: Arnold (M.) ed.

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375 pp., paperback, First South African Edition, Johannesburg, (1978) 2017


First published in 1978 in the USA as "Steve Biko: Black Consciousness in South Africa".

Includes an inteview with Saths Cooper, an appendix covering the inquest into Steve Biko's death and a new introduction to this edition by Millard Arnold. This book was banned in South Africa until 1984.

"On May 2, 1976, David Soggot, senior counsel for the defense in the trial of Sathasivan Cooper and Eight Others in Pretoria, South Africa, called to the witness stand Stephen Bantu Biko... For nearly three years Biko's voice had been silenced. The founder of the South African Student's Organization (SASO) and honorary president of the Black People's Convention (BPC), Biko had been banned, or restricted to the magisterial district of King William's Town... In Biko's four and a half days as a defense witness, he provided the court, the state and the world the opportunity to understand the philosophy of Black Consciousness" from the introduction.