BETRAYAL, the secret lives of apartheid spies

: Ancer (J.)

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264pp., illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2019.


Jonathan Ancer discusses the lives and motivations of some of South Africa's most famous spies, including Dieter Gerhardt, Jennifer Miles, Craig Williamson, Olivia Forsyth, Karl Edwards, Vanessa Brereton, Mark Behr and Joy Harnden.

"This was an era of great deeds by good men and women, and betrayals by those who were gripped by greed and adventure … The most vivid and accessible account to date of the workings of the apartheid forces to thwart the struggle for freedom in our land." Mkhuseli Jack, author of To Survive and Succeed: from farm boy to businessman

"Ancer masterfully deconstructs the secret world of spies … A book filled with intrigue, deceit and subterfuge." Jacques Pauw, author of Into the Heart of Darkness and The President's Keepers

Journalist Jonathan Ancer is the author of Spy, uncovering Craig Williamson.