LIVING LEKKA (from Mitchells Plain to aeroplane)

: Daniels (Y.)

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147pp., paperback, No Place, 2020


A collection of autobiographical sketches by Yusuf Daniels, author of Living Coloured (because Black & White were already taken).

"I felt as though I was in his kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, listening to him spill these delicious stories over a few steaming cups of tea and a prize-wining platter of samoosas, daltjies and koeksisters. Because these stories are much too succulent and cool for a sushi platter ... Enjoy the lekka book. Enjoy the lekka stories. Enjoy the lekka orange Speedo." Marc Lottering, comedian

Daniels was born in Bridgetown, Athlone. When he was 10 he moved with his family to Mitchell's Plain, where he still lives. He first published stories about his life on Facebook.