BEING AT HOME, race, institutional culture and transformation at South African higher education institutions

: Tabensky (P.) & Matthews (S.) eds.

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322pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2015


A collection of essays that examine some of the most pressing challenges facing higher education institutions in contemporary South Africa.

"This is arguably one of the three most important books on higher education transformation in South Africa to have emerged in the last decade. The richly textured stories might come from one institution, Rhodes University, but they are hung onto compelling theories of institutional culture and change, giving the book meaning and relevance to universities "at home" and abroad. A long-time sceptic of hastily edited books in South Africa's subsidy-obsessed universities, I have to admit that I gulped down this fascinating collection on one sitting. Highly recommended." Jonathan Jansen, Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

Contributions include:
"'Feeling at Home': institutional culture and the idea of a university" by Samantha Vice
"Making Room for the Unexpected: the university and the ethical imperative of unconditional hospitality" by Minesh Dass
"Race and Justice in Higher Education: some global challenges, with attention to the South African context" by Lewis Gordon
"Thinking Outside the Ivory Tower: towards a radical humanities in South Africa" by Nigel Gibson
"Africanising Institutional Culture: what is possible and plausible" by Thaddeus Metz.