AFRICA SINCE 1940, the past of the present

: Cooper (F.)

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320pp., illus., maps, paperback, Second Edition, Cambridge, (2002) 2019


 Fully revised edition of Frederick Cooper's history of decolonization and independence in Africa. Now includes the history and scholarship of Africa since the turn of the millennium.

"Cooper's new edition, with its profound and stimulating exploration of Africa's post-2000 spurts of growth, documents links to the preceding eras of post-colonial development and neoliberal disinvestment. He portrays African citizens, though enmeshed in a network of world affairs, as finding new ways to cope with the continent's possibilities and restraints." Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh

"When Africa Since 1940 was  first published, it was a major event: here was a comprehensive introduction to twentieth-century African history that actually proffered new and important arguments linking the colonial and independence eras. It is the only introductory text I've considered using. Thoroughly updated, including a survey of post-2000 developments - covering epoch-shaping events such as the 'Africa rising' narrative, militant Islam, democracy and reform in states like Ethiopia, and much more - Africa Since 1940 remains an essential read for teachers, students, and anyone interested in Africa's past and present.' Daniel Magaziner, Yale University, Connecticut

Frederick Cooper is Professor of History at New York University. His recent books include Citizenship between Empire and Nation: remaking France and French Africa, 1945-1960 and Citizenship, Inequality, and Difference: historical perspectives.