JUDGE PAT TEBBUTT REMEMBERS, a life spiced with variety

: Tebbutt (P.) & Hilton-Barber (D.)

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217pp., illus., paperback, (Durban), 2016


A memoir by Pat Tebbutt, written in collaboration with David Hilton-Barber.

Pat Tebbutt was born in 1924 in Zimbabwe. His parents later moved to South Africa, and he studied law at the University of Cape Town. He worked as a journalist and broadcaster and advocate before being appointed as an acting judge in 1965. In 1971 he resigned from the Bench and joined Syfrets Trust Company, where he became Managing Director. After his resignation in 1978 he returned to the Bar, and served as a permanent judge, as a judge in Botswana's Appeal Court, and later as that country's Judge President.