DEMOCRACY AS DEATH, the moral order of anti-liberal politics in South Africa

: Hickel (J.)

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263pp., illus., map, paperback, Oakland, 2015


Jason Hickel analyses the resistance in rural Zululand to the ANC's liberal democratic platform and demonstrates how it is based on an idealized vision of the rural home and a hierarchical social order.

"With poignant clarity, Hickel tackles a vexing conundrum: liberal democracy's post-apartheid triumph in South Africa triggered a protracted civil war. Hickel's deft ethnography of Zulu resistance to the threat of 'social death' resurrects and vindicates a Boasian focus on culture conceived as the 'internally coherent framework of values and desires' that make political action possible. Hickel's analysis illuminates illiberalism far beyond South Africa as well. This is a brilliant book." Joseph Hellweg, author of Hunting the Ethical State

Jason Hickel is Postdoctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics. He is co-editor of the book, Ekhaya: the politics of home in KwaZulu-Natal.