ALFRED B. XUMA, African, American, South African

: Gish (S.D.)

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254 pp., maps, illus., paperback, First S.A.Edition, Cape Town, 2012. 


This book was first published in the UK and USA in 2000.

A political biography of Alfred Bitini Xuma (1893-1962, president of the African National Congress from 1940 to 1949.

"Before the advent of the giants of recent decades, Alfred B.Xuma was one of the most important leaders of the African National Congress, yet he has never been the subject of a detailed study. Now in a meticulous biography, Steven Gish places him in the context of his times, and reveals his true stature for the first time. His book makes an important contribution to our knowledge both of African nationalism in South Africa and of links between the worlds of black South Africans and African Americans." Christopher Saunders, University of Cape Town

"Dr A.B.Xuma was the most important black South African leader of the generation before Mandela, Tambo, and Sisulu. He also spent many years in the United States and has strong African-American connections. Virtually forgotten on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years, he deserves to be honored and remembered. Steven Gish has done both in this superb biography, which is at once a major contribution to South African and African-American history." George F.Frederickson, Stanford University

Steven Gish is Professor of History at Auburn University at Montgomery, USA. He is also the author of "Desmond Tutu: a biography".