EYEBAGS & DIMPLES, an autobiography

: Henna (B.)

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243pp., paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (2012) 2019


Actress Bonnie Henna's account of living with depression.

"From child star to mother and wife. From abuse to transcendence. From public figure to piercing private pain. Eyebags & Dimples is a portrait of a woman healing by owning every part of who she is. Bonnie’s bravery and vulnerability exemplify the kind of new personal narratives that will inspire the women of South Africa to self-reflect, reclaim and change the emotional status quo of our lives as well as that of our society." Lebo Mashile

Bonnie Henna was born in Soweto in 1979. She is known for her roles in Invictus, Catch a Fire, Drum and The Philanthropist. Currently she is a presenter of the television show Afternoon Express.