CAPITALISM'S CRISES, class struggles in South Africa and the world

: Satgar (V.) ed.

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298pp., paperback, Democratic Marxism series, Johannesburg, 2015


A collection of essays that reflect a wide range of Left responses to the world-wide economic crisis.

Contributions include:
"Understanding the Labour Crisis in South Africa: real wage trends and the minerals-energy complex economy" by Niall Reddy
"Seize Power! The role of the constitution in uniting a struggle for social justice in South Africa" by Mark Heywood.

"There is no other book quite like it. Its scholarship is sound; it is provocative and controversial, and it will get people thinking and discussing." Martin Legassick, Emeritus Professor at the University of the Western Cape

"The new global Left is fighting the struggle with new instruments of transformation...This book draws attention to the plurality of left political forms, new approaches to power and ways of analysing the current crises of capitalism." Dinga Sikwebu, national coordinator of the United Front

Vishwas Satgar is a senior lecturer in International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award of the World Association for Political Economy for initiating and editing the Democratic Marxism series.