EIGHTEEN YEARS IN SOUTH AFRICA, a Swedish gold-digger's account of his adventures in the Land of Gold (1877-1896), edited by Ione Rudner, translated by Ione & Jalmar Rudner

: Kärrström (E.J.)

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229 pp., map, illus., paperback, Cape Town, 2013


This book was originally published in 1897 in Sweden under the title "18 år i Sydafrica". A German translation was published in 1899 under the title "Achtzehn Jahre in Sűdafrika".

An English translation of E.J.Kärrström's record of a young Swedish adventurer's years in South Africa. The young man, born in Sweden in the late 1850s, survived when the ship on which he worked as a sailor, the Ellen Browse, was wrecked off East London on the south coast of South Africa in 1877. He went on to participate as a foot soldier in the Ninth Frontier War, the Zulu War of 1879 and the Basuto Gun War. When the diamond and gold mines opened at Barberton, Colesberg and Kimberely, he worked as a miner. By the time he left South Africa in 1896 to return to Sweden he was a rich man.