CULTURES, CURES AND CURIOSITIES, plant-lore and legend of the Eastern Cape - South Africa

: Dold (.T) & Abraham (S.)

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382pp., 4to., b/w & colour illus., maps, paperback, Cape Town, 2019

Forty plant species used by people in the Eastern Cape as medicine or food, or valued for their cultural and religious significance.

Tony Dold and Susan Abraham trace the modern-day uses of these plants back to early Khoisan, Xhosa and colonial practices.

The description of each plant species is illustrated with a watercolour painting by botanical artist Susan Abraham and photographs by Tony Dold. Also includes early travellers' drawings and paintings.

Tony Dold has curated the Selmar Schonland Herbarium at Rhodes University since 1994. He is co-author (with Michelle Cocks) of Voices from the Forest - celebrating nature and culture in Xhosaland (2012).

Susan Abraham, now retired, worked as a medical and veterinary illustrator.