ONE WORLD, MANY KNOWLEDGES, regional experiences and cross-regional links in higher education

: Halvorsen (T.) & Vale (P.) eds.

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303pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2012.


Contributions include:

"Redressing Apartheid's Legacy of Social Exclusion: social equity, redress and admission to higher education in South Africa" by Saleem Badat

"The Migration of African Students to South Africa: motivations, integration and prospects for return" by Gabriel Tati

"Tradition and modernity: the inclusion of traditional voices and other actors in archaeological heritage management in Mozambique and Zimbabwe" by Albino Jopela, Ancila Nhamo and Seke Katsamudanga

"Steering from a Distance: improving access to higher education in South Africa via the funding formula" by Pieter le Roux and Mignonne Breier.