AFRIKA LAND REFORM MODEL, strategic leadership: land management change dynamics for Africa's prosperity and posterity: the case of Zimbabwe

: Magwada (D.) & Mangori (M.)

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264pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2020


"The book recommends the systematic implementation of the constitutional provision of the ninety-nine (99) year lease, designing a Measured Agriculture Model, delivered through a Land Bank as part of the model. The recommended land tax, rebate and proposed lease clearing house will be components that help to fund the fiscus. The routine lease management under the care of a private sector smart partnership arrangement will be more efficient. The model measures the application of the rule of one farm per farmer and a host of other intended outcomes." from the back cover

Retired Zimbabwean banker Dominic Magwada was Regional Director (Africa) for Opportunity International from 1994-2000.