FOLLOWING THE BALL, the migration of African soccer players across the Portuguese colonial empire, 1949-1975

: Cleveland (T.)

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266pp., illus., map, paperback, Athens, 2017


Todd Cleveland "examines the experiences of African football players from Portugal's African colonies as they relocated to the metropole from the late 1940s until the conclusion of the colonial era in 1975." from the back cover

"The great impact this book will have is not only to look at colonialism through soccer and the experiences of African players in various Portuguese colonial contexts, but - more significantly - to refocus discussions of colonialism and cultural practices on the local and colonized," Roger Kittleson, author of "The Country of Football: soccer and the making of modern Brazil"

"Cleveland guides the reader not only to follow the journeys of these men but, through his analysis of their movements, to gain new awareness of the historical conditions that characterized the places of departure and the places of arrival." Nuno Domingos, author of "Football and Colonialism: body and popular culture in urban Mozambique"

Todd Cleveland is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Arkansas. He is also the author of "Stones of Contention" and "Diamonds in the Rough".