CRADOCK, how segregation and apartheid came to a South African town, edited by Richard Elphick and Jeannette Hopkins

: Butler (J.)

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243pp., illus., maps, paperback, First SA Edition, Cape Town, (2017) 2019


First published in the USA in 2017.

"A fine microstudy of South Africa's transition from segregation to apartheid, this detailed case study of what happened in one small town throws important light on the trajectory of the country as a whole." Chris Saunders, Emeritus Professor, University of Cape Town

The late Jeffrey Butler, Professor of History Emeritus at Wesleyan University, was the author of The Liberal Party and the Jameson Raid. Butler was born and raised in Cradock.
Richard Elphick is Professor of History at Wesleyan University.
The late Jeanette Hopkins was Director of the Wesleyan University Press.