BEYOND IMAGINATION, the ethics and applications of nanotechnology and bio-economics in South Africa

: Mazibuko (Z.) ed.

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247pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018.


Contributions include:
"Nanoscience, nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanotoxicology in South Africa" by Puleng Matatiele, Natasha Sanabria, Melissa Vetten and Mary Gulumian
"Diseases of Poverty: nanomedicine research in South Africa" by Thomas Woodson
"The Proliferation of Stem Cell Research and Therapy in South Africa and India: a comparative study" by Shashank Tiwari
"Building the Knowledge Economy: current strategies and developments in South Africa" by Zamanzima Mazibuko.

Zamanzima Mazibuko is a senior researcher in the Knowledge Economy and Scientific Advancement Faculty at MISTRA.