THIS LAND IS MY WITNESS, poems on the state of the nation

: Maponya (M.)

R 300.00
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66pp., paperback, Johannesburg & Harare, 2016


A collection of poems by playwright Mishe Maponya, founder and director of the performing arts group, Bahumutsi, and winner of the 1985 Standard Bank Young Artist Award. His plays include "Gangsters", "Dirty Work", Busang Meropa" and "The Hungry Earth".

"In richly indignant verse and with the humour that has made it possible for them to turn defeat into victory over the years Maponya highlights the happenings that have characterised the new South Africa - text books dumped in rivers, toilets built in the middle of nowhere, revolution giving way to reform, the boastful gluttons, the crunched torsos of the poor, the legacy of Makeba and Mandela, the deadline to claims to the stolen land and the long list of scandals as the politicians wear two hats..." Robert Mshengu Kavanagh, author of "Zimbabwe: challenging the stereotypes"