A BRUTAL STATE OF AFFAIRS, the rise and fall of Rhodesia

: Ellert (H.) & Anderson (D.)

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412pp., illus., maps, paperback, Harare, 2020.


The transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe told primarily from the perspective of the British South African Police.

"As Zimbabwe did not have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it is up to the combatants to tell us the truth about what happened during those dark years. Henrik Ellert and Dennis Anderson have done so admirably in this book. Some of the revelations will, no doubt, shock those still living ... [but] we owe it to future generations to ensure an accurate record of what happened in our day." Wilf Mbanga, founder, editor and publisher of The Zimbabwean newspaper

"... an important book that accurately describes the early underground struggle known as Zhanda and how these ZAPU branches survived and played a critical role in the war. A Brutal State of Affairs documents the important contribution to the liberation struggle made by Zapu's armed wing, ZIPRA, events which were largely ignored by Mugabe." Jeremy Brickhill,  officer in ZAPU's military wing

Henrik Ellert and Dennis Anderson served in the British South Africa Police, the CID and the Special Branch. They both retired in 1979.