ENTRE NOUS, between the World Cup and me

: Farred (G.)

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263pp., paperback, Durham & London, 2019


Grant Farred examines the careers of football stars Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, along with his own experience playing for an amateur township team in apartheid South Africa and for his Princeton graduate student team.

“While numerous scholars have used different social theories to explore the meaning of sport, Grant Farred employs philosophy to present a fascinating and profound interpretation of football along with fresh understandings of the ontology and politics of sport. Entre Nous is an exemplary piece of scholarship that offers scholars a template for exploring sport in a new and highly stimulating manner. It completely transcended my disinterest in football!” Douglas Booth, author of The Field: truth and fiction in sport history

“Masterfully illuminating the intersections between football, historical and social context, and fan and player affect, Grant Farred has written a powerful and far-reaching book. Entre Nous is quite moving in its combination of philosophical reflection, humor, touching personal recollection, and Farred's very evident love for football.” Yago Colás, author of Ball Don’t Lie: myth, genealogy, and invention in the cultures of basketball

South African Grant Farred is Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University. Entre Nous is the concluding volume of a trilogy of works on sport and the event. The other two are In Motion, At Rest: the event of the athletic body and The Burden of Over-representation: race, sport, and philosophy.