RADIO IN AFRICA, public, cultures, communities

: Gunner (L.), Ligaga (D.) & Moyo (D.) eds.

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320 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2011


A collection of essays on the multiple roles of radio in the lives of African listeners.

"An absorbing and illuminating, kaleidoscopic picture of radio in action all across the African continent. Creating new civic spaces, reflecting the everyday, and reworking perceptions - all these and more are explored in this excellent discussion of what remains the most important public communicative medium in Africa."

Contributions include:
"Contesting Mainstream Media Power: mediating the Zimbabwe crisis through clandestine radio" by Dumisani Moyo
"Bantustan Identity, Censorship and Subversion on Northern Sotho Radio under Apartheid, 1960s-80s" by Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi
"South African Radio in a Saucepan" by David Coplan
"IsiZulu Radio Drama and the Modern Subject: restless identities in South Africa in the 1970s" by Liz Gunner
"Airing the Politics of Nation: radio in Angola, past and present" by Marissa Moorman
"Talk Radio, Democracy and the Public Sphere: 567MW in Cape Town" by Tanja Bosch.

Liz Gunner is Visiting Professor at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER), University of the Witwatersrand.
Dina Ligaga is a lecturer in the Department of Media Studies, University of the Witwatersrand.
Dumisani Moyo is Research and Publications Manager at the Open Society Initiative for South Africa.