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Alcock (GG.) KASINOMIC REVOLUTION, the rise of African informal economies
244pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R265
GG Alcock writes about marketing, distribution and culture in the informal business sector in Africa, whether in a township, a rural marketplace, at a taxi rank or on a pavement.

GG Alcock is the author of Kasinomics, African informal economies and the people who inhabit them and Third World Child. He is CEO of specialist marketing company Minanawe.
Botha (L.) photo. & text N/A'AN KU SÊ, conservation through innovation/ bewaring deur innovasie
159pp., oblong 4to., colour illus., hardback, d.w., (Windhoek), 2019. R690
A collection of photographs taken by Louis Botha on a visit to N/a'an ku sé Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary outside Windhoek, created by Marlice and Rudie van Vuuren in 2007. All profits from the lodge are invested in charitable projects which support the local San, with community activities led by the local San. They also run a Volunteer Programme offered on the N/a'an ku sé Wildlife Sanctuary.

Text in both English and Afrikaans.

de Beyer (M.) HOW TO RAISE A MAN, the modern mother's guide to parenting her teenage son
235pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020. R230
Specialist parent psychologist Megan de Beyer on the development of masculinity, how to identify different parenting styles and effectively mother a Generation Z pre-teen or teenage son.

Megan de Beyer facilitates the Strong Mothers - Strong Sons course that runs at many independent boys' schools in South Africa and Australia. She is the teen expert at and co-founder with Vanessa Raphaely of the Village facebook group which gives advice to parents of teens.
160pp., colour illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019. R280
Suidooster is a popular Afrikaans TV series on kykNET. The book, Suidooster Kombuis, has in-show recipes by three characters from the series: Mrs J, Stefan and Mymoena.

Errieda du Toit is the content producer for kykNET's Kokkedoor franchise and it's various spin-offs. She has recreated real-life versions of Suidooster dishes.
315pp., illus., maps, paperback, Durham & London, 2019. R495
Chris Duvall corrects common misconceptions about cannabis and provides a history of cannabis as it flowed into, throughout, and out of Africa. He demonstrates how preexisting smoking cultures in Africa transformed the plant into a fast-acting drug and how it later became linked with global capitalism and the slave trade. Cannabis was also used to cope with oppressive working conditions under colonialism, as a recreational drug, and in religious and political movements.

“This timely and compelling book profoundly engages with the contemporary interest in medical marijuana and the revision underway in the racial stereotyping of drug users. As the only work that situates Africa and its peoples at the center of a human and environmental narrative that unfolds across the Atlantic world, The African Roots of Marijuana offers a history of cannabis unlike any other.” Judith Carney, coauthor of In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa’s botanical legacy in the Atlantic world

"The history and geography of psychoactive cannabis has been written many times, but no other work prior to Chris S. Duvall's The African Roots of Marijuana has explored the crucial importance of Africa and Africans in the story. Indeed, as in so many others areas of biocultural world history, Africans have been written continuously as recipients of knowledge and invention rather than innovators. With a focus on nineteenth-century published works, Duvall exposes forcefully and with felicitous prose the roots underlying the cannabis cultures that exist today." Robert Voeks, author of The Ethnobotany of Eden: rethinking the jungle medicine narrative

Chris Duvall is Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of New Mexico and author of Cannabis.
Dwyer (M.) & Molony (T.) eds. SOCIAL MEDIA AND POLITICS IN AFRICA, democracy, censorship and security
299pp., paperback, London, 2019. R525
Contributions include:
"'We are not just voters, we are citizens': social media, the #ThisFlag campaign and insurgent citizenship in Zimbabwe" by George Karekwaivanane and Admire Mare
"Social Media and Protest Movements in South Africa: #FeesMustFall and #ZumaMustFall" by Tanya Bosch.

"The book is guided by a desire to avoid the often decontextualized and totalizing narratives that routinely attend the study of social media in the continent. Its critical significance thus lies in its faithfulness to context and history. Bringing together contributors from a diverse range of disciplines, the volume is also methodologically innovative, rich in data and analytically profound. This is one of the most important studies of social media in Africa in recent times." Dr George Ogola, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Central Lancashire

"This exciting edited collection documents how social media gain significance in different but comparable contexts on the African continent. Moving beyond technological utopianism, this exciting edited collection provides much-needed nuanced analysis of the way in which social media both challenge and reproduce power relations." Dr Wendy Willems, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science

Maggie Dwyer is a lecturer at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. She also serves as an associate editor at the Journal of Modern African Studies. Her previous books include Soldiers in Revolt: army mutinies in Africa.
Thomas Molony is Director of the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. He has previously served as an international election observer for the European Union Election Observation Missions in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, and as a parliamentary adviser on ICT in developing countries.
Giliomee (H.) MAVERICK AFRICANS, the shaping of the Afrikaners
326pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020. R350
Historian Hermann Giliomee analyses historical forces that have shaped the Afrikaner nation, like the legal position of Afrikaner women, the expanding frontier that gave rise to individualism and republicanism, the struggles around race inside the Dutch Reformed Church, the alleged civil service purges after 1948, the Nationalist corruption, the 'Absa lifeboat' and the quality of Afrikaner leadership.

"One need not agree with all of Giliomee's contentions to be impressed by the fairness of his judgements and the quality of his writing." Richard Steyn, Financial Mail

Hermann Giliomee was born in the Eastern Cape in 1938. He was Professor in Political Studies at the University of Cape Town from 1983 to 1998. From 1995 to 1997 he was President of the South African Institute of Race Relations. He is currently an extraordinary professor and research associate in the Department of History at the University of Stellenbosch. Giliommee was a Fellow at Yale, Cambridge and the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC. His books include The Afrikaners - biography of a people, The Last Afrikaner Leaders and The Rise and Demise of the Afrikaners.
Hill (U.) & Chakela (Z.) comps. A DREAM REALISED, the challenges and triumphs of building a Mandela legacy
180pp., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2020. R320
A collection of stories about planning and building the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in Johannesburg.

Foreword by Judge Yvonne Mokgoro, Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Introduction by Mrs Graça Machel, Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust.
le Cordeur (M.) HALALA SUID-AFRIKA, 25 jaar se groeipayne van 'n jong demokrasie
441pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, (Cape Town), 2019. R265
A collection of Michael le Cordeur's articles, published in various Afrikaans newspapers over the past 25 years. The articles focus on education, the Afrikaans language, culture, unemployment, social justice, nation building and youth. Also included are tributes to Adam Small, Neville Alexander, Jakes Gerwel and Richard van der Ross.

"Hierdie bundel omvat die besinning van 'n kollega wat nie skroom om standpunt in te neem oor die brandende kwessies van onderwys, taal en sosiale geregtigheid nie. Sy betrokkenheid by die onderwys stel Le Corceur in staat om met insig en gesag te skryf oor die uitdagings én hoe dit in suksesse verander kan word in ons strewe na 'n land waarop almal trots kan wees." Professor Maureen Robinson, former Dean of Education, Stellenbosch University

Professor Michael le Cordeur chairs the Department of Curriculum Studies in the Education Faculty at Stellenbosch University. Currently he serves on the executive of the ATKV, the SBA, the South African Academy for Arts and Science, the International Association for Research in L1 Languages in Education (ARLE) and the Internationale Centrum voor het Afrikaans at Gent University. He is the recipient of the South African Academy's Elisabeth Steijn Medal for his contribution to education, the Rectors Award for Excellence for five consecutive years and Stellenbosch University's Chancellors Award.
Mama (C.) FORGIVENESS REDEFINED, a young woman's journey towards forgiving the apartheid assassin who brutally murdered her father
206pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R280
Forgiveness advocate and public speaker Candice Mama's account of how she has dealt with the torture and murder of her father, Glenack Masilo Mama, by former South African Police colonel Eugene de Kock. Glenack Mama was one of the 'Nelspruit Four' killed by apartheid operatives in 1992. Candice Mama met de Kock in prison in 2014, chose to forgive him and later publicly supported his parole application.
Mohale (B.) LIFT AS YOU RISE, speeches and thoughts on leadership
234pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018. R270
A compilation of speeches and articles by Bonang Mohale, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa. Mohale has been involved in the Black Management Forum (BMF) for over 33 years and is an active proponent of transformation. He has received numerous awards in recognition of the contribution he has made to the world of business, including the Momentum Friendship Blazer for being the first South African Nation Building Champion in 2015. In 2001 he received the Presidential Award for Servanthood in South African Industry and the Economic Empowerment of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
Patterson (G.) BEYOND THE SECRET ELEPHANTS, of mystery, elephants and discovery
205pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2020. R270
Environmentalist and independent wildlife researcher Gareth Patterson's sequel to The Secret Elephants (2009), about the Knysna elephants. He also discusses his discovery in the same area of a relict homonoid known to the indigenous people as the Otang.

Gareth Patterson is the author of To Walk with Lions, My Lion's Heart and Born to be Free.
Reitz (D.) NO OUTSPAN, preface by General the RT Hon J C Smuts
370pp., paperback, Revised Edition, Edinburgh, (1943) 2019. R250
A revised edition of the third and final volume of the autobiography by Boer Commando, South African soldier, lawyer and politician Deneys Reitz (1882-1944).

Includes a new publisher's note.

This volume covers Rietz's life in South African politics from 1918 to 1942 and concludes with Reitz as Deputy Prime Minister of South Africa.

The first two volumes, Commando, a Boer journal of the Boer War and Trekking On, in the company of brave men are also available.
278pp., illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2019. R350
First published in the UK in 2019.

Lorena Rizzo examines late nineteenth century Cape colonial prison albums, police photographs from German Southwest Africa, African studio portraits, identity documents, travel permits and passports from the 1920s and 1930s, studies of whiteness and blackness by settler photographers, South African 'dompas' photographs from the 1950s and 1960s, and mid-twentieth century aerial photography from the Eastern Cape to highlight "the ways in which photographic images cut across conventional institutional boundaries and complicate rigid distinctions between the private and the public, the political and the aesthetic, the colonial and the vernacular, or the subject and the object." from the back cover

"An important contribution to visual history that frames, troubles and subverts...the reader is guided through a visual encounter with a range of photographic collections that illustrate not only significant theoretical arguments, but also provide a unique insight, through visuality, into a range of significant themes in Namibia and South African history." Jeremy Sylvester, Project Development Manager at Museums Association of Namibia

Lorena Rizzo is a historian at the University of Basel, Switzerland.
Schimmel (G.) THE ACCIDENT,
280pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R270
A novel about a young woman trying to fill the void left by her mother's withdrawal from life after an accident that left her father in a coma for over 20 years.

"The Accident is a story of healing and redemption told with humour and heart. Prepare to laugh, cry and push this book into the hands of your friends." Amy Heydenrych, author of Shame on You

Gail Schimmel is the author of the novels Whatever Happened to the Cowley Twins? and The Park.
298pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R275
Nthabi Taukobong, founding member and managing director of Ditau Interiors, an interior design consultation company based in Johannesburg, writes about her 23 years of experience in the industry.
Thomas (L.) BENEATH THE SURFACE, a transnational history of skin lighteners
352pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, First SA Edition, Johannesburg, 2020. R420
First published in the USA in 2020.

"Beneath the Surface is nothing short of a tour de force. Lynn M. Thomas’s ‘layered history’ does justice to the immensely difficult subject of skin lighteners. Carefully attending to the complex politics of race and color that are grounded in skin, Thomas at once provides a vibrant history of South Africa and a global history of commodity, beauty, and the body. This landmark study sets a new standard in the field." Julie Livingston, author of Self-Devouring Growth: a planetary parable as told from southern Africa

"Allowing for a comparative analysis over a period of time when the global relationships and meanings of skin color became tied to class, race, and racism, Beneath the Surface helps us understand the intense and long-standing interest whites and blacks have had in lightening the color of their skin despite the potential for severe health risks. There is simply no other book like it." Noliwe M. Rooks, author of Hair Raising: beauty, culture, and African American women

Lynn Thomas is Professor of HIstory at the University of Washington. She is the author of Politics of the Womb: women, reproduction, and the State in Kenya.
Trantraal (N.) OORLOG,
93pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020. R220
A new collection of poems by Nathan Trantraal, written in the Kaaps dialect.

"Trantraal vind poësie waar ander digters te bang is om te soek." Tertius Kapp, author of the plays Rooiland and Oorsee

"Meesleurend, leersaam, waaghalsig, dapper, insiggewend, beeldryk, meevoerend, in-your-face en bie 'n moment eendimensioneel nie." Alfred Schaffer, author ofMens Dier Ding

Nathan Trantraal was born in 1983 in Cape Town. His first collection of poems, Chokers en Survivors, won the 2014 AKTV Woordfees Prize and the 2015 Ingrid Jonker Prize. He is also the author of the poetry collection, Alles Het Net Kom Wôd and the collection of short stories Wit issie 'n colour nie, angedrade stories.
Zwane (R.) & Morris (I.) CONQUERING THE POVERTY OF THE MIND, MaZwane's story, from shipping container to BUSY CORNER, the entrepreneurial journey of the Shisanyama pioneer
194pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2019. R260
Rita Zwane writes about leaving Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal in 1989 to look for work in Johannesburg after becaming a mother at 19, and how she progressed from having virtually no income to founding Imbizo Shisanyama in Tembisa Township, also known as Busy Corner, one of the most successful restaurants in South Africa.

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