BURY ME AT THE MARKETPLACE, Es'kia Mphahlele and company, letters 1943-2006

: Manganyi (C.) & Atwell (D.) eds.

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520 pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2010.


An expanded collection of letters wirtten by Esk'ia Mphahlele and augmented with letters received by Mphahlele from a variety of correspondents, among them Langston Hughes, Kofi Awooner, Chinua Achebe, Nadine Gordimer, Jack Cope, Richard Rive and Sipho Sepamla. The first collection of letters, "Bury Me at the Marketplace, 1943-1980", edited by Chabani Manganyi, was published as a companion to Manganyi's "Exiles and Homecomings: a biography of Esh'kia Mphahlele", published in 1983.

Preface by N Chabani Manganyi. Introduction by David Attwell.
Also includes edited versions of two interviews with Mphahlele conducted by Manganyi in 1981 and 2006.