: Molefe (M.)

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138pp., paperback, Makhanda, 2020


"Molefe addresses some central themes in African normative thought and important ones philosophically speaking. The manuscript made me think, which is what those working in the field of philosophy want to see. It advances original positions (sometimes novel views, sometimes novel defences of familiar views) with admirable clarity and interestingly strives to advance a unified account of character, rightness and justice."
Thaddeus Metz, Humanities Research Professor, University of Johannesburg

"The work presents a new approach in African political philosophy which is grounded on personhood. One can decipher a fusion of moral and communal frameworks in African political philosophy. The work is both innovative and critical ... an engagement with the works of professional African philosophers [which] shows that we can build an African political philosophy from the works of African philosophers, past and current. The author brings in a new dimension, say modern dimension, which is rights and duty based, to the understanding of personhood in African philosophy as initiated by Mbiti and fully espoused by Menkiti, Gyekye, Wiredu, Gbadegesin, among others." Olatunji Oyeshile, Professor of Philosophy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Motsamai Molefe is Senior Researcher at the Centre for Leadership Ethics in Africa at the University of Fort Hare. He is the author of An African Philosophy of Personhood, Morality and Politics