NEOLIBERAL APARTHEID, Palestine/ Israel and South Africa after 1994

: Clarno (A.)

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287pp., illus., maps, paperback, Chicago & London, 2017. 


“Through careful comparative analysis, Clarno undermines the popular misconception that Israel/Palestine and South Africa took divergent paths in the 1990s, with the latter becoming a model of post-racial freedom and equality. Instead, as he persuasively explains, the experiences and standards of living of poor Palestinians and poor Blacks in South Africa are similarly precarious and vulnerable to violence and marginalization. The theoretically rich ways in which Clarno explains apartheid in terms of neoliberal political economy will give the concept a far broader cache among scholars and activists than it currently has.” Lisa Hajjar, author of Torture: a sociology of violence and human rights

Neoliberal Apartheid is an exciting, highly innovative, thought-provoking, and powerfully argued analysis of socioeconomic inequality and the governance of social exclusion. Clarno’s study is grounded in an impressive ethnographic fieldwork, which has taken him from South African townships to Palestinian refugee camps, where he talked to a wide array of informants, from local residents to policymakers, political activists, business representatives, and local and international security personnel. The width and depth of Clarno’s research, combined with wide-ranging first-hand accounts of realities otherwise difficult for researchers to access, make the book a path-breaking contribution to the study of social change, political transitions, and security dynamics in highly unequal societies.” Franco Barchiesi, author of Precarious Liberation

This book won the American Sociology Association: ASA-Paul Sweezy Book Award.

Andy Clarno is Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.