SWAPO CAPTIVE, a comrade's experience of betrayal and torture

: Angula (O.)

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179pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2018


In 1978 Olva Angula left Windhoek, went into exile in Angola and joined SWAPO's military wing, PLAN. Branded as an apartheid spy and traitor he was tortured by his comrades and imprisoned for four and a half years in the pits in Lubango.

"Adds significantly towards our understanding of the glory and pain that characterised the Namibian liberation struggle." Professor André du Pisani, political scientist

"An important and compelling story, dealing with a shameful part of Namibian history that deserves not to be forgotten." Werner Menges, journalist

Olva Angula was a founding member of the Namibia Black Students Organisation (NABSO) and leader of a local branch of the SWAPO Youth League. He received training at the Academy of Social Sciences and Social Management in Bulgaria and the International Institute for the Training of Journalists in Hungary. He is a founding member and acting chairman of Breaking the Wall of Silence, a Namibia-based NGO that advocates for the rights of those detained by SWAPO during the Namibian War of Independence.