt at 30. She is the host of the podcast Stretch with Lebo Pule and director at FOLP Investment Company. She is the author of Alone, book 1, growing up in Alexandra.
Schoeman (K.) BAILIE'S PARTY, The Old World, 1757-1819/ The New Land, 1820-1834/ The Frontiers, 1834-1852, based on the original research of M.D. Nash
431 + 651 + 585pp., 3 vols., b/w & colour illus., hardbacks, d.w., Pretoria, 2019. R1500
A biography of John Bailie based on the extensive research of Mrs M.D. Nash, an authority on the British Settlers. In 1820 Bailie, a member of an Anglo-Irish landowning family and former lieutenant in the Royal Navy, led a party of British immigrants to South Africa as part of the group later known as the 1820 Settlers. Later Bailie became extensively involved in the affairs of the Eastern Cape, the Transorange and the colony of Natal.

Volume one, The Old World, 1757-1819 attempts to trace the European background of Bailie and members of the settler groups, and to understand the cultural heritage they brought with them to South Africa.
Volume two, The New Land, 1820-1834 focuses on how the settlers adjusted to their new environment.
Volume three, The Frontiers, 1834-1852, examines the contribution the settlers made to the development of colonial South Africa.

South African novelist, historian, translator Karel Schoeman (1939-2017) write more than 19 novels as well as many historical and autobiographical works, including Die Dood van 'n Engelsman: die Cox-moorde van 1856 en die vroeë jare van die Oranje-Vrystaat, The Griqua Captaincy of Philippolis, 1826-1861 and Olive Schreiner: 'n lewe in Suid-Afrika, 1855-1881.

M.D. Nash is the author of Bailie's Party of 1820 Settlers, a collective experience in emigration and The Settler Handbook: a new list of the 1820 settlers.
Smit (N.) THE NEW GIRL CODE, the launch of a fashion app
327pp., illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, 2018. R120
A novel for teenage girls about a 15-year-old who creates an app called "Project Prep" that goes viral and rockets her and her friends to fame.

The New Girl Code is also available in The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK as Project Prep. It is based on an idea by Dutch global tech entrepreneur Janneke Niessen. It is edited for South African girls by actress, playwright and storyteller Buhle Ngaba, author of the children's book The Girl Without A Sound.

Dutch author and illustrator Niki Smit is the creator of the 100% series, written for young girls.
Janneke is a serial technology entrepreneur, (advisory) board member (UNICEF, FutureNL, CODAM), mentor for start-ups and co-initiator of Inspiring Fifty, an initiative that aims to make female role models more visible. The New Girl Code, an initiative of Inspiring Fifty, has been created to inspire young girls to pursue a career in technology and invest in an educational foundation focusing on maths and computer science.
Sukhu (K.) THE FUNCTION OF APARTHEID, = the tale of the equation
186pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R240
A novel about a man who returns to post-apartheid South Africa, discovers the truth about his upbringing, and is forced to choose between the wealthy white family that raised him and the black community he fought alongside.

van der Vyver (M.) BORDERLINE, translated from the Afrikaans by Annelize Visser
295pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R280
Also available in Afrikaans as Grensgeval.

A novel about a woman who discovers a letter among her deceased ex-husband’s belongings. The letter, written by a Cuban soldier and addressed to his child, takes her to Cuba to search for the child, to deliver the letter, to atone for her husband's deeds during the war in Angola, and to unravel what growing up in South Africa at that time meant.

South African writer Marita van der Vyver has written novels for adults, young adults and children, as well as short stories and non-fiction. Her adult novels include Entertaining Angels, Forget-me-not Blues and You Lost Me. Her young adult novel The Hidden Life of Hanna Why won the 2002 Sanlam Prize for youth literature. She lives in France.
van der Walt (D.) TORING VAN JASMYN,
256pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R195
A young adult novel about a teenage boy who travels to Istanbul with his father, sister and a friend, and experiences bomb attacks and a kidnapping.

Derick van der Walt is the author of Lien se Lankstaanskoene, which won a Gold Sanlam Prize 2007 and the M.E.R. Prize for Youth Literature. He lives in Pretoria. Toring van Jasmyn was awarded a Gold Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2019.
van Nierop (L.) BLOEDSUIER,
310pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R230
A thriller about a young hypnotherapist aware there is something she can't remember about a burglary. Strange letters and ominous gifts also make it clear that someone is watching her.

Film critic and writer Leon van Nierop is the author of Wolwedans in die Skemer, Ratels, Plesierengel and Ballade vir 'n Enkeling.
Wolff (I.) UNSTITCHING REX TRUEFORM, the story of an African factory
126pp., illus., paperback, Rome, 2017. R950
A study of the Rex Trueform garment manufacturing factory in Salt River, Cape Town, from the completion of the first factory in 1938 through to the conversion of the site into an office park in 2013.

"My analysis of the form and the space of the buildings is interlocked with an analysis of the conditions under which these distinct buildings were conceived and built... they are representative of a particular kind of modernity, one that is entangled with constructions of race, class and gender." Ilze Wollff

This book was awarded the CIfA 2019 Award for Architecture: Book and the 2016 Lermac Prize.
Zapiro WHICH SIDE IS UP?, cartoons from Daily Maverick
144pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R175
The annual collection of Jonathan Shapiro's (Zapiro) cartoons, published since 1996.

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