: Plaatjies (D.) ed.

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240pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2021


Foreword by Judge Dennis Davies.

Contributions include:

"Institutions: Nexus Between Society, Markets, and the State" by D. Plaatjies

"The Department as Institution: the National Treasury and Its institutional role" by S. Friedman

"Trust in South African Institutions: the role of leadership as primary trust-building institution" by E. Schwella

"Economic Institutions and the Frustration of Economic Policy" by N.S. Makgetla

"Institutional Analysis of the Prospects of a Social Compact for Growth, Employment, and Equity in South Africa" by K. Creamer

"Legal Aid in SA: a successful post-apartheid institution supporting the rule of law" by J. Klaaren

"From Bewysburo to the Biometric State: a critique of migration institutions and policies in South Africa" by R. Adams, S. Rule, and T. Masilela 

The late Daniel Plaatjies was Chair of South Africa's Financial and Fiscal Commission. He previously served as Head of the Graduate School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand and was a Visiting Professor at the School for Business Administration, University of the Free State. He was the editor of Building State Capacity in Democratic South Africa, Governance and Public Accountability in Democratic South Africa and State of the Nation 2016. He died in 2020.