MONUMENT VIR DIE KWAGGA, Afrika se beroendste uitgestorwe dier, uit Nederlands vertaal deur Wium van Zyl

: Spreen (R.)

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163pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, First Afrikaans Language Edition, Cape Town, 2020


Originally published in Dutch in Amsterdam in 2016 as Monument voor de Quagga. Translated into Afrikaans by Wium van Zyl.

A history of the now extinct South African quagga. The last specimen, a mare in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, died on 12th August 1883. The quagga became extinct in the wild around 1873.

Reinier Spreen, a writer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, lives around the corner from Artis Zoo where he became fascinated by the Khoi word quagga.