DE AFRICAE REGIONIBUS, Africae descriptio secundum uarias, eius terras, animalia & horrendamonstra

: Münster (Sebastian)

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4to., 64pp., woodcut maps., illus., some staining, modern binding, Basel, 1552


A section of books V - VI, pages 1099-1162, of the Latin edition of Münster's Cosmographia, containing chapters on Africa, Egypt and the Near East. "Most editions of Münster's Cosmographia contain a small woodcut map of Africa as a text illustration... It excludes the Horn of Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, but the Mons Lunae origin of the Nile appears, with many kingdoms of Central and North Africa." Norwich's Maps of Africa, pg. 8. Also contains numerous woodcut illustrations and text relating to Egypt and Aethiopia.