MAPPING MODERNISMS, art, indigeneity, colonialism

: Harney (E.) & Phillips (R.) eds.

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432pp., b/w & colour illus., paperback, Durham & London, 2018.


A collection of essays on the modern arts produced by indigenous and colonized artists.

Contributions include:
"Reinventing Zulu Tradition: the modernism of Zizwezenyanga Qwabe's figurative relief panels" by Sandra Klopper
"Conditions of Engagement: mobility, modernism, and modernity in the art of Jackson Hlungwani and Sydney Kumalo" by Anitra Nettleton.

"The wide-ranging and meticulously researched essays in Mapping Modernisms focus on indigenous artists from Inuit, Zulu, Maori, Pueblo, and Aboriginal cultures, among others, around the world...What emerges from Mapping Modernisms is that Modernism was not a process of diffusion from Western centers to non-Western peripheries, as it is traditionally constructed in Western narratives, but rather a complex web of mutual influences and exchanges across the globe." Naomi Polonsky, Hyperallergic

Elizabeth Harney is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Toronto.
Ruth Phillips is Professor of Art History at Carleton University.