: Botha (D.)

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202 pp., paperback, Reprint, Cape Town, (2013) 2014.


 A novel about a bother and sister sent to boarding schools in Natal when their parents' leftist politics makes life difficult for them in the Free State farming community where they live. The novel is based on true events.

"Bravery is not a literary attribute. But this bildungsroman is an eloquent testimony to courage, grace, elegance even. And beauty. Rooted in the soil, steeped in the complex ways of survival of her people. And the dying of loved ones. The novel paints in textured language a land of fidelity and falseness, of posturing and purity and pride - where treacherous rivers run as deep as the power of memory. Dominique Botha worthily takes her place among the living and the dead writing the stories that make us." Breyten Bteytenbach

Also available in Afrikaans as Valsrivier.

Dominique Botha grew up on a farm in the Free State. She now lives in Johannesburg. This novel, her first, won the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize.