: Mlambo (A.) & Parsons (N.)

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276pp., maps, paperback, London, 2019.


A textbook suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of History and African Studies.

"This book succeeds in placing South Africa within the political, economic, cultural and regional context of Southern Africa. This is an excellent historical text fortuitously appearing at a moment when history is finally receiving a new emphasis in the curriculum in South Africa." Muchaparara Musemwa, University of the Witwatersrand

"This is a first-rate history of Southern Africa by two renowned scholars. Covering the period from early human societies to the present day, Mlambo and Parsons succeed admirably in presenting an account of the region as an integrated whole." Wayne Dooling, SOAS, University of London

Alois S. Mlambo is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies at the University of Pretoria.
Neil Parsons is a former Professor of History at the University of Botswana.