CONDITIONAL TENSE, memory and vocabulary after the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission

: Krog (A.)

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334pp., hardback, d.w., London, 2013


A collection of essays that explore a variety of South African texts in an attempt "to move South Africa beyond the present moment and into a vocabulary of grace and care." from the inside front cover

Chapters include:
"Ways of Knowing Mrs Konile: TRC and the problem of translation"
"‘This Thing Called Reconciliation’: Forgiveness as part of an interconnectedness-towards-wholeness"
"The Letters in the Body: manifestations of interconnectedness and an indigenous humanism"
"Suske en Wiske: sequential comic panels and the iconization of Nelson Mandela".

Poet, writer, journalist and academic Antjie Krog's books include Country of My SkullA Change of Tongue and Begging to Be Black.